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Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/16/2015 7:24:37 PM


LIJ{Haile Selassie} TAFARI - Child to be Feared

At 13, young Tafari was crowned DEJAZMACH, which means "KEEPER OF THE DOOR". The Door is the bridge between the realms of higher and lower consciousness activated through the pineal gland which sits between the left and right brain which is symbolically represented by the two pillars at the door of Kings Solomonís Temple - BOAZ and JACHIN. Boaz means "in him is strength' and Jachin means ' he shall establish'.
The "Keeper of the Door" is the same title given to King Tut that gave him the power to rule the throne at 13 years old. This proves that the Ancient Kush Kemetic systems of initiation or rites of passage were still practiced in Ethiopia even after the fall of Ancient Kemet

In the Autobiography, My Life and Ethiopiaís Progress, Haile Selassie states,

ďAt the age of 13, although my physical strength may not have been great, my spiritual and intellectual power began to increase gradually and thus had the entrance to this world open."


The orb H.I.M bears is symbolic of the receptacle of the divine knowledge that he holds within him and is representative of the one who has complete dominion over all being both the spiritual and physical realms. The orb is also the symbol of the sun RA and its power.

The Sun is the mediator through which the Light of the world or the Light from the Orion Nebulae projects energies onto the earthly physical plane which transmutes into energy and matter; the same way that the energies and light of the creator is received through our inner sun or 3rd eye chakra brought down from the source into the physical plane through the light of the sun which is connected to the heart which is the anchor between our physical and etheric bodies and the connection to creator consciousness or the mind of god.

H.I.M manifested as the Light of the world through his illumination from Moorish, Oriental, Kemetic and Kushite studies and with the opening of the 7th seal/crown chakra connecting H.I.M to cosmic light force energy/consciousness. The world he is the light of is the MIND, particularly our minds. The title 'Light Of The World' associated today with Christ and Christianity is a mystikal title with its roots in much older classical civilizations of the Nile Valley being that Afrika provided the foundation of all modern day religions. It must also be noted that Heru of Kemet was also known as Light of this world whom H.I.M is the reincarnated energy.


In Ethiopia it is known that Ras Tafari from a young age could quote freely from the Book of Mets'hafe Kufale,the Book of Enoch, Hermas the Shepherd, Judith, Ecclesiasticus, Tobit, the 'Metsahfa Berhan' (Book of Light), the Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses, the Book of Eden (secretly deleted from Genesis during the Dark Ages), and all thirty-one books of the Hebrew Bible including the twenty-one Canonical Books of the New Testament, plus numerous Apocryphal and pseudo-pictographic books. He also made it quite clear that he was well acquainted with the 'Metsahfa Menkusat' and the rare manuscripts of 'Abba Aragaive' and other Coptic Monks, known as the Nine Saints, who entered Ethiopia in 480 AD and founded the first monasteries in Tigre province.

The Chief Priests arranged meetings with him to question and perhaps catch him with what they supposed might be blasphemous mischief or pagan magic.

At one of these meetings, Lij Tafari is said to have made it quite clear that he was well acquainted with the rare manuscripts of Abba Aragaive and other Coptic Monks, known as the Nine Saints, who entered Ethiopia in 480 AD and founded the first monestaries in Tigre province. He also revealed that he was acquainted with the occult applications of Urim and Thummim and the Mezuzah, as well as the use of the magic words Gematria and Notarilon in Eygpt, necromancy and also the magical names Adonay, El, Elohe. He exhibited familiarity with the Cabbalistic doctrines and the writings in Gilgamesh. The pagan rituals surrounding the worship of Isis, of the serpent Arwe and of the Abyssinian gods of Earth, (Meder), Sea (Beher) and War (Mahrem), as well as the Arcane of astrology and numerology, but most importantly, Tafari exhibited to the priest his overstanding of the central messages in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Book of Two Ways. At one stage, an old Abmnet (or Abbot) alegedly asked to examine Tafari's palm. He saw that there was stigmata there and that the lifeline backed up on itself in an emblem of infinity. Tafari whispered a word in the Abbot's ear and all colour drained from the old man's face. He left the room apparently in shock, refusing to return or to speak to his colleagues. Tafari adressed a monk who had served in the Cathedral at Axum, where the Ark is kept. Tafari described to him, in Cushite, the Kedusta Kedussan, the Holy of Holies or Inner Sanctum where the Tabot, the Ark is kept and rectited various inscriptions written upon it. Close to fainting with shock at what Tafari had disclosed, the monk is said to have covered his ears, to shut out these blasphemous revelations and he and the rest of priests hurriedly dispersed. Later, they made a pact among themselves to do everything within their authority to keep the young Tafari from ever being in power in the land, as he was considered too dangerous, dangerous beyond belief. The stories about Tafari's childhood encounters with priests, his occult, wise mind and uncanny powers, spread like wildfire throughout Ethiopia


The matter around the Pineal gland looks like clouds and the there is a galaxy like cloud which is above the pineal gland in the fluid filled chamber of the third ventricle. The activation of the Pineal is the place of transition or Neb Heru, Neb meaning Lord. Neb Heru is cosmically known as "the planet of the crossing" which is Jupiter and Sirius. In ancient Kush and Kemet The Helical Rising of Sirius which represented rebirth was on July 23rd and also represents the beginning of the Sun entering into the constellation of Leo.

