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Merit-Ptah: Ancient Afrikan Femala Gynecologist

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Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/4/2016 5:57:47 PM

Who is the First Gynecologist in the world ? She is also the first Woman physician = Merit Ptah

Merit Ptah generated the oldest known medical papyrus text of any kind in gynecology. Dated to about 1800 BCE, that deals with women's health gynecological diseases, fertility, pregnancy and contraception.


The text is divided into thirty-four sections, each section dealing with a specific problem and containing diagnosis and treatment; no prognosis is suggested. Treatments are non-surgical, comprising applying medicines to the affected body part or swallowing them. The womb is at times seen as the source of complaints manifesting themselves in other body parts.

There is a reproductive organ section , and fumigation procedure which causes conception to occur; materials prescribed for contraception are crocodile dung, 45ml of honey, and sour milk. Other methods include the placing of an onion bulb deep in the patients flesh, with the positive outcome being determined by the odor appearing to the patients nose. Also treatment for toothaches during pregnancy and a fistula between bladder and vagina with incontinence of urine "in an irksome place."

-posted on Facebook by brothah Mem Uzan


Female Physicians in Ancient Kemet

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 11/25/2016 2:19:34 PM

Great share RAs Goddess! Give thankhs

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/25/2016 5:27:25 PM

Meanwhile babylon will tell you it is the racist mad scientist supremacist experimental RC who known as SIMS, the creator of the metal speculum.

Since the finding of the ancient medical papyri they change their teaching now to sims being the father of 'modern' gynaecology. If you know his techniques theres nothing modern about it. This is the subtlety babylon white supremacist education system come with to constantly bigup themselves and include themselves in arguments of invention and creatiom which we know always come back to mumma africa. Ancient mumma africa at that.

Blessed love
Great find

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/25/2016 7:04:40 PM

Seen! @ Garveys

So it go inna babywrong!

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 11/27/2016 10:25:57 AM

More love I&I..
I want to find more about Marit Ptah/Merit Ptah, any links or books I&I can suggest? The links I am finding have very little information.
That recipe (in the original post) for contraception is... Interesting! Dung and sour milk! Haha cant say I would want to try it. More interested to hear the fumigation recipe for fertility (; haha More Life

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/29/2016 8:00:31 AM

Awwwww, how ya mean you don't wanna try the dung n sour cream?! LOL 😂; Yeah sis, I think I'll pass on that one as well...

There really isn't much information out there that I could find, specifically on Merit Ptah. Too bad for I too am quite fascinated by this subject.


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