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The Natural Mystic of Little Ones

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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 1/10/2017 2:02:19 PM

Greetings and Oneness
Give thankhs for Life.
I&I have been seeing and noticing so many instances of sacred symbols used by very small children without their intention, and I am amazed at the natural link they have with these symbolic gestures or objects.
This is part of a post I made a couple years ago (with my updated comments added in italics) :
Iwombman see Iritual Ites in the Idrens every day, despite the illusitory situations the I's are brought up in. And maybe this is Iwombman influence, or maybe it is an innate love for Ras Tafari and a love for truth. Maybe both!
Iyah have seen a toddler photograph Iself holding an ANKH carving up to his mouth, and of course the little King is drawn to this symbol naturally. I found the mouth to be significant because Iyah Idren is making a sign of "speaking life" in Iwombman sIght also because of the ancient drawings of the ankh being held up to the mouth of a spiritual initiate. This same Iyah is a young boy with severe delays in UPvelopment of speech, among other delays. Within a week of that photograph, Iman began to utter the name of Ras TafarI.
I have seen a four-year old pose perfectly with the practicus kabbalah, otherwise known as Haile Selassie I's infamous symbol. I have since photographed this same young girl with her left hand on her heart, our well-known Rastafari gesture of greetings and thankhs, the same Haile Selassie I trinity mudra again, as well as one of her school friends holding the trinity mudra while the other girl hugs her.
I know another little one, younger than two years, who is literally obsessed with His Majesty, asks to see pictures and even asks to speak to "Rasta I I" on the phone. When I come to the house she screams, "Amanda here! Rasta I here!" and she also will add people's names to the name Ras TafarI, such as "Thomas Rasta I I," or even her own name. This same Empress speaks to trees and animals, telling them thanks for being [whatever it is she is speaking to]. "Thanks for being a birdy! Thanks for flying!" etc. Then immediately after speaking to the bird, the I will often exclaim, "RAS TA I I!!!"
I was watching an 18 month baby playing with her toys. There is a phallic object, with two round parts and a long, straight part coming out from between them. This is a part of another toy that she has taken out and plays with on its own. She takes another toy, a round representative of a sliced orange. The circle being a femi9 symbol. She takes the phallic and femi9 objects and carries them both in her left hand as she walks around her play area. Then she takes the objects and bangs them together for a while. Then she puts them both in the left hand again and Itinues walking around. I could not help but notice that the objects placed next to one another make a perfect ANKH, and are quite obviously to I symbols of the male and female. Not sexualizing the baby's mentality here, but I did see it as a natural attraction to symbol of the divine ANKH, the male and female unison.

Do any of the Iyahs notice children doing things like these?

How do the I&I interpret their actions? Are they simple coincidences, or is there a deeper meaning in the physical manifestations of these little ones?

Give thankhs for New Life, the young generation never ceases to amaze and teach I! Love and Itection JAH children

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 1/10/2017 10:33:09 PM

Iv seen so many young children and infants do strange yoga positions. And movements of joy, speaking a pure body language with sounds(not words yet sometimes)
A lot of things youth do are better and more natural than adults because they are more free. Free in their spirit, mind is still pure, like a clear window they see things without lables and titles. Therefor seeing all as one. everything as energy and conductors.
And more connected with JAH , at total mercy, cant do nothing themselves, this is why Christ says we must become born again, and be like little children, totally dependant on JAH as a invisible Father of Spirit and a Visible Mother , manifestation of that spirit into matter, that spirit also sustaining Mother Earth, So it is with the Adam and eve story , out of the spirit and things manifest into material for the senses to witness. The youth witness the other side more so if environment is righteous and they are not influences by so much negativity's, for we are as clay and if we are in wrong places iniquity shapes those unfortunate souls, some are born into very virtuous familys.
No matter the abount of adversary the light always shines through pitch darkness, and the seeds of every divine JAH Child always spouts through the surface into light of life, sun and moon and star shine.. when properly watered with spiritual water, children grow with happy souls in wisdom as well as physical stature when given the element water that all earth life is made out of.

Can we see things as if we've never seen them befor. Can we spend time with people we know as if we are just getting to know them?

Can we be as fresh as the youth, with so much love and truth in JaH and Earth and all the sacred that is our caregivers, babys are spiritual, and all will find their expression of their spiritual relationship with Divine even if all religions were forgotten, people would still find God because we are the books of life and the Spirit of JAH is the Living Word of God in all lif in all creation.

The ankh is sacred as is a flower and many shapes in nature and geometry, patterns. Everything and every one is supposed to be unfolding as a flower unto JAH

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/11/2017 7:12:57 AM

Beautiful reasonings JC and Jesse!

I couldn't say if the examples you shared are mere coincidence or not, but what I do know is that children have recently come from the Ancestral Realm, and are naturally more connected to the Divine, and the wisest of men can still learn much from a child.

Bless up di youth dem!

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 1/14/2017 11:53:41 PM

Haile reasoning I&I
I know both of the Is have youths, and can and have fully Ippreciloved the magic of their precious and powerful souls coming through so purely in this physical realm.
Its true RastaMama there is no explanation we can come up with for sure to say why or how children manifest such sacredness. I just can't help but marvel at it and pose the questions anyway, because the little ones always amaze I&I!
JAH strength and justice for all the pure and sacred children of the Most I.

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