Picture A is a section of the Temple of Luxor. Picture B is the immaculate Conception. Picture D represents the comments written below.

* The first scene depicts a group of angels on a cloud making the annunciation of the coming of the Messiah King to a band of shepherds in the fields
* The second represents a single angel announcing to a young maiden that she is to be the mother of the awaited Messiah.
* A third pictures the Nativity scene, with the two animals, the ox and the ass, present.
* And the fourth shows three Magi kneeling before a babe and offering gifts, at a date as early as 1700 B.C.

Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/28/2015 2:21:44 AM

I wish to correct you, my lord, so please bear with me.

Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/28/2015 2:26:39 AM

First of all, Christianity and Egyptianity are two separate religions. We dont mix. If Emperor Selassie I was to fulfil egyptian myths then he would have appeared in Egypt under egyptian kemet religion, and not in ethiopia, a Christian mornachy, fulfilling Christian prophesies.

Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/28/2015 2:56:14 AM

Dejazmach is keeper of the gates, true, but not as you put it. From a christian perspective, these are the gates of Zion, both earthy Zion Jerusalem kingdom and Zion Jerusalem heavenly paradise. Jesus Christ is the door. John chapter 14: 6 Jesus saith unto him, I am
the way, the truth, and the
life: no man cometh unto the
Father, but by me.

Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/28/2015 3:10:21 AM

Emperor Haile Selassie I, the First, Is God Almighty, father, son and holy spirit, in flesh, since he is the power of the trinity as a whole. From him is a branching of the spirit of Jesus, the book of Zechariah, chapter 6: 9 And the word of the LORD
came unto me, saying,
10 Take of them of the
captivity, even of Heldai, of
Tobijah, and of Jedaiah,
which are come from Babylon,
and come thou the same day,
and go into the house of
Josiah the son of Zephaniah;
11 Then take silver and
gold, and make crowns, and
set them upon the head of
Joshua the son of Josedech,
the high priest;
12 And speak unto him,
saying, Thus speaketh the
LORD of hosts, saying,
Behold the man (Josiah representing Judah) whose name
is The BRANCH; and he shall
grow up out of his place, and
he shall build the temple of
the LORD:
13 Even he shall build the
temple of the LORD; and he
shall bear the glory, and
shall sit and rule upon his
throne; and he (Joshua) shall be a
priest upon his throne: and
the counsel of peace shall be
between them both.
-High Priest Emmanuel is Jesus Christ of Nazareth in flesh, and he is ONE with his father.

Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/28/2015 3:24:51 AM

Isaiah chapter 22
20 And it shall come to pass
in that day, that I will call my
servant Eliakim the son of
21 And I will clothe him with
thy robe, and strengthen him
with thy girdle, and I will
commit thy government into
his hand: and he shall be a
father to the inhabitants of
Jerusalem, and to the house
of Judah.
22 And the key of the house
of David will I lay upon his
shoulder; so he shall open,
and none shall shut; and he
shall shut, and none shall
7 And to the angel of the
church in Philadelphia write;
These things saith he that is
holy, he that is true, he that
hath the key of David, he
that openeth, and no man
shutteth; and shutteth, and
no man openeth;
-the high priest is Jesus Christ in flesh, seen.

Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/28/2015 3:38:19 AM

Jesus Christ, Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah Ras Tafari holds the key of David.
The golden ball represents heaven and earth. The universe is a sphere, the firmament of heaven bound with water above and below, and earth is the centre of creation, around which the sun, moon and stars encircle, in the middle of the earth is the abyss, or bottomless, or darkness and vacuum.
The cross of Jesus is on top of the golden ball, showing us Christ is the head or king of Creation. The cross is also the key of the kingdom of Christ, the key of David-he shed blood and water on the cross to redeem man from sin and death. Thus unless one be born of water (baptism) and the spirit -the key- he cannot enter Zion.

Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/28/2015 3:42:29 AM

satan churches make a mockery of baptism, sprinkling water on ones head and thats it. John the baptist and Jesus christ showed us true baptism at river jordan.

Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/28/2015 3:50:25 AM

You once said, Rastagoddes, that as a child Tafari Makonnen suspended an ankh from his neck, well, in the picture you shared I dont see an ankh, but the key of David-the cross of Jesus Christ.

Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/28/2015 3:51:09 AM

John chapter 3
17 For God sent not his Son
into the world to condemn the
world; but that the world
through him might be saved.
18 He that believeth on him
is not condemned: but he that
believeth not is condemned
already, because he hath not
believed in the name of the
only begotten Son of God.
19 And this is the
condemnation, that light is
come into the world, and men
loved darkness rather than
light, because their deeds
were evil.
20 For every one that doeth
evil hateth the light, neither
cometh to the light, lest his
deeds should be reproved.
21 But he that doeth truth
cometh to the light, that his
deeds may be made manifest,
that they are wrought in God.
Jesus Christ is the light of the world. Closely examine the crown of Ras Tafari, on the forefront is the symbol of the Cross of Jesus, the truth and the light.

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Haile Selassie I