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The Mysterious Olmec Culture hidden within "X-men & He-man" Cartoons

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Messenger: Har-Tema Sent: 1/28/2016 3:24:57 PM

Many are unaware that our True black history and mysteries are hidden within comic books and cartoons. It is within these so-called children programs our story, either myths or legend, are being twisted and perverted but it does hold truth. One must understand that written history only goes back to about 10,000 - 5,000 years ago but oral history or knowledge pass by word of mouth goes back to hundreds of thousands (even millions) of years and this is where cartoon and comic books comes in to play. For example, we will look into the popular comic and cartoons known as "X-men" and "He-man" which origin leads directly to the mysterious Olmec Mayan Culture and little is known of this race of people dubbed "The Olmec"

My Country is called Belize located in central america, the heartland of the Mayan, which was also apart of the Olmec empire. In Mayan culture like most indigenous cultures Shamanism is key to enlightenment. Shamans were the wise men, healers and spiritual guardians of the community and just like the Ethiopian Bahetawi Monks or Holy Sadhus of India who are portrayed with dreadlocks. So did some of the Mayan Jaguar Priests (Chilam or Ek Balam) and warriors wore this styled of hair as well.

Now lets explore where the shamanic cartoons of "He-man" and "X-men" got their names and inspiration from. In Mayan the Female shaman priest of Yucatan Mexico are called X-men (X'men) meaning "she who is wise" or "she who makes" or "she who knows" and the male shamans are called H-men (H'men) meaning "he who is wise" or "he who makes" or "he who knows".

In the Cartoon X-men one is born a mutant endowed with special powers likewise in Mayan, there are two ways in which a person becomes a X-men & H-Men (he-man): Either he is born to be one or he chooses by becoming an idzat (apprentice to a H-Men) to learn to be one. The born H-Men, all things considered, is thought to be the more powerful of the two.

Also note: To prove these cartoons are actually Olmec Culture in reality lets look at the similar figures of the Olmec Heads and the "Sentinals" of X-men.


According to Marvel canon, Sentinels are programmed to locate mutants and capture or kill them. Though several types of Sentinels have been introduced, the typical Sentinel is three stories tall, is capable of flight, projects energy blasts, and can detect mutants.

Everything that has been listed of the Sentinels such as being Tall, capable of flight and projects energy blasts are evident in the Olmec statues that had been left behind. See below


Even the famous lord Pacal at the moment of his death was displayed upon the seal of his tomb to be going down to the underworld of Xibalba. However, underworld for the Mayan meant the cosmos. Look at Pacal in his rocket ship...

Even former U.S. Astronaut Gordon Cooper stated within his book that the Olmec were ancient astronaut. He stated "All this makes me wonder: why some signs of celestial navigation if they did not travel towards the stars? This extensive knowledge of navigation had it developed at the same time at three different locations in the ancient world?From the Egyptians to the Cretans and to the Olmecs? Yes, these Olmecs knew far more about the interstellar travels that our cautious archaeologists are willing to admit. And these former men had a great mastery not only of the observation of stars, but also of the great astral cycles with an astounding accuracy. This is a very specialized knowledge about the internal structure of our galaxy which led them to the development of the famous codex, attributed alternately to the Aztecs and the Maya, but the earliest trace is Olmec."

Photos below shows the similarity of the Olmec astronaut to that of our modern day Astronaut:


The question must be ask, Who are the Olmec?

The Jewish scholar and Russian born Zachariah Sitchin purported from translating the Cuneiform Tablets of Ancient Sumer that the God Ningishzidda, called Thoth in Egypt, left with some of his followers and came to central america where he is known as Quetzalcoatl and they were called Olmec. Even our afrocentric scholars claimed that Olmec came to the Americas either by way of boat or they walked by land when the continents were one (pangea). However since its evident to see they had the knowledge of flight, the Olmec simply flown across to the Americas and this may seem strange to our scholars of african descent.


We most understand that the Olmec and Annunaki are one people, the mighty black race. We were the ones who from heaven to earth came (EA-rth=lord enki's name meaning he who home is water). We left monuments all over planet earth so ones can see that "the earth is the lords and the fullest thereof". Even monuments throughout the boundless universe etc.

These Olmecs and Annunaki are the same Neteru in Kemit and Nagas of Cambodia etc. Our faces on Monuments was left for all to see who we were. These are the beings Isaiah from the bible talked about who guarded the throne of Jah night and day and were seen flying in the midst of. They are also mention in the Book called Revelation....

Both annunaki and olmec are portrayed with wings, helmets, flying capabilities, wrist watches and the power box.



