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White man claim he a Rasta, but InI know he no Rasta

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Messenger: I-Man Sent: 1/4/2017 11:21:18 AM

Yes I,

RG that's real talk

Messenger: Matthew Sent: 1/26/2017 9:56:10 PM

A man can say he's a dog it doesn't stop him being a man. People can claim to be whatever they want to claim to be. Where's this elusive Rastafari sign up group ones keep talking about? Let the ones fool their selves who are fooling their selves. What the next man eats doesn't make I Sh*t, Same way in reverse. When did a man need acceptance from the next man to live his life how him choose? Is that not between him and the creator?

Can we not speak about real life issues ones and ones are facing in day today life. Ones are distracted by the devils show while at the same time devils are killing us (humans) and the earth we live on daily.

White Supremacy is a real thing in the real world the beast is about action it has been for at least the last 400 years theorising about who is or isn't something or what book said what to who and when isn't moving forward... Just circles!

Black supremacy, Black skinned African original Incient people. RasTafarI Set the tone. This says Rastafari reasoning room on Jah can we use this too create dialogue that will raise ones and ones. Each one teach one, Iron sharpen Iron.

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