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Messenger: Cedric Sent: 11/15/2021 9:46:07 AM

Give Thanks Jahcub I, I man will study more about it. I haven't been able to drink milk since I was about 16 because I became lactose intolerant. I still eat other dairy products, but not on an empty stomach. I realeyes now that makes I sound like a junkie. I used to drink big glasses of milk for I entire youth, not to mention the cartons they shoved into InI at elementary school. Then one day I got the worst stomach ache I ever had, after drinking milk. That probably should have been enough to get me to see.

Yes Iyah, GARVEYS AFRICA, many things have changed. Too many stay the same.

I overstand what the I says to use the internet to see how common knowledge is changing for InI. Give thanks for the reminder to check on potentially outdated knowledge I might hold. I have been guilty of arguing on outdated common facts before. Thats embarrassing haha.

Talking about google, I stopped using that company to search after I saw they kept records of every single thing I ever searched. I could delete the records and try ask them not to keep the future searches, but if one opts out they still keep the records, they just tie it to I.P. address and not one's account. So they still keep the info, one just looses access to seeing the info they keep haha. No thanks. They still have access to most I emails, but I man trying to change that too.

google's databases going to play a big hand in babylons continued attempts at dominance, division, and false incrimination of InI Rastafari. Watch them move Rasta

Give Thanks Idren

Empress Menen I & HIM Haile Selassie I Blessed Love

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/22/2021 12:26:27 AM

Bredda, i had the same fight with Google. Eventually i won but took some years to achieve after witnessing them keep all of i files after 'opting out' (foolishness).. Have to be careful with these database

And with the oncoming metaverse its going to get even worse. Get prepared to be completely 'excluded'

Midnight has a lyric whe always stick with me on his riddim 'Kin Dread' regarding this virtual thing
Him say

New methodology
The new ghetto the chat room
you cant afford the software you dont have the password...
You cant fit een yah so
Full fleged
(Them yah my kin dread we nah go left dem... Full fleged)

And Jamiroquai has always been an honorary Rastafari for I man, becah look yah now.... Prophetical, virtual reality dem a push.
While we say Natural dem say unnnatural, SUPERNATURAL, virtual, and AI but InI likeness thereof and intellectual property is non negotiable not for sale

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 12/28/2021 6:11:31 AM

Blessed love my lords

Here is something interesting InI would love to share with the I them. This is what the prophet says,

"The proud white scientist thinks he is wise"

"But the Black man's God comes in true disguise,"

Marcus - Tragedy of White Injustice

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 12/29/2021 2:12:25 PM

Blessed Ones and Ones. Greetings in the name of the most I Jah Ras TafarI Emperor Haile Selassie I the first and for Iver more. Fire.

Read what the prophet Marcus says about the current times we find ourselves in. A time of deceptions. A time where the Catholic Church and the State of the world is one and the whole world is doing what the pope wants. Many leaders, politicians, religious leaders, and many other important people have all bowed to the pope of Rome.

Read what the prophet Marcus says what propaganda means,

"Propaganda is a method or medium used by organized peoples to convert others against their will." -Marcus Garvey

Now what happens when the Catholic Church and the world join forces as we have today with a Catholic president in the world's most powerful nation, the United States of America, the second beast of Revelation, which practices all the powers of the first beast Rome. Read here to all the black brothers and sisters who thought they must support the Roman politics to get out of poverty, read what Garvey says. Just need to add that the rich don't care about the poor. Only a fool believes the rich will get rid of poverty. Just know that the pope of Rome hates the poor too. Please do not be deceived.

"Between the State and Christian Church,
The poor are kept in their "good" place,
And if they kick, they'll be in lurch
With judge who stares them in the face."
-Marcus Garvey

Now for the times we find ourselves in are times of deceptions. Times where babylon are set out to convert InI against InI own freewill.

"Never swallow wholly what the white man writes or says without first critically analyzing it and investigating it. The white man's trick is to deceive other people for his own benefit and profit."
"Always be on your guard against him with whatsoever he does or says. Never take chances with him. His school books in the elementary schools, in the high schools, in the colleges and universities are all fixed up to suit his own purposes, to put him on top and keep him on top of other people. Don't trust him. Beware! Beware!"
-Marcus Garvey

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