Now lets take a look at the He-man cartoon via our brothers at

For Those Of You Whom Are Familiar With The Cartoon He-man, May Have A Genetic Memory Association With The Magical Sword Of Truth.The Story Of He-man And Shera Was Borrowed From Our Olmec Culture And He-man Receiving His Power From His Sword Was Borrowed From The Sword Ceremony Of The Hall Of Mirrors. This Is An Ancient Olmec Sword Ceremony Being Preformed In This Cartoon, Of Which Allows You To Draw The Totality Of All That You Are And Connecting You’re Heart With The Infinite Source. If You Recall: The Power Of The Universe Was Drawn Through The Sword Of He-man, Which Allowed Him To Receive The Power Of Gray-skull, Which Is One Of The Olmec Crystal Skulls And His Mission Was To Defend The Secrets Of Castle Gray-skull, Which Was Really One Of The Secret Castles Of The Crystal Skulls. He Would Receive The Power Of The Present Moment Through His Magical Sword And Fabulous Secret Powers Were Revealed To Him; Just As They Are Through The Luminous Sword Of Truth In The Etznab Sword Ceremony.

Also Notice That Once He-man Receives His Power From His Magical Sword, His Battle Cat Called “Cringer”, Which Is A Green Cat, Symbolic Of The Jade Jaguar, Receives Mighty Powers As Well, And His Female Counterpart Or Twin Sister Name Was Shera, Which Is The Olmec Word For The Sirius Star System. Shera, “The Princess Of Power In This Cartoon,” Was Impersonating One Of The Original Xi Princesses, Whom Were The Defenders Of The Crystal Skulls, The Imperial Cities Of Gold And The Secrets Of Shera.

However, Skeletor Who Was Considered Evil In This He-man Cartoon Series, Just As The Skull And Bones Are, Also Wears All Purple In This Cartoon Series; Along With Having A Purple Jaguar As His Protector. Now Where Do YOU Think All Of This Comes From? And Is This All Just A Coincidence? Eye Think Not, Because Most People Nowadays; Know That Purple Is A Color Of Royalty And Power, Not Evil And Wickedness, These Same Evil People Of Skeletor’s Caliber Are Wearing “The Color Purple” And Pretending To Be Of Royal Blood And Want The Secrets Of The Crystal Skulls.

Hotep to all

Messenger: Har-Tema Sent: 1/28/2016 4:16:52 PM

Also, in regards to Shera which in arabic is the name of the star sirius for it is written within the Holy Quran. "it is He Who is the Lord of Sirius" (Qur'an, 53: 49). Jesus is also the "Lord of the Sabbath", which comes from Saba or Sheba (sheva) meaning Seven in Hebrew and is related to the Kemitic word for Sirius as "Sept" or "Sapad".

Surah 53 is called Al-Najm meaning "The Star" and 'verse 49' is where sirius is mention. Keep also in mind that the stars Sirius-A and Sirius-B orbit each other in a double bow every 49.9 years; hence, verse "49"=Jubilee (HIM Jubilee Palace). "He was two bow-lengths away or even closer" (Qur'an, 53:9)


Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/28/2016 10:15:25 PM

YES I!!!! Give thanks for this!

Definitely an Afrikan/Kemetic origin to many of the super heroes (HERU) and fairy tales. In fact, it is said that Walt Disney was a Freemason and many of his stories are directly "inspired" by InI ancestors.

Di I's links did not post. You almost got it! LOL! You have to replace the "https://" with "=www." I will repost so ones can sight them.




I took the liberty of adding to the visual "meal" as well...



Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/29/2016 5:05:44 AM

I thought x men was based on the civil rights movement. Prof X represented MLK wanting only peaceful proceedings and Magneto was Martin, by any means necessary

Messenger: Voodooruuts Sent: 1/29/2016 10:45:17 AM

Those carvings does kinda look so but they might just be some kinda carnival costumes lol.

Yeh GA that was my overstanding of the Xmen

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/29/2016 12:00:22 PM

Magneto was Malcolm I mean (I said Martin)

Yes I

Messenger: Har-Tema Sent: 1/29/2016 1:06:05 PM

Goddess you're the best and thanks :)

Also X-men did actually was inspired by the civil rights movement but Olmec culture was the hidden origin of the name and some of their characters. Keep in mind that the character known as Shaman was introduce in X-men comic in 1979 and he was also given his own comic series as well.

Let me repost some of the Pics from before...

Similarities Olmec Heads and the "Sentinels" of X-men:

Lord Kang the conqueror (The Avengers) also a replica of Olmec:**

The All Powerful Darkseid (Imitation of Olmec):

Olmec laser gun:**

Annunaki flying in craft:**

The above and below picture actually depicts an Olmec wearing a helmet, a microphone in front of his lips, driving with his left hand lever or a joystick and with the other hand stands a very special package, while fixing his eyes toward the direction of flight.

