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Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 7/25/2017 2:58:36 PM

Homeland Of A Race Of Gods & Goddesses
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Amun-Ra-Ptah/Original Man/July 23, y12517


There is a part of our Black God-King
Haile Selassie 1963 UN War Speech that most Bible enslaved Sweet Jesus in Blackface One love Rastas dont want to talk about. Deep Down inside we all know and understand that the color of the whitemans skin shall never change and the whiteman will find his color more important than the color of his eyes.Jah was persuming he was talking to honest intelligent black people. He knew that Humans with white skin will always desire to rule the Original
Hue-Man the Blackman. So we Afrikans should prepare for and continue to fight the perpetual War for Perpetual freedom.

Our Black
God-King Continued to Speak and Stated That We Afrikans will Fight white supremacy in zimmbabwe, Azania, Congo And in All of Afrika and we know that we will Win the Victory Of Good(God) over Evil(White Supremacy).H.I.M 1963 UN Speech was A call to Action for Afrikans stay Woke and Warning to the Evil white world not to tred on Afrikan Soil.This was the True Meaning of Gods Speech To Our Perpetual Enemies At the UN in 63.

By the way a Black God-King In Flesh was also on the Throne of ethiopa when that great slave catcher Christ so called walked on water falsely lieing so he could do the Romans bidding by telling Afrika and the world to turn the other cheek and leave all judgement to god and love your enemies and dont worry about riches on earth and you can even lie about my white arab identity and paint me black as long as you believe that only i can save you and not yourself or your God king on your Afrikan Throne or the teachings of your Afrikan Ancestors.

And stop using the white supremist teachings of the queer james bible to sellout our legacy and H.I.M by saying that His Majesty is the last king on our Ancient Nubian-Kemetic-Kushite-Afrikan Throne, but yet some of us treasonously feel that we must ordain whites into the Rastafari Priesthood which is the only Afrikan Priesthood that has a fighting chance at Unite Afrika. Some of us even falsely. Believe that Jah is still in the Phyical but yet rightly admids that Marcus and Imaniwel have transended the phyical.Holy Selassie Has Transended the body and is still God in spirit and maybe in flesh again if we would only follow ancient Afrikan tradition and find the Black One amung us that has his regal qualities and Crown him As our King of Kings Of Afrika.


God lives in us all, saith Our Lord God & Holy King-Priest Bobo Menelik Imaniwel I. We are our own christ and saviors of one can save us but ourselves.So stop making the wicked queen of england and the king of arabia and tieland and japan win the race of being the oldest Throne on earth.So let Crown as King of Kings a Worthy one amung us or One of His Majesty's Grand Children like Prince Eirmis Selassie and restart Afrika's Greatness Again.

Happy Earthday Jah

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 7/26/2017 10:41:38 AM

Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah RasTafarI

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Haile Selassie I