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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/9/2018 5:58:33 PM

I man LOVE the darkness Nesta. Please dont misconstrue

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 3/19/2018 4:18:10 AM

Light and Darkness are not the same thing as Black and White. We need to come into the Light in order to appreciate the incredible beauty of JAH's Creation, including Blackness. Seeking Darkness is moving away from JAH toward the wicked one......

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/20/2018 10:23:39 AM

Associating darkness with wickedness is an old slavemaster trick from longtime. Lets not do that. Each day begins and ends with darkness and blackness. Darkness is the alpha and the omega. Light comes from darkness so are you saying wickedness creates righteousness? Isnt it traditionally the other way round?

Blackhearted 1.

Rastafari has not changed moved forward or evolved as you put it. Like Burning Spear we honor and respect the works of Marcus Mosiah Garvey like a prophet and his works on black supremacy and nationalism. At the same time we uphold and pride ourselves with our blackness. Now is not the time do do away with color...

If you have a rich man who has bought himself all of the luxuries in life. And a poor man who barely or doesnt even have food clothing and shelter. And the richman says to the poorman lets do away with money...... You see how this would be wicked? And unfair? Allow the poorman to attain his basic needs and even reach a state of wealth equality FIRST and then you can do away with money......

You are attempting to do what the richman did when you say to do away with color before the Until, and going against what His Majesty instructed

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 3/20/2018 1:27:54 PM

Such a sad, vindictive perspective you express, Garvey's Africa. It must be a very disconcerting place in which to dwell. I think almost everyone can remember feeling that way at times, but most recognize that it's a toxic poison that you have to let go of and move past into a positive mentality or it will eat you up inside & destroy your soul.

Accepting such a conscious misinterpretation would have our Rasta brethren serving as Babylon's agents to perpetuate people remaining divided from one another and at each other's throats based upon precisely the same types of petty vanities & prejudices that have caused Imanity misery for a thousand years.

We FORWARD in this generation TOWARD RastafarI & JAH LOVE in accordance with His exhortation to us that we be Perfect like Mighty JAH Himself.

If recalcitrance means you are left behind to wallow in bitterness, resentment and hateDread, then so be it. No one can take that step forward for you Until You see & embrace JAH Light.....

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 3/20/2018 2:24:30 PM

The main problem here is that you, Nesta1, seem to feel the need to tell others how wrong they are and how right you are.. What they call this? Self-righteous.. A bit of supremacist mentality..? What is it that makes you think you have figured it all out and reached the highest heights of perspective? So much so; that when someone expresses something different from you, you tell them they are trapped in a lowly state of mental and spiritual ineptitude.. THAT, truely, is the sad state here..

We must move forward in these times.. And to move forward, we must know who we are and how we got to where we are right now.. And when a set of people have had their history and identity stolen and beaten out of them.. Those people must FIRST recover this stolen knowledge, seperate from those who worked to destroy it, and actively celebrate it as their own.. i.e. Blackness, or whatever verbage those people wish to use to describe THEIR experience.. And it is theirs.. So who are you to tell them that they are wrong in reclaiming who they are?? What is that?? Really mirrors the actions of white supremacy... And the sad thing is, you seem to think you are on this high horse in doing so under the name of Ras Tafari.. Which is the very identity they have been forced to work to reclaim!!.. Really dude, your getting stuck on semantics and rejecting the message presented to you.. This is a babylon approach at reasoning.. Hegelian dialectics..

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 3/20/2018 3:52:51 PM

Not really Hegelian dialectic at all & i think you're reaching pretty far out there on what you're imputing. Try reading again and i think you'll see that my words are sincere and intended to respect all people.

i confess that i&I pretty far down the road in this flesh & bone Life and that us older brothers do tend to come off sounding a bit pedagogical when delivering a message because of so many years of seeking, learning & practicing (and just having fought so many battles in & against Babylon and having won them by relying only upon the teachings of His Majesty). i'm sure i can always improve my message delivery as only H.I.M. really ever gets it Perfect.

i am an historian by avocation and sincerely love the idea of people embracing their heritage, being visibly and vocally proud of it, and celebrating it...right up to the point where they start to claim it as a justification to set themselves apart from the rest of Imanity and try to elevate themselves above others based upon their heritage... and especially right up to the point that they begin to invoke heritage as a basis for advocating violence against their fellow human beings.

Okay, cool.

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 3/20/2018 4:31:05 PM

Well, let us look at Hegelian Dialect.. A thesis and anti-thesis process.. More commonly seen in the problem, reaction, solution, paradigm.. And in this case, you have pointed out a problem you have with GARVEYS AFRICA perspective.. In pointing this out, you are invoking a reaction from the brother. Which has been to double down and further explain the stance.. And then you have used this reaction to justify your preconceived 'solution' and chastise ones that dont fully agree.. And then when you contextualize the conversation and see that the 'problem' rose out of particular verbage and not the sentiment, we see what is at play here..

And further.. When has GARVEYS AFRICA used racial identity or heritage as a justification for violence or superiority? Again, you are focusing on vernacular instead of message and sentiment.. Saying Black supremacy might be a little confusing on a surface level, but as you say you are an elder, you should have long been acquainted with such and seen what this is about.. Which is not racial domination as in White supremacy, but a call for Black peoples to have supremacy of their own movements.. But its much easier to be offended at the verbage and right the whole thing off than it is to be objective with inquisitive intention..
As you say, you are a historian.. So then why do you seemingly ignore the historical oppression and violence from white colonialists? As an elder, you have seen the 'civil rights' era, right? How then can you justify slamming a one who is SILL working for a similar cause? Calling him all sorts of things simply because he is coming to Ras Tafari from a completely different set of circumstances than your own?

Racial harmony and a oneness with ALL of creation is at the core within this trod.. But it is not the reality of the situation we find ourselves in.. And we must work through this reality to achieve such things.. Meaning that people must first become harmonious within themselves before trying to harmonize with the rest of the world.. Individually and collectively.. Black people have been beaten into hating Blackness and into a loss of identity.. So they must break free from this oppression and re-harmonize BEFORE focussing on everyone else.. The UNTIL..

Messenger: Empress Blogger Sent: 4/23/2018 11:05:24 AM

Rastafari is the Most I-cient spiritual way of life of all. In fact it is the one and original truth given to man by Jah. All the others came after, and all the others are borrowing....There is no such thing as new Rastafari. Because Jah is the same, and never changes. Rasta knows...Rastafari knows.

Give Thanks.
King Selassie I.

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