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Ancient Ethiopian Medicine

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Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 12/9/2015 8:08:32 PM

Healing scrolls are made by däbtäras, unordained clerics of the Ethiopian church who also practice traditional medicine. To be most effective, each scroll is customized according to astrologically derived guidelines. The preparation of parchment begins a ritual in which the animal substitutes for the afflicted and the finished scroll substitutes for their skin. This symbolic relationship engenders a close connection between the scroll and its owner. The patron is first rubbed with a live animal, and later bathed in its blood and stomach contents. Only then is the skin soaked, dried, and scraped, after which the finished parchment is cut and sewn into a scroll. Portable scrolls made to the length of the customer offer head-to-toe spiritual protection, while longer scrolls protect a household. In Tigrinya-speaking areas, a person-sized scroll is called ma'ero qumät ("full size"), or more generally, tälsäm (talisman). In Amharic-speaking regions, the scroll is calledyä branna ketab ("written on skin"). In some cases, the astrological formulas are less closely adhered to. Däbtäras may rely on a repertoire of familiar prayers and talismanic images, or repurpose existing scrolls by inserting a new client's name.

Ethiopian magical literature—which includes healing scrolls—relies upon the invocation of the secret names of god (asmat). By mastering these many names, a däbtära or other priest can oblige God to aid his client. The scrolls' prayers are composed of passages from Christian books that invoke these or other protective and curative words. Frequently used prayers protect against the evil eye (aynät), or capture demons. One such prayer—the Net of Solomon—recalls how King Solomon was said to have forced the king of the Demon-blacksmiths to reveal his evil spells. It is frequently accompanied by a talismanic design of an eight-pointed star, used to trap demons within its interlocking lines. Still other prayers act against malevolent spells. As in all Ge'ez manuscripts, prayers are written with carbon black ink, while the names of the holy Trinity and headings are written with red ink. The client's name is added in red only after the scroll's completion. The inks are sometimes enhanced with ritually powerful plants or sacrificial blood to increase their effectiveness. Only these two colors are necessary for a scroll to be effective.

Magic Scrolls

Ethiopian Healing Scrolls

One such traditional medicine practitioner is Estifanos Hailegiorgis, a veteran practitioner in his 80s, who wrote and archived a list of traditional medicine in three books. The two books are entitled Metshafe Fewus (The Book of Healing), which consist of thousands of medicinal plants and animal extracts. The first book consists of more than 700 healing plants and their usage and thousands of diseases are mentioned with their respective cures.

He says that the writing process was exhausting. One of the books took 40 years to complete.

The book includes texts translated from ancient Ge’ez healing manuscripts and experiences of healers from different parts of the country. It was necessary for him to travel all over the country to observe and interview the locals. His discipline and dedication is reflected in his book.

Though he is in his 80's, he can easily pass for his mid-fifties. The reason for his slow aging, according to Estifanos, is the herbal medicine he uses. In his pocket, he carries a green powder made from the plant kechine. He is passionate about this specific herb and talks about the good smell, and the benefits it has, including a remedy for people with blood clotting issues.

Born in the Kamabata area, Estifanos attended his primary and higher education in the former Teferi Mekonnen High School in Addis Ababa. Though using herbal medicine is a lifestyle among his community, he did not have deep knowledge of it when he was young until an unfortunate incident occurred in his family.

His father was sick with Parkinson’s, disease a.k.a enkeitkit. Despite many attempts, his father could not be cured, so he promised to look for the cure himself. After completing high school, he joined the Gonder Medical School in order to find a cure for his father. He looked vigorously for the cure, but his search proved to be futile. He did not find any purpose in pursuing his education, so he dropped out after completing his freshman course.

He came back to Addis Ababa and started to teach. In the meantime, his life was radically changed when he met a renowned healer from the Menz area in 1959.

Assisted by the practitioner, he started studying the different herbs from other knowledgeable practitioners and from ancient manuscripts. He learned about the different types of herbs and animal extracts, and how to prepare them.

