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What is this Rasta?

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Messenger: African_Warrior_King Sent: 12/3/2015 10:12:49 AM

Greetings, I n I have had a new perception for almost a year now since i felt something behind my neck pop and everyrhing seemed all strange and vibrant everywhere, my sense of smell even i can feel the energies of people. its like suddenly i was behind the curtains and i was both in the world and in the heavens too.. through out my Rasta trod afterwards i feel subtle energies everywhere and its been so hard for me to. its been like some people notice how the i feel n try lock me in with strong energies. coz its like everywhere i walk i clear up the negative energies and bring positivity which they dont like it coz they use negative energies everywhere for their prosperity. i n i feel like strings hold i leg when i walk n make it hard to move normally, its like traps they set for I n I bredren who dont have this ability to feel them. i have noticed so many things about this subtle energies and would love anyone with my ability or anyone who knows to help I reason this. after i ketch up these webs of negativity on my body n eat vegan diet i feel a cold rush up my spine up my crown n my head pulses so hard n it eventually start to rain.. its like Mother nature eat the negative they give me n use it for her good. so Mother Nature helps i. please talk to i if you have any info. bless

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 12/3/2015 8:19:18 PM

once there was a user on this site named humbleone. he described thiongs like that as well.

my theory is if you really suceeded in terms of keeping your spirit AND body clean (being an italist for a ver ylong time or from your childhood days until now) you get more powerful in every way. i think human beings are way more powerful, especially spiritually, than babylon wants to tell us. this has nothing to do with magick to me.

i also know that every damn hollywood movie they produce is based on somthing true. most of the time it`s about things western people would describe as occult. when i think about the x-men saga i think that every human could in deed have certain spiritual talents. i wouldn`t be surprised at all to read something acient about theories like that. personally i suffer from taos hum and i often wonder if i have to deal with foreshadowing of things. unimportant things. but sometimes i just suddenly think about absurd stuff and later it has manifested in reality. for example i was driving down the road in mid summer and suddenly though of santa clauses head. a few minutes later ive looked into a garden of someone who had a santa clause flag in there. or i wanted to look up some studies online one day and suddenly thought of the year 1980 without any reason at all. later i found out that any studies i was looking for had started in 1980. i don`t know what i wanted to know anymore. i think it was abiut cancer research or something like that.

Messenger: African_Warrior_King Sent: 12/3/2015 9:18:07 PM

Blessed love reasoningtime. Just now i left the house and walk a few miles... subtly it felt like i was moving but at the same time i was still... is like I n I was forcing I self to move and i felt my legs get weaker and weaker i had to turn back home n now my legs are weak. Is like I have been locked somewhere and my body is moving but my Irits are trapped somewhere. yes I n I actually felt like I n I wasnt here atall so the I was walking on a different plane sometimes i walk in flat area but it feel like there are portals. Yesterday night i found myself searching about space-time continuum (time and space as a single related feature) where time is 3 dimensional and time is the forth. I and i believe Jah gave I the inspiration to search it. I believe Babylon try to alter my space-time continuum so the I walk but the I stuck on the same spot(time) if you understand. I n I walk physicaly but I n I time still! Stuck in space-time continuum in my own Jah given understanding but I n I happy for when babylon shoot me with gun, i dont fall, i rise up, take the bullet out, study it and create a stronger bullet for them!
African Warrior from Creation!

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