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Befor Moses and Befor the Flood

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Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 3/7/2017 12:10:13 AM

Before the LAW or TORAH was revealed, befor mankind was given to eat meat. When we all spoke one language.

Befor Noah it was a oral law. Not something written down and forgotted about, but rememeber and able to recall and teach allways living by it.

Very few escape the plauges of evil in life. Only where the true faith and levity is can there be a escape. To hold onto this righteousness no matter ones surrounding and environment, is what Noah did prove, he suffering seeing evil around him and made him sick in ways, so it is with Rasta observing the lack of right in Babylon, its sick, its lack of health.

To be in this place , yet above it, to nourish and cultivate the good in it, to bring righteousness and truth together, peace and love, justice and judgment, all unite let us join and connect what must be yet be above it all, not attached not separate, o go our part of good and move to the next, this is praising JAH.

Enoch, one of all mankinds common relatives, Enoch The Ethiopian lived in a way he escaped death, he is alive still never passed off the body as most souls do.
He lived and still lives in a way Pleasing to JAH, not because of written law, books and guidance. What does Enoch have? Enoch in Hebrew means , livicated, committed, initiated.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 3/18/2017 8:42:37 PM

How did the animals get along in the Ark? Lions didn't eat the zebras?

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 3/19/2017 12:46:56 AM

Good Question Idren.

Arc come from Hebrew word meaning chest, hence, Arc of the Covenant.

Know that the law is written on the heart in the chest/arc of man womban and child.

Know that if we hold not creation and all its creatures in our hearts they will not survive the floods of wickedness covering the earth because of satin.

Noah meaning rest and comfort. Only fools take everything literal, spiritual things can only be described in metaphors because they are above the mortal human mind and have to do with the Eternal Soul and its creator and sustainer: JAH , the only one that can destroy a Soul in fire of Gehenna if it is unrepentant to the end.

The Zebras and Lions are both endangered and they can only be saved from the floods of evil through Hearts of Man Woman and children that have a place of rest and comfort for creatures, love care and compassion for JAH the creators all creation and all its creatures, respecting the circle of life, every link in the chain is crucial for mankinds vitality on earth. We are all part of a web, world wide web(www.) been here since befor internet.

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