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K9 Road Block

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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 11/10/2016 8:44:38 AM

Greetings and Honor and Love in the name of King Alpha and Queen Omega

Iwomban was driving through the united states the other day and I came into Texas from New Mexico on the 10E. About 40 or 50 miles into the state, there is a permanent manditory road block, every single vehicle whether semi truck or sedan has to stop and talk to the boarder patrol officers and let the canines sniff up the car.

I have heard before that the k9s only detect large amounts... This is not true!
I was carrying about .1 ounces (a tenth of an ounce) of ganJAH and the dog incriminated I immediately. The boarder patrol informed I that texas is a "zero tolerance" state and any amount of any controlled substance can mean prison, even if I have a medical prescription for cannabis in another state. When searching the backpack with the ganJAH, the guys also found .2 ounce of psilocybe cubensis, commonly known as magic mushrooms.

The fact that they very easily could have put Iwomban in jail, but didnt, was shocking. I heard the officer on the phone with the DEA and he told them that the offender is an American citizen, female. I had the feeling that this description is why they did not arrest I. They said it was because of the small amounts, but I am not sure because "zero tolerance" certainly gives them the option to arrest for any amount.

I wanna open up the discussion for others to share their ideas and experiences, and I also want to alert those driving through Texas that this road block seems to be permanently operating.. dont pass through there if the I&I carrying herbs, I doubt everyone is so lucky to be released so easily.

JAH guidance + Itection

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/10/2016 8:47:19 AM

Give thanks de i escape gracefully. Wonder how many ones and ones them throw to the dogs for similar small amount. Jah know i can relate. Bless up JC and mind how u go you have a madman racis a run your country right now, anything is anything

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/10/2016 8:59:12 AM

20 years ago, My sistren, son and I took a Greyhound bus from Cali to Florida. It was early dawn as we were driving through Texas, when I noticed the road block up ahead. I casually got up and put the herb I was carrying in the trash can a few seats up from mine, which was filled with peeled oranges. Police and K9 came into the bus!! Thank JAH the dog never sniffed it out!

Glad nothing happened to you JC!

Garveys....don't even get I started on this racist madman.,,LAWD!!!!!

Disgusted, but not surprised.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 11/10/2016 8:59:33 AM

True GA, Give Ises indeed for the way it went, it could have gone a lot worse. It definitely made I look at the country differently, because I was under the impression that as long as I didnt get pulled over, the police would not even be speaking to I. I didnt realize manditory road blocks existed in the states, because of all the lying and bs about free country and 4th amendment protecting from search and seizure of private property.
But the state of things is obviously not due to the results of the recent election.. Being that this was 4 days before the election took place, and also that the inaugaration has not yet taken place.
I do wonder how things will change in these next 4 years tho.. Hopefully I will be forward in Itiopia before it gets too much worse.
(Itiopia, by the way, also uses manditory road blocks, but I havent seen the use of k9 officers there).
Love + Honor King GA, JAH Itection Itinually

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 11/10/2016 9:07:27 AM

RAs Goddess, give thankhs for sharing!! Glad the I was able to get through that so smoothly. Funny enough, I actually had a bag of orange peels also, right next to the backpack w the ganJAH. That was just because I was eating oranges haha. But the scent didnt throw the dogs off still.
I was recently on an Amtrak bus coming south from nor Cal, and the passengers were getting out and sharing spliffs at all the stops. The driver didnt care at all, and being that the trip was confined to California, there were no issues with k9s officers or otherwise. The comparison really makes I&I like Kalifia more than Texas.
Bless+sings and Love Empress

Messenger: Voodooruuts Sent: 11/10/2016 1:12:12 PM

Yes Sistren Ive heard road block out that way deh from long time from person Ive known what traveled that route. They always say they would have to avoid that area and from long ago like Goddess say. I10 is a hot bead for moving things around if you what I mean

Remember CONstitutions are only paper, nothing physicaly stopping anything. Also "legalese" must known when dealing with them kinda documents deh, that form of English is not Webster's or Oxford's English.

Glad the I make it tru!

Bless Up and careful out deh!

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 11/10/2016 4:35:40 PM

Ises King VDR, I suppose I am naive, I never made a cross country drive like that before... Not since I was a passenger at 6 years old anyway. If I had known I would have tried to take another route!
Yes Iyah, Iman is right about the worthlessness of those documents to us. Not only are they in legal jargon, not only are they not upheld when it really comes down to it, but they are also deceptive in the fact that they really do not set up an egalitarian society as they claim to. The whole CONstitution is a con game, it was never meant to protect the autonomous power of humans.
JAH Love + Guidance

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 11/10/2016 6:29:56 PM

While I was in the patrol station, the officers were talking openly about a vehicle that had been stopped on the interstate about 30 miles west, it being on its way right in that direction. The driver had refused a search of his vehicle at that time, and because there was no probable cause or warrant, the officer complied... Then let the board patrol know the exact make model and plate number of the vehicle so that they would be sure to get the dogs to produce some probable cause and they would be able to search... Another comment one of the officers made to another, regarding becoming a k9 handler, "You better do it while you are still young and can control the dog."

Messenger: Voodooruuts Sent: 11/10/2016 8:14:10 PM

Ive seen dogs walk right pass ganja and I saw a handler leading the dog on a trail he wanted to go. The dog went to a pole pee and was like hmm something aint right well the cop committed the crime they were searching for, they tried to get Iman down for that charge.

Road blocks may become more prominent tho

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 11/11/2016 9:18:39 AM

Yes Ras VDR I think the I is right, that is where this is headed.. I&I seen it coming a long time Iyah, the death grip of babylon tightening slowly but surely.
There is also an energetic element to this. The same way certain groups will kidnap and torture a child in order to harvest the fear energy from the child, these entities are receiving energy from us when they torment us, or put us in situations where our heart rates speed up. Our energy is of value to them.
Fyah burn babywrong
☥;☥;☥; Moah Anbesa ☥;☥;☥;

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