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Messenger: TruthIs Sent: 11/27/2016 5:23:54 PM

No, I don't believe Black people are genetically prone to murder or crime. It is the culture we have allowed to grow in our communities, and the excuses we make daily to not address this problem.

Look at the data below from the CDC reporting the leading causes of death in black and white men, split by age. How could we allow our communities to become like this, this is insane? White people seem to have a suicide issue they need to deal with, but at least the suicidal people are for the most part only killing themselves, and only responsible for a single death.

Black people need to stop living in a fantasy world and face reality about our situation so we can fix this problem. Stop pretending like things aren't as bad as they are. Look at those numbers and be honest with yourself. Put your efforts toward teaching our youth to stop this killing and gangster bullshit, that is the only thing that will save us. Instead you do and talk about everything else under the sun and accomplish nothing for our people.

Black males leading cause of death by age

15-19 Homicide 47.8% Unintentional injuries 22.0% Suicide 7.4% Heart Disease 3.4%
20-24 Homicide 49.9% Unintentional injuries 19.4% Suicide 9.1% Heart Disease 4.1%
25-34 Homicide 33.5% Unintentional injuries 20.2% Heart Disease 9.6% Suicide 7.1%
35-44 Heart Disease 22.1% Unintentional injuries 15.2% Homicide 12.9% Cancer 8.7%

White males leading cause of death by age

15-19 Unintentional injuries 43.7% Suicide 23.7% Homicide 8.5% Cancer 6.0%
20-24 Unintentional injuries 50.3% Suicide 20.5% Homicide 8.0% Cancer 3.7%
25-34 Unintentional injuries 43.7% Suicide 18.3% Heart Disease 6.3% Cancer 6.1%
35-44 Unintentional injuries 27.2% Suicide 15.3% Heart Disease 13.5% Cancer 11.5%

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/27/2016 9:52:39 PM

None can deny the effects of white supremacy in our communities. "Black on black crime", gangs, etc...are a direct result of living under a racist and unequal system.

Some will have a conditioned knee jerk reaction to this statement by responding that we must take responsibility for our actions and quit blaming the white man, however INI suggest that the very choices we make are often in REACTION to living in a racist society.

We are not INHERENTLY violent. That is not our NATURE. That is the subject of this particular thread: the HISTORICAL NATURE of Sun People versus Ice People.

To point the finger at the SYMPTOM rather then the ROOT of the infection is the result of conditioning and ignorance, as designed by white supremacy.

We overstand the dangers of romanticizing Afrika, and being realistic when facing ourselves, however no amount of intellectual babble and biased statistics can ever minimize the global destruction at the hands of western society.

A wise mind must learn the difference between reacting to a racist system and the system itself. The SYMPTOM versus the DISEASE.

Messenger: TruthIs Sent: 11/27/2016 11:01:02 PM

Yes, and Asian people didn't wait for the white man to get them out of their situation in this racist society. They did it themselves by working together and building each other up. Now, Asian people in the US on average make more money than white people.

How much longer are you going to wait for the white man to help you, how many more hundreds of years? I know that you don't like to think of it like waiting for help, but waiting for justice or whatever. But waiting for help is what it is, because we don't need to wait for outside change to solve our situation, we can solve it ourselves. And we better do it ourselves, because otherwise we will just be waiting in vain.

The only solution we have is to help ourselves by not allowing our children to behave the way they have been behaving. And we need to do more work together and business between each other. We hardly do any of those things, we just complain about our situation and buy everything from anybody but the black man. I am not saying it is all our fault, but by denying the fault that is ours, and not doing what we need to do to improve our situation, we will never be more than just complainers.

I want our people to be self-sufficient and prosperous, so we don't have any reason to complain anymore. And this will never happen unless we make the violence in our communities stop, nobody else will do it for us. Face reality and adapt, or you will bring about your own destruction.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/27/2016 11:19:13 PM

Nowhere at any time did anyone suggest that we are waiting for white folks (western civilization/mindset) to "help us"? Did I miss something? Let I know, for I do not see anything remotely close being suggested in this discussion!

Do not confuse or minimize the original intent of this thread (the historical nature and pattern of indigenous man versus western machine man) into one that on one hand attempts to compare the SYMTOM (black crime) to the ROOT of the disease (global white supremacy) and on the other hand tells us to stop depending on the very thing that we in fact, vehemently denounce (white supremacy)

Messenger: TruthIs Sent: 11/27/2016 11:39:48 PM

If black people were genetically prone to violence and naturally animalistic. Then please believe I would be all about promoting this behaviour. We want to escape white supremacy and its transgenerational effects and adopt a reparative effort to restore our NATURAL behaviour and culture..... so if you think this is violence egotism and animal behaviour than i would encourage you to behave so.

So I guess that since you and her think it is the "ice people" nature to be like you describe them, then your advice to all the white brothers and sisters in this forum is to promote this behavior in themselves, instead of being good people? That would fit in with your logic, wouldn't it?

You are a bunch of ignorant, racist hypocrites. You love babylon science when you twist it (yes, twist it) to demonize white people, but it is false propaganda if they say anything negative about black people. You want white people to face up to the sins of white people, but want to blind your eyes to the sins of our own people. You encourage talk that tries to demonize white people as some violent by nature thing, but are so offended by that nigerian man asking people to look into whether there is some genetic component to the violence among our people.

The evil that white or black people do is not because either race is naturally evil. If there is anything natural about it, it is a natural human thing. But I don' think it is natural in any sense. All societies have evil people, and if they gain more power, they do more evil. Power and wealth determines the scale of evil they are capable of.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/28/2016 6:55:08 AM

People should be how how they naturally are yes. My concern is strictly with the upliftment of black people as a garveyite. And our return to our natural way away from the transgeneration effects colonialism and slavery. If that is racist then i couldnt care less.
Your original article literally suggested black people were inherently and genetically prone to violance and animal behaviour. That is the basis of our disagreement but you have already stated you disagree with this yourself! Maybe if you didnt start with that article we could have reached some agreement.
However generally speaking im done arguing with you you taken the thread on a tangent when as Ras Goddess pointed out, was about the historical differences between the original versions of man; the destructive nature of ice people in comparison to peoples of the sun. Dealing with the roots of peoples nature rather than any modern day symptom of white supremacy
Blessed love

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/28/2016 7:10:54 AM

To suggest that a people who originate from a continent which have been enslaved and or colonised since the 7th century - 21st century - arguable longer - are the most violent on the planet. Is somewhat of an oxymoron.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/28/2016 11:00:50 AM

The truth is, there's truly no need for us to demonize the behavior and COLLECTIVE deeds of western man....for history speaks loud and clear for itself.

Only a fool would deny this.

Where exactly do you see us promoting this evil behavior among "the white brothers and sisters in this forum" instead of being good people? Absolutely nowhere! In fact, there are a few whites right here in this forum who can school you on this very subject, for they have come to REAL-EYES the effects of white supremacy within themselves and the collective white community.

This topic of discussion is an offense ONLY unto those who have not removed the blinding veil of white supremacy from their minds, be them white or otherwise.

Truth is, your reaction to this reasoning betrays you.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/28/2016 5:56:20 PM

Thank you brotha Garveys for reminding us of this most CRUCIAL book "The Destruction of Black Civilization"

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