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Spiritual Victory

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Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 1/4/2017 3:24:53 PM

"The Ethiopian People emphatically seeks Peace. Although not possessing sufficient military equipment....protecting their chest in where there is a proud heart burning with love for their god and their tilling their land in peace, whose arm is strong, and who are jealous of their freedom, will rise up with their spades and lances to stop the enemy from invading their land. We do not like war. But in war we shall not let our enemy pass without strong resistance. As Ethiopia's Faith reposes in God, she knows that Gods Judgment will prevail over that of man. New weapons and guns which man has devised to destroy his kind are not a mark of civilization."
- King Haile Selassie, Power of Creation

From the front, back , left and right the evil influences attack the country of our lives. Below us is the ground of our lot and whats ours in life, above is the pathways to the cosmos , astral light ways and realms of life not of Earth.

From the 4 directions is level where things reach us we are on. Each are Kings and Queens in their country, their lives lot and body minds soul...tho The King of Kings gives instruction to all Kings and Queens, we are to rule our lives as JAH KING would. We are his ministers and deputy's each in charge of the district of our lives and place/ inner and outer surroundings. These four directions must be Guarded Evil influences can only enter the undefended directions. .

Armys of Love and awe and Reverence to JAH should be on the right side, that is the way of the red road to ZION, the greatest enemys on this side are lust and love for Babylon world system. Sometimes this influence can come thru closest family or friends. Love for JAH Loyalty reverence and fear of result of not making JAH #1 in all things. Love of JAH and Obedience to HIS WORD/WILL in greatest defence on this side.

Army of mercy should be on guard our left side direction to defend against hopelessness, despair, hatred, spite, and doubt. The Power of Mercy repels them with Kindness, forgiveness, compassion subduing and humbling them.

In front of us is Knowledge , to go befor marching leading the trod, false-praise, arrogance, ignorance, temptation cannot stand in the way of Knowledge.

Enemy from behind tend to be forces of insidious, perverse imaginations to crush you and defeat you, replacing reality with imaginations and illusions. Intelligence and heedfull ness are The Greatest rear Guards we are to deploy, keeping focused, attention on Good in Heaven and Earth,, good works, staying active, creative, in mind body soul, thoughts, vibes, and actions to have intelligence and resoning powers fullactivated by the will power of our soul enlightened by JAH Commandment and WORD of Truth and Life, Love, Light Right... . Allways on guard , all four directions should allways be secured and active for JAH aremy is not only defecing but on the offence spreading JAH Kingdom in all 4 directions to cover the Earth as water covers the sea, righteousness will prevail.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 1/4/2017 3:29:35 PM

Any one have insight on what virtues neutralize what vices and when there lack of certain virtues what evils take over ones life/country?

Haughtiness is befor a fall. Righteousness exalts a nation.

Messenger: Jah Seeker Sent: 1/4/2017 3:52:00 PM

yes i !

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 1/10/2017 9:51:19 PM

To have things in order, sanctified, protected.
The four directions, the four season to know how to live in each season. Seasons of Earth, Seasons of life. From the four members of family comes our strength, Mothers FAthers Sisters Brothers, unity is strenghth. We surround the center of life, we orbit around the center.
The Lakota People of NAtive America, mention the medicine wheel.
Lakota Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheel is a sacred symbol used by Plains tribes and others to represent all knowledge of the universe.

The medicine wheel consists of a circle with horizontal and vertical lines drawn through the circle's center. Sometimes, an eagle feather is attached in the wheel's center.

Design Meaning
Circle - The circle represents the sacred outer boundary of the Earth often referred to as the Sun Dance Circle or the Sacred Hoop. It represents the continuous pattern of on-going life and death.

Lines - The horizontal and vertical lines represent the sun and man’s sacred paths, respectively; the crossing of the two lines indicates the center of the Earth where one stands when praying.

Feather - The eagle feather is a sign of Wakan Tanka’s - the Great Spirit's - power over everything.

Color Explanation
The directions, as they are called upon in the medicine wheel, are often associated with a sacred color. Each direction has a messenger.

Color placement on the wheel varies based on individual band customs.

•Color - Yellow
• Messenger - Brown Eagle
• Associated with the sun, brings light to all creation.
• Because the sun travels east to west - in a clockwise manner - all good things conform to the same pattern.
•The Morning Star - the star of wisdom and new beginnings - comes from the east.
• Elk people call the east home.