Though his father had already passed away, in the process of writing his second book, Estifanos found the cure for Parkinson’s disease from an old Ge'ez manuscript.

"It’s an ancient manuscript and says that the problem originates from the middle of the brain and there are methods which are mentioned as a cure," Estifanos says.

That was one of the most euphoric moments in his life.

Apart from that, joining the Ethiopian Healers Association and serving the association gave him a taste of being embraced into a community of vast knowledge. In the association, he greatly contributed to collecting and achieving many of the inaccessible documents. This includes a book written during the period of Atse Amdetsion, which dates back 600 years. This book, which is written in Ge’ez, was translated into Amharic during the rule of Emperor Tewodros. According to Estifanos, this book has a detailed explanation of the body from head to toe and all the diseases.

“All over the country, there is an endless wisdom on healing. I was fortunate because I was able to accumulate knowledge from every corner," Estifanos says.

Herbal Medicine in Ethiopia

Ethiopian Herbs

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/10/2015 8:59:15 AM

Good read and thread!

"Though his father had already passed away, in the process of writing his second book, Estifanos found the cure for Parkinson’s disease from an old Ge'ez manuscript.

"It’s an ancient manuscript and says that the problem originates from the middle of the brain and there are methods which are mentioned as a cure," Estifanos says. "

Parkinsons DOES come from a problem in the mid-brain. I love the fact that it has been documented that we knew about this before white medicine and brain scans and such. African science. However I dont agree that writing christian passages on animal skin is going to help the problem in the mid brain..... that sounds like foolishness, and a waste of animal life.


Messenger: KnowThySelf333 Sent: 12/10/2015 3:29:04 PM

Ethipian Christianity is very different from roman.And in a way can even be seen as opposites.

It is clear that Ethiopia deals with magick/mystics/occult.While western religion often condemns these things because they lack knowledge in these things and choose blind fear wich leads to condemnation of things they dont understand.

Many people who may not even be very religious in the west,condemn and speak against the occult and magick because they are still shackled by western fearbased religion.Unknowingly.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 12/10/2015 6:50:11 PM

Yes I Garveys! I too found that awesome!

LOL @ di I's comment about the scrolls. I must admit, the same thing crossed I mind as well. Then I remembered that the TRUE force/energy behind any ritual is INTENTION. Whether one uses candles, insence, chicken bone or scrolls, those are simply SYMBOLIC and TANGIBLE tools used to manifest the intangible aspect of INTENTION into the physical.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 12/10/2015 6:51:55 PM

Yes indeed Knowthyself!

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 12/11/2015 10:16:32 AM

Blessed love. I was iditating this rize on this subject while performing my daily ritual of giving thanks for a NU day.

On Intention and Ritual

"For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he"

The "seed" or foundation of manifestation of intention is built upon these principles:

-Creative power

The power of intention arise from the principle of the universe that our creative life energy is directed by its creator.

We innerstand that symbolic action (ritual, ceremony), is an action that reinforces to the psyche the desire to manifest the thought behind that action or ritual.

In the Duality of Creation, the principle of Desire is the reflection or expression of our "masculine aspect". The surrender to that desire and birthing/manifesting that divine energy, is the "feminine" aspect. The two aspects of intention and desire dance with each other. The masculine energy/fire of intent thrusts forward into Creation and the feminine supports, sustains and manifest our ability to create and our creation.

When we hold a belief, any belief, that belief becomes a focus for our energy and we direct a part of our creative life energy, a part of ourselves, into that belief

Within our psyche, belief exists as pure potential, as "zero energy" waiting to be birthed through desire, intention, creative energy, manifestation and action. The object used in ritual or ceremony is simply the SYMBOLIC TOOL used to manifest the unseen world of potential (intention) into the physical (action). Of course, all this in perfect Harmony with the energies of the universe, nature, and energies within the object or tool itself, things like plants, wood, bone...all containing living energies as well.

It is not so much the scroll itself, or whatever object used, that carries all the power. It is the power of intention and creative energy given by the healer and the belief, surrender and acceptance of the one receiving it.


