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de seagul an de ocean

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Messenger: ras ravin-i Sent: 2/6/2017 8:45:48 PM

Ah was standin by the ocean just de odder day,
Listening to wha de seagulls an de warta had to say,
Dey tell meh dey meet Marcus an Nkruma
Sitting by ah river,
Holdin talks wid each odder,
When walking up de steps was Mandela
He come in wid Ture an Lumumba.

Same time de tree open he mouth an start tuh shout,
Ah couldn’t understand him,
ah didnt make out wha he talkin bout,
But de warta say, hush nah man, yuh is ah young tree,
An I is ah ancient sea,
So yuh mus listen tuh me,
I been here before yuh mammy even yuh granny.

Now I stand up dey wid meh jaw drop,
Wondering wen dis argument was going tuh stop.
De seagull say, all yuh fellas wastin time,
So much ting going on east, west, north an south,
An all yuh here just runnin all yuh mouth.

So we get back to the talk bout de ancestor
Sittin dong by de river.
Dey accuse de water of transporting the oppressor,
An dey tell de seagull, he was de water padner,
Both of dem deny of having anyting tuh do wid de colonizer.
Dey say, warta, yuh coulda call up ah big wave
An chase dem away,
Stop dem from takin we people
Tuh make dem slave up till today,
Den dey accuse de seagull of makin de trip
On de deck of de slave ship,

So we just standin dey, me an de tree,
Listinin tuh de rhapsody,
Wonderin who will win de contest
Wid de warta an de seagull
In dis bacchanal an commess.

De warta was tryin hard tuh defend heself against de ancestor,
De seagull thro de blame squire at Morgan an de Queen of englan.
Same time Rodney walk in and remind de warta ,
How europe underdeveloped de lan of he fadder,
De warta say he is not tuh blame
De seagull have tuh take some ah de shame.

Well me?, I just listinin
An de tree was just shakin in de wind that was blowin,
De sea shout at the wind remindin him of de part he was playin.
So I say…look, all yuh fellas didn’t have no choice in de matter,
So stop beatin up one another,
All yuh daydreamin,
We have tuh unite an stop dis colonizing ting,
De tree agree wid me,
Den he turn an tell de warta,
Go my brodder…ask forgiveness from de ancestor,
Before yuh have to meet up wid Shaka.

© Ravin-I

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 2/27/2017 3:21:37 PM

Nice Poetry Give Thanks.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 3/2/2017 2:54:53 AM

some say don't bother with the ancestor
I say don't leave unfinished business
Soloman built His Father Davids Temple
And Christ for Adam the snake he did trample

we don't need no more colonization
we defiantly need freedom repatriation
unto earths rightful ruler all knees shall bow
or colonization will linger around any how

In these times I have looked at the seagulls in babylon
collecting food scraps from trash in parking lots
everything seems out of place mixed up chaos confusion
even the best of foods to much mixed n melted in the belly rots

so proper combinations for life synchronicity and total uplifting
apply the medicine, the whole earth has gone to Rastafari for healing
planets spinning, orbiting, loyal, ocean currents maintaining
the flora and the fauna , ebb and flow , waxing and waning of moon

so there is a order, we are to surrender to, a chaos to let go of
forgive, learn the lesson, move on from frustration to meditation
the garments of Joy for spirit of heaviness, the give from above
grace turn a stoney heart into pure feather light love

for humans and birds are the only two legged ones
birds use wings and humans must use spirit
we look up and see blue sky and yet forget we are in it already
when we see the stars, know star light is in our eyes body and mind

Messenger: ras ravin-i Sent: 3/2/2017 6:35:01 PM

youthman...i think you missed the point of the sound i made....its really not that complicated to understand.....but thanks for the "overstanding'....

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