• Color - Red
•Messenger - Crane
•North is home to winter and is believed to promote good health and growth.
• Those who misbehave look to the north for the wisdom needed to walk a straight path again.
• Home to the Calf Pipe Woman and the buffalo people.

•Color - Black
• Messenger - Black Eagle
• Connected with the power of rain and the purity of water; joy and growth follow the rain, releasing ignorance.
• West is home to the Thunder-being. His wings produce thunder and lightening flashes from his eyes. The bird-like being stands again evil and ensures the respect of others.

•Color - White
•Messenger - Bald Eagle
•Associated with warmth, happiness and generosity.
•Connected with life after death, directs men as they walk toward the next phase
•Life begins in the south.
• Nourishment of every kind comes from this direction.
• Home to the animal beings


These tribes refered to rocks , animals and bugs as equals, respected them mush as people today respect eachother when they do. Even communicated with all these relations. So surrounding ourself with the life of all our relations, and being string in connection through how we relate. In the circle of life, this is a cycle of energy flowing from generation to generation from mother to suckling, Father to Family, God into Cosmos ~ stars~ planets~ galaxy ~ Sun Moon Planet Earth, sky earth water and that energy flowing all that fills them...
Surrounded by the Atom is the nucleus and molecules and and everything organized right around centers of orbit, so things orbit around the stillest place in us, the witness, pure consciousness, Christ, the eye of Horus, the everliving I, The Soul.
What has remained the most same about you since your time as a baby and befor that? What has remained the most same through your times journey through space around the sun years?

Clean up after I selft, so things do lurk up behind I , don't need to watch your back if you take care of things not leaving them behind, unfinished business catches up to want finished and well all our works fruits will catch up to us so what we leaving behind us even now is a Itinual stream , of light and info, vibration, like a shooting star leaves a stream of light info and disappears from visible eye into the Akashic record , a the record of all history, everything stored in the memory bank of consciousness itself. The memory of JAH Rastafari, HIM tells his-story the best!

JAH is always abouve and allways want to keep each of His Children firm on what belongs to them , to live in what JAH supplies is each ones lot, divine inheritance, we earn so much in life, nothing can change divine will, must merge into it, align with it for most success.
SO many aspects of life, we must meditate upon them all, in modern times we must eat best to have best working mind body soul interconnected synergy. Or else we will not keep our intelligence, spiritual knowledge and soul will power up enough to keep up with advanced technology and the world-wide community so close through the internet, telephones and more (planes-jets-trains, automobiles, bycicles even help shorten the time space continuum .

yes we have the material on our left hand side and the spirit in our right hand side. As KKing Selassie coronation he hold the orb(matter/earth/body/time/space) and scepter(spirit truth JAH 1KING of Universe and all Creation including earth)

Ahead of us are many choices, situations and circumstances. Question and answers.

Behind us are some answers from the history of all , our Lord God and King, The high Priest tells us that there are now in front of us we don't have reference to in history to find answers but we must look with in ourselves, in the depths of our souls, to almighty God JAH RASTAFARI , to Spirit and Truth itself, the Eternal 1, The AllKnowing .

Humans seem to be the links from heaven to earth, when each bridge is not connected peace cant get to earth in its multitudes.

Only birds and humans walk on 2 legs. This is because birds can fly with their wings and humans can fly with their Spirits.


The legend of Wakinyan Tanka, the Great Thunderbird describes these beings as good spirits, guardians of truth and protectors of men – they are sacred and highly regarded by the Lakota people.

The Thunderbird is often depicted as giant bird-like beings with colossal wings and sharp claws that seem both protective and threatening at the same time.

As they are attributed with the ability to either create or destroy, it is believed this dual nature (give life, cause death) has made them a very prominent, powerful symbol in Native American art.

To many ancients, many animals and even insects will be identified as Angels, Surrounding, guiding, guardians.
To see every thing in nature come into alliance with the I becoming IandI. Moving,and changing everything around us from within out, from the center , from that of evry living soul communicates with the great guide and creator, sustainer and master of all Good Skill and Virtue.
Its in us and it surrounds us, tho hidden in divers matter, we all relate because something is the same in all.

By the way I seen a rainbow surrounding the moon tonight in a mystic foggy sky, very vibrant, so we are surrounded by our aura, and band sides and layers to that too.....Word can never prepare one full, word must lead ones and ones to the meditation and divine inspiration. The we can see.

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