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We are blessed not have only one doctrine or one set path of Rastafari.

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Messenger: Jah Seeker Sent: 12/26/2015 6:27:02 PM

What makes us different is that there are many rich mansions within InI trod, each vital and plays a key role. We distinguish ourselves because we are spiritual, political, metaphysical.

Give thanks for the:

Bush Rasta - cultivating InI herbs and plants.

Reggae Rasta - spreading the message of Rastafari throughout the world through a sweet riddim!

Political/Activist Rasta - for doing Selassie I work politically, caring for the hungry and homeless, for fighting for reparations, for empowering Africans worldwide, for empowering Rastafari people.

Spiritual/Metaphysical Rasta - for providing InI with the wisdom and konwledge of the ancients, for bringing us closer to overstanding Jah Rastafari.

And so much more. Rastafari power!

Haile Selassie I, Jah Rastafari!

Messenger: KnowThySelf333 Sent: 12/26/2015 11:17:50 PM

I dont think theres any seperation between these things.If you think about it,ones who deal with one of the things you mentioned will deal with other/s too.


Messenger: Jah Seeker Sent: 12/27/2015 5:42:56 AM

Yes, agreed. I only wanted to emphasise the different aspects. This doesn't exclude the fact that many of these factors intertwine.
Jah bless.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 12/27/2015 9:01:42 AM


Messenger: Jah Seeker Sent: 12/27/2015 4:05:02 PM

Very nice and good message. Thank you RastaGoddess.

Selassie I

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 12/28/2015 2:25:21 PM

Diversity is not something dat should divide ones & ones but its something dat is meant to make de Black liberation army to be stronger & firefull. For inity to be fully achieved ones & ones haffe embrace diversity within de RASTA movement.& ina Africa.

Messenger: Empress Blogger Sent: 4/23/2018 11:09:56 AM

Well Said...
Diversity of Rastafari Within Rastafari, makes Rastafari Stronger. Yes.
Give Thanks...

Rastafari Culture

Messenger: NazIr Sent: 4/24/2018 2:24:05 PM

Iman am a "bush RastafarI" as InI got a degree in Horticulture with emphasis on JAH sacrament aswell as other healing plants.

InI would also Isider InI to be a "Community/Outreach RastafarI". As InI always take every available upportunity to spread HIM truths.

Hopefully that makes sense to Iveryone. If the I's have Iny questions, feel free to ask. And InI will try to Isplain further.

The goodness of JAH JAH is for all man to share
Ras NazIr

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Haile Selassie I