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David's Throne?

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Messenger: Righteous Lion Sent: 8/4/2017 6:28:25 PM

Rastas how did Selassie I, became root of David's throne if #1 the promise to David, then to Solomon, Jacob, and etc. #2 Solomon meet with Queen Sheba of Ethiopia, she was already a Queen. So Ethiopia Royal dynasty goes to Selassie I, but the promise goes to Yeshua Christ the Messiah!

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 8/8/2017 6:18:45 PM

HIM is King of Kings Biblically, Historically, and Geographically. The Bible and Kebre Negast supports this, but even those are not necessary to sight HIM.

Messenger: iamAgunechemba Sent: 8/15/2017 3:05:23 AM

all these contest about
HIM is not necessary.

Rastafari is a way of life. not about HIM

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 8/18/2017 12:43:38 AM

A while back ,when Studing the life of HIM a lot I had a dream of HIM, he said to I don't focus too much on me and my life but get your self together focus on your life and livity.

Issac Haile Selassie, who is a adopted Child of HIM was at the table once for a meal, HIM was there and Issac was so anxious to tell HIM things talking and asking things and HIM said eat your food its more important than me. HIM was always a man of no words at the table while eating. HIM is so humble and more than anything HIM is like a mirror so when we focus on HIM we end up just focusing on ourselves and our place in life.

Bless up in the righteous order

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Haile Selassie I