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St Patrick's Day Genocide

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Ancient Origins of Leprechauns Bes the Black Twa Man

Black Le-Pr Re Ka- Khans- Geb and Bes all over the world

Ancient Origins of Leprechauns

As we advance to the New Year, and the new season of spring, let us not forget our original Ancestors. The March Vernal Equinox reigns in the spring. We celebrate Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday before spring fasting. These are all agricultural references for an Agrarian society to request an abundant growing season and harvest. We acknowledge Bes the Le-Pr Ra Khan- the original Black people of the forests. We find St. Patrick- wearing the regalia of "Ptah" driving out the Uraeus "snake hat" Kings and snake haired people, Easter -(East-star) in the West is also celebrated on the first Sunday following the full moon after the vernal equinox on March 20-22.

Black people have lived and established Civilizations and kingdoms all over the planet. Their lifestyles of living in harmony with natural life on the planet are often reflected in the titles of elves the dwarfs, leprechauns, trolls and faeries stories.

St. Patrick, who was he really? Why would this man be canonized (declared to be a saint) just because he supposedly got rid of all the snakes in Ireland? Well here is another version.

Black people are the original "Snake Headed" people of Ireland- We are the ones who were driven off and/or slaughtered, in the name of a catholic "saint" named Patrick who ironically wore the symbols of Ptah and Ausar. Our Black Ancestors knew about the powers of all of the indigenous Herbs, Roots and plants like Clover and Thistle. We are the first mound builders and healers all over the planet. This shines a new reference on the real "Europeans"

The Twa/Koi San are a pygmy (small people) that have a history that pre-dates the timeline history of Adam & Eve by more 10,000 years. The Twa journeyed to Northern Ireland, Germany and the rest of Europe, prior to the influence of the Roman Catholic Church & had a cultural, technological, & philosophical impact known as the Pagans or Druids. One of the cultural influences the Druids/Twa had was the fact that they were known for their headdress, and their hair, who many grew into locks that looked like snakes. They also wore a fez or head covering that depicted the Kemet symbols known is a Uraeus or cobra raised to strike, which is the same snake image you see worn by the Kings & Queens in ancient Kemet (Egypt). The Snake also represented the Kundalini awakening vortex found in the chakra energy traveling up our spines and the helix of our DNA.

The Roman Catholic Church misinterpreted and demonized the practices of the Druids and Pagan, and decided to persecute and proselytize them to their religion. They would remove or replace the original beliefs, customs and symbols, along with the Leaders and Healers of the Twa people who were still present in Northern Ireland at that time. Ol' Patrick was given an order to set up Roman Catholic Churches all over Northern Ireland, and in the process, convert or remove the Druid & Twa influences. So Patrick killed in genocide countless numbers of the Twa people, in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy ghost.

So when you hear people tell you that St. Patrick was made a saint because he removed the snakes from Northern Ireland, it's really referring to the Uraeus or lock headed people -the Druids & the Twa that were mass murdered in an act of genocide and ethnic cleansing. So the leprechaun represents the Black people who were murdered all in the name of Christian religion and Roman Catholic dogma.

Through legends surrounding the leprechaun, the image of a mischievous, shrewd and quick-witted, Bes emerges. They are the Magi or Magicians and Shamans of the community. another Black image in Europe is a character known as Zwarte Piet or Black Pete- an ancient Moor who arrives every year to engineer SinterKlaas.

BES is the spiritual protector, promoter and healer of the home and family. He/She encourages fertility and watches over and teaches parents and children in their growth and development. Bes holds all of the wisdom and knowledge of the earth. She knows the cycles of time and the seasons. She knows the healing properties of all herbs. She is familiar with the gardens, forests, animals, insects, lakes, rivers, mountains and caves. She knows the prayers, chants, lyrics, limericks, lullabies, the bedtime stories, dances, mathematics, letters, formulas, recipes and words of power. He symbolizes the Shaman healer of the Nome or Klan. He is chemistry and physics. She represents the Sage, guardian and spiritual intuitive energy to ward off hostile energy from your family, life, home, office or wherever it is present. Bes controls The weather, the rain and the wind, the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Bes is the wise man-Maji he has the wisdom of the elemental and electromagnetic energy. He loves gold and can draw wealth and prosperity to the home. You can find this symbolic image of Bes all over the world. The earliest images of Elves, Trolls, Leprechauns, Fairies and Gnomes from all over the world were Black. The people are all characteristic and symbolic of our ancient Ancestors -the Twa and Khoisan (also known as "Pigmy") Mother and Father, with their history and wisdom of nature and the universe.

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Haile Selassie I