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/11/2015 3:48:41 PM

Intention....... now your entering into Metaphysics. Law of attraction. I can't fight dat! Respect sistren, give thankhs for the knowledge

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 12/11/2015 4:17:54 PM



Sindiso Solontsi is a Preacher and ordained Deacon in Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church. He is also a psychologist,medical anthropologist and artist who have helped many people and individual including youths and public members especially in medical humanities. He manage the South African Institute For Arts,Public Health And Medical Anthropology



Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 12/12/2015 2:38:47 PM

Rev. Dr. CWolde Kyte was an ordained priest in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church

Dr. C. Wolde Kyte was a doctor of Medicine, a doctor of Naturopathy and a doctor of Hypnotherapy. He specialized in wholistic / alternative healthcare without the use of harsh chemicals / drugs. His practice of more than twenty years centered around the use of medicinal plants / herbs, nutrition, homeopathy, naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, ayurveda, spinal manipulation (both chiropractic and osteopathic), massage therapy / therapeutic touch, qi gong, reiki, electromagnetic / magnet therapy. physical therapeutics, zone therapy, meditation, prayer, mental healing, art therapy, music therapy, dance therapy and counseling.

Dr. CWolde Kyte grew up among the medicinal plants of the Amazon Basin region of Guyana, South America where his every-day life fashioned his training in the art and science of healing. Dr. Kyte had the best teachers in the healing arts field: his paternal Grandmother, several colleges & universities in the U.S.A, and Mother Nature.

The part 2 video originally posted above cuts out in the middle. I'm posting the continued lecture below as well as a general recap:

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 12/12/2015 2:49:32 PM


Medi = middle
Cine = too see
To see or be the middle/to be balanced

Medicine must address these 3 areas:

Mercury = spirit (sahu)
Sulphur = soul (ku)
Salt = body (khat)


1. Cause
2. Diagnosis
3. Treatment of the BEING (not just the physical disease)

The Five causes of disease (a form of disharmony within the system) are:

1. Veneral = the elements: fire/earth/air/water

2. Natural = senses

3. Astral = medical astrology, pathology and physiology. Each planet carries specific energy, electric and magnetic, which we are either aligned with or not. Each planet offers a specific energy that benefit particular parts of the being, ex: Sun & moon affect pituitary/pineal gland

4. Deific =energy from diety/spirit

5. Spirit - The principles of Ma'aT: truth, balance, love, harmony, reciprocity and The declarations of Innocence. Illness and disease appear in the physical whenever any of these Spiritual Laws are broken or violated.

Causation of disease from Negative principles/vibrations are:


We are designed to function in harmony with the universe. AS ABOVE SO BELOW. Being out of wack with the cosmos will cause dis-ease and disHARMony within the being (spirit, soul, body)

The cosmic vibrations and energies are received first through the HEAD (hair/antennas), then into the brain/mind, down the spinal column and throughout the body.

Sound patterns/rythm affects the nervous system, areas of the chakras or spinal cord.

How the body receives and accepts the cosmic vibrations/energies. Planets give us electric and/or magnetic balance.

Sun = gives energy
Moon = determines the rate and flow of the energy given by the sun
Mars = sexual energy, reproductive system and business energy
Mercury = mode of communication mechanism, of
energy to different parts of the body
Jupiter = expansion of energy
Venus = arterial, veins
Saturn = causes restriction of flow or energy


One had to overstand the concept of ENERGY (known as "Shefat" in Kemet or Qi/Ki/Chi in Asia) When the energy from the spiritual and astral planes are flowing properly throughout the physical temple, then we have good health. If the energies encounter stagnation, then we have a DIS-EASE and proper flow of energy.

The ancient Kushites left us an extensive papiri/texts of proper diagnosis of the following material planes, to include the observation and examination of the:

- physical (examination of the person's movements, walk, pulse, odor, eyes, tongue, skin, urine, etc)
- matter
- astral (ex: moon affects water/blood and emotions)
- causal (mind/mental state)

The use of western x-ray machines wasn't necessary for a people who had themselves mastered the art of developing our natural "x-ray" abilities. The science of Pulse diagnosis, for example, is quite fascinating. There are a total of 12 pulses, each corresponding to specific organs. Knowing how to listen and interpret these beats will communicate where the problem, or stagnation of energy is.