Pacal in his rocker ship:**

Artist rendition of Pacal's Seal:

Photos below shows the similarity of the Olmec/Annunaki astronaut to that of our modern day Astronaut:

Astronaut suit:**

Annunaki with wing suit:**

Olmec with wing suit:

The Annunaki deposed king Alalu's face on mars matches Olmec head:**

Power box of Annunaki & Olmec:

Wrist watch of Annunaki & Olmec:**

Goddess if the links wasn't post right repost them for the I


Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/29/2016 8:37:33 PM

Similarities Olmec Heads and the "Sentinels" of X-men

Sentinels" of X-men

Lord Kang the conqueror (The Avengers) also a replica of Olmec

The All Powerful Darkseid (Imitation of Olmec)

Olmec laser gun 1

Olmec laser gun 2

Annunaki flying in craft

Pacal in his rocker ship:

Photos below shows the similarity of the Olmec/Annunaki astronaut to that of our modern day Astronaut:**Astronaut 1**

Astronaut 2

Annunaki with wing suit

Olmec with wing suit

The Annunaki deposed king Alalu's face on mars matches Olmec head

Power box of Annunaki & Olmec

Wrist watch of Annunaki & Olmec

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/29/2016 9:02:16 PM


Quetzalcoatl, who was also known as Thoth (Tehuti)

“Nagal is another name of Quetzalcoatl; the Mexican "Winged -Plumed Serpent God (Kundalini Shakti energy). "According to traditions, Quetzalcoatl is the instructor, builders, healers, astronomers, etc. He built roads, civilized the people and departed across the sea on MAgic "raft of Serpents." Quetzalcoatl was "recognized as the MESsiah by seers and astrologers; his head was RAyed like the Sun; his complexion was Black; his hair was woolly." Nagal means 'Chief', In Uruguay, a 'Teacher' or a "Serpent-God"

Tehuti / Thoth / Ningishzidda / Quetzalcoatl


Homer wrote this verse to describe the legendary first world hero known as Hercules:

“Black he stood as night, His bow uncased, his arrow strung for flight”

Herodotus wrote about Hercules in name and in concept as being Ethiopian and Egyptian in origin. Hercules was called Hr k3 during the 2nd century B.C. which means that Hercules is: the human incarnation of human creative energies, dynamic human potential at work, as heavenly productive powers, and as the power of positive miracles. The familiar character of Hercules is comparable on some levels to the modern vigilante super hero Batman

See more at:


Anansi is one of the Orishas, a race of extra-dimensional beings still worshiped as gods by the tribes of Africa and by modern-day practitioners of Voodoo.

According to Ezekiel Sims and the Ashanti tribe in Ghana, Anansi was the first Spider-Man, using his spider powers to traverse Africa and see all there was to see. Desiring further enlightenment, Anansi struck a bargain with the sky god Nyame, offering his eternal service in return for enlightenment and vanished from the mortal world, his power and knowledge transmitted into spiders everywhere across a Great Web.

Anansi's temple in Ghana was used by Spider-Man to defeat the totemic wasp entity Shathra, and was later the site of a duel between Ezekiel Sims and Peter Parker in order to appease the totemic spider deity called the Gatekeeper.


Her name is Nubia or in Post-Crisis changed to Nu’bia the black (darker skinned) twin sister of Diana.


Original Black Betty Boop (Esther Jones “Baby Esther”) -- 1928

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/30/2016 11:22:51 AM

The ANU (Rasta) came to Mexico in papyrus boats.


"A stone stela from Izapa, Chiapas in southern Mexico show the boats they sailed down the Neolithic river TAFASSASSET, to Lake Chad into the Atlantic. This provided a river route from the Sahara to Mexico and Brazil, by the North Equatorial Current.


The old men of Yucatan say that they heard from their ancestors of certain race who came from the East, whom God delivered by opening for them twelve roads through the sea". 

This oral tradition of the Maya is supported by Stela 5, of Izapa. In Stela No. 5, we view a group of men on a boat riding the waves of an Ocean. At the right hand side of the boat we see a personage under a ceremonial umbrella. This umbrella was a symbol of princely status.



"Above his head is a jaguar glyph. On the right hand side of the stela, we see the Jaguar Prince instructing a youth in the mysteries of the Jaguar cult. He has an African hairdo and a writing stylus in his left hand"


The Olmecs called themselves Xi or Shi people ***note: the Kushite Anu of the Xia and the Shang Dynasties of China "Xi" (Shee) and "Xhia" (Shia)

Mexican traditions claim that they were led by Amoxaque or Bookmen. The term Amoxaque, is similar to the Manding 'a ma n'kye': he (is) a teacher"



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