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A inexaustable resourse

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 3/4/2017 4:20:39 AM

There is a inexaustable resource, from he source it flows to the Soul
Refuse supper with The King because of worldly thing?! That's not vibing. So to be with Negus when invited, even if your busy, know when JAH is calling.
Eternity in palm of I hand and infinity in a grain of sand.
Whas a word without knowing its meaning? JAH Word is spirit then flesh, intelligence and then language, don't get it backward.

Ocean is nice but cant even drink that water, closer to the sourse is fresh and pure, clean and living.
Living water HIM is, living in plant this water is in animals and all life, the water is alive most of all water is element as well as spitual just as air, all elements are spiritual, all things are good and true.Unless you believe in a lie, accept false nothings? No its JAH over evil only. Reality or illusion, mankind needs to see them options and be wise choosing.
Do we even know the resources within ourselves or are we too distracted with worldly stimulus of the senses. Nature is calming, the earth, must worldly as in Babylon, they are nothing without there oppression and enslavment through the 5 senses(mental slavery is of 5 senses, for most think in terms of sight, sound, feeling, tasting and smelling) of souls captivating them with this and that so they never stop, be still pray ad meditate,
there is a infinite wellspring ready to gush forth and fill our entire lives , we just got to the staff of our authority as JAH children as strike the stone within so this water can flow.
More inspiration find it when you are low in motivation , more devotion burns more distractions. To be able to be content you can be, we can move from fulfillment to fulfillment, joy to joy , strenghth to strength, for we are it and our living is a expression of who we are, if anything is in the way, work hard to see it and get around it, Of course water is very important for our bodys , tho spiritual dehydration has token hold because the cultures and traditions and languages of old have been suppressed and they are from JAH SOURCE that flows through us from our ancestors, its a communion of soul with eachother and also with the Most High, are we open for it? Let technology assist it not hinder it, bless it I say don't curse it.

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Haile Selassie I