The science of Iridology (iris diagnosis) is equally fascinating because as they say, the eyes are the "windows to the soul". They are in fact a map of the body. In looking closely at the eyes, there may be particular spots, lines or markings, each indicating a potential problem or blockage of energy flow to a specific area.

Restoring physical, spiritual and mental balance and healthy flow of energy

If you are driving and notice a problem with your vehicle, the first thing you do is pull over and STOP the car. You bring the movement to a stand still. The same applies to our physical "vehicles". So the first thing to begin the proper foundation towards physically healing the problem is:

- Fasting, allowing the body to rest from food. The body can not properly distibute nutrients in a weakened or unhealthy state.

- Nutrition. Once the body has cleansed and rested through proper fasting, it must be repaired, rejuvenated and nourished through Ital, life giving foods. Only life can sustain life. ITAL IS VITAL! Foods contain the elements of life (fire, earth, water, air), which correspond to the 5 senses of taste (sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent), each having a specific effect on the human system.

- Sweet = (air and water energy), an energizer. Honey, sugar, dates, etc. This gives positive energy but too much causes a "retardation" effect. It will cause good energy to fall and cause breakdown of tissue.

Sour = (both water and fire energy) lemons, lime, etc. This has a "gathering" effect. It will, for example, gather all the toxins in the body and purify the system.

Bitter = (earth energy) Ginger, bitter herbs, drinking "bitters tonics" for example. Has a toning and strengthening effect on the system.

Salt = (water and earth energy) has a softening effect. A cleanser and eliminator. It will soften and dissolve water and cleanse impurities. Too much can cause a negative softening or swelling of tissues.

Pungent = (fire energy) Garlic, onions, cayenne, peppers, etc. Has a heating and dispersing effect on the system. It will heat up, breakdown and disperse cogention and mucus, for example.

Proper nutrition is founded on the system of balancing the elements within foods as each consist of the Law of Opposites, which we also house within ourselves. Foods affect not only body but temperament. These elements are both found in what we ingest and who we are.


Food such as cayenne. There are fire/dry foods that produce high doses of energy. One who eats alot of these foods is typically smaller framed with high energy and very outgoing. They would be defined as "hot/dry" people. They can eat (and need) 6 meals a day and burn it off fast.

Hot/Moist earth foods, like potatoes produce expansion. In large quantities can produce larger person with alot of energy. They tend to be overweight with outgoing personalities. They should eat 2 standard and 1 moderate meal a day as their energy is consumed and dispersed in a slower manner.

Cold/dry people are thin framed of moderate energy and should eat 2 moderate meals a day.

Foods that are more lunar, or magnetic in nature, like rice. These foods typically create a larger and sluggish person. Not physically active or outgoing. They also tend to be more introspective and mental, thinkers. They should eat one large meal a day with small snacks.


- Water (both externally and internally)

- The Art & Science of Herbs & Herbal Khemistry

- Massage/touch therapy

- Aroma therapy


- Scienz of Sound, Vibration and Muzik.
- Meditation. Attention and focus on our BEING. To the SEAT OF THE SOUL. There is NO remedy for restoring spiritual balance other then this. The 5 senses (hearing, touch, sight, smell, taste) draw from the energies from the Seat of the Soul. The energies and vibrations of the soul are dissapated by the sensory organs. Our Ancients overstood that in order to restore mental and spiritual balance one had to go though the process of INVERSION or implosion (going back to the source/beginning), a process of meditating through the inner physical self, up the energy systems/chakras, beyond the sensory organs, to the head, reaching the pineal gland, or "First Eye", the gateway to the Seat of the Soul/Self, rejuvenating the Soul forward to a healthy and balanced state, in proper alignment with Creation, Nature/Neter and the Most High I.

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