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I King

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Messenger: Thee Sent: 8/16/2016 1:41:50 PM

The Bible is what we "have'
One man quotes it directly
One man States it's real, yet a sort,
Lastly one says that the knowing is natural.
I and I have probly MIS quoted each of you.
I say, without the "Bible" (old original testament) we have noting.
The origin ove Adam does not come naturally.
It is exactly more than human.
The "Bible' was corrupted at about 400 ad.
But not too badly that you can not find the truth there.

Messenger: Thee Sent: 8/16/2016 4:27:26 PM

"Jesus" should be considered a third party. Because again you are claiming to "know" "naturally" .. Or with your "natural spirit"
Your natural spirit is sin.

Messenger: Thee Sent: 8/16/2016 5:45:27 PM

Jah Bless

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 8/16/2016 10:06:44 PM

"Your natural spirit is sin"

Is not our spirit an expression and reflection of the Creator? How can that be sin????

The whole idea of being born in sin is a MAN MADE BIBLICAL MYTH which completely contradicts JAH NATURAL AND DIVINE ORDER.

Hence InI issue with the buy-bull.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 8/17/2016 6:40:19 PM

To sin has been defined as "to miss the mark".

"Original sin" is the creation story of the WESTERN WORLD.

Most people assume the western church shares the same creation story as Jews, Muslims, and Orthodox Christians; a quaint story of apples, snakes and fig leaves which was rendered redundant, except for fundamentalist Americans, by Darwin. They are wrong on both counts. In no other culture were people understood to be born bad; in no other were they conceived with a permanently corrupted nature that faced the wrath and judgment of God. The deity of the west is unique in judging people before they commit a moral act.

(From Born Bad: Original Sin and the Making of the Western World, by James Boyce)

Original sin is a WESTERN CON-CEPT that states that sin entered the human world through Adam and Eve's sin in the Garden of Eden and that human beings have since lived with the consequences of this first sin. This concept was developed by the early Greek fathers of the Church but was more precisely pronounced by later Latin writers culminating with Augustine.

Eastern Orthodox Christianity did NOT accept Augustine’s notion of original sin and saw its consequence not as guilt but as mortality. Guilt is only acquitted through the personal exercise of the free will, through personal sin. This experience is different from the Western, more legalistic, post-Augustinian, medieval conception of ‘original sin’ which makes every human guilty of the sin committed by Adam in paradise”

Afrikan cultures rarely use the term “sin” as it is understood today. They generally speak in terms of a “wrong doing”. This Icept was known long before the western Christian concept of Adam and Eve. We can see this in the Laws of Ma’aT, in the very first confession:

42 Principles of Ma'at

1. I have not committed sin.
2. I have not committed robbery with violence.
3. I have not stolen.
4. I have not slain men and women

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 8/17/2016 7:28:01 PM

Though there are Rastas who still hold on dogmatically to Christianity and the Bible as the essence of Rastafari, it is clear to me that Rastafari has existed thousands of years before Christianity and before the first mention of the creation myth of Adam and Eve. Africans have been adhering to natural law and achieving God-consciousness for thousands of years before the birth of the biblical Jesus. The parochial, dogmatic, and patriarchal nature of Christianity, which for example subordinates the role of the female, is often seen as being contrary to ancient indigenous African principles and to the concept of the African self.

Messenger: Jah Seeker Sent: 8/18/2016 2:54:52 AM

''your natural spirit is sin''? that statement alone makes you totally unqualified for any further debates in InI eyes. Get out of here.

RG, give thanks for blazing the fyah always lol!

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 8/18/2016 4:39:04 PM

Original sin is not solely a western thing.. The Bhaghavad Gita describes a similar process of karmetic cycles.. A soul will only enter the physical realm when a lesson is needed or needing another chance at correcting negative karma. In the idea of reincarnation, karma is accumulated and attached to a being during life and is transferred to the new life after death.. If this karma is not cleared, this cycle continues.. I am not saying that I subscribe to reincarnation or original sin but that original sin is deeper than just saying 'life is born corrupted' and warranting one to be kicked off the site....

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 8/18/2016 6:04:55 PM

Karma isn't the same as the western concept of original sin. The way I sight it, it is part of the natural laws...what goes around, comes around. It has nothing to do with Adam and Eve.

Though I find the "get out of here" a bit harsh, after all, we are simply exchanging ideas, however there's a difference between making a statement that "life is born corrupted" and suggesting that "your natural spirit is sin", for INI natural spirit is a divine expression of the Creator/s

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 8/18/2016 6:23:35 PM

"Buddhism is in many points incompatible with Christianity. Upon examination of fundamental Buddhist and Christian beliefs, it quickly becomes obvious that there is a clear contrast between the teachings of Buddhism and those of Christianity. Although you may hear some Buddhists claim that “we believe the same things; there are many paths to God”, many fundamental Buddhist teachings are in fact diametrically opposed to those of the Biblical Christianity.

There is no savior in Buddhism because there is no recognition of “sin” in Buddhism; so naturally there is no need for a savior or salvation. The implication is that one can save oneself, and eventually through multiple lifetimes finally enter “Nirvana”. In contrast, the Bible says that “all have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God.” All are in need of a Savior."

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