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Messenger: Sister Ifua Sent: 2/25/2017 4:07:23 PM

Well, Empress D, I have never seen Nyahbinghi sunz and dawtas eating any kind of deddas (meat). Neither the Bobo Ashanti (E.A.B.I.C.). And also a lot of freeminded Idren prefer vegetarian/vegan/Ital food.
If the I wants to step higher in food, the TwelveTribes might not be the right place. Cause they eat meat, dairy, drink beer etc. So the I should check the WHOLE situation first.
Changing food habits takes time and it's best to share this path with the people around you. Consider this before making a choice...

One JAH love

Messenger: Jhkhnn Sent: 6/1/2017 2:10:06 PM

It's not a sin to eat meat. The black Christ ate meat on several occassions : when he appeared to Abraham -(the black Ethiopian of whom king David's royal sons and daughters are descended)- at the plains of Mamre with two of his angels, in flesh, and Abraham served them cakes of fine meal, butter, milk and a dressed calf, young, tender and good, then waited on the holy ones as they ate under the tree ; the only Ethiopian black christ is mentioned several times in the books of the gospel to eat fish, some times the fish is roasted over a fire : and in another place in the book of John, Jesus Emmanuel Charles Edward spoke to an unfaithful samaritan woman by the well of Jacob while his disciples had gone into town to buy meat.
The only reason I see the black Christ not consuming animal products in this hour is the very reason why I don't consume them too : lots of hybrid animals in the market, which are accursed of God (Leviticus 19 : 19), animals fed on unnatural or hybrid foods, much chemical medicine and antibiotics in their flesh which are harmful to man, abominable meat in butchers' shops (Leviticus 19 : 5 - 8), sick animals... The list is long.
If I would have lived fifty centuries ago I would have gladly eaten meat, only that which is acceptable in the sight of the black God, according to Leviticus.

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Haile Selassie I