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Why can't "White" men read "Black" men's minds?

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/18/2015 3:54:21 AM

Woman birthed you into this Iwa from a vagina. You grow up and preach about woman caused death????

Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/18/2015 3:57:04 AM

Im not preaching, my lord, am not a preacher, am simply stating truth. Satan entered in the woman, and made her seduce the man into sin. And death was born. Jah never created death, Jah created life. Jah overcame death, so have I.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/18/2015 3:59:50 AM

The bible also says 'I created all things' including all good and all evil. So if satan created death but Jah created all things..... Then go figure. God actually creates death according to the Bible

Woman brought life into this world not death. That is a parable or a fable or an allegory but not historical truth. In the other thread you finally admitted the bible contains such things how can you determine that this was actually fact. Having never ever barring witness to man coming forth from mud or woman from rib, having only ever baring witness to woman birthin man.........?

Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/18/2015 5:48:57 AM

In creation birth there was no death, only life. Sin brought death. Ras Tafari gave us life again, for which I give thanks. Haile Selassie once said: "...I utter praises un-utterable by the mouth of man..." God was speaking, not man. Such praises he uttered could not be uttered by man, only by God.
Give thanks

Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/18/2015 5:51:22 AM

Lets discuss how we unite Africa. If you want a share of the light jah has given I, you can seek me, but dont infect me your blindness. Jah love, bless.
Peace, my lord

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/18/2015 5:55:44 AM

It's your mislead literalist patriarchal male dominant women excluding making suspect homosexual version of Religion Whe I fight being spread. I don't business with how you personally look at it yourself you can keep your man Gods and women Devil philosophy. Jah Selassie I love women and doesn't sight them as the origin of sin. When you come to propagate otherwise is where I shal respond.

Give thankhs

Africa will not be united under any form of teaching that women is the original evil
This goes against all of Africa's teachings. Come with the family balance and Ubuntu and we can reason. Not male dominance and male exclusivity

Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/18/2015 6:08:57 AM

Eve seduced Adam, Delilah seduced Samson, Woman is easily led astray, but not man, And woman is subject to man, cause man was made first, and woman later, from the bone of man. Emperor Haile Selassie was crowned First, and called on the Empress to join Him on the throne. Even the queen is subject to the king. She cannot raise her voice without permission in His presence, because the man speaks for her when speaking for himself as they are one flesh, and man is king. They cannot be equal on earth. The earth is animal zone, where male rules. That is why the lionesses in the wild follow the lion(polygamy), and not the other way round. Only Jesus Selassie bring a sense of wisdom by creating balance in human marriage, one man+one woman. all humans are animals, mere flesh and blood, soul and ghost(spirit of Jah). Only in Zion Heavenly Jerusalem are one race of God.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/18/2015 6:13:12 AM

With all due respect. All of that is historically bullshit. You have no means of proving any of that is true. While science finds the oldest human being in th records to be a woman. Now you named two examples of people again you can't prove the existance of, for saying women lead man astray. now how many real life examples of men leading women astray are there? Who is your first teacher? A woman

Anybody not blinded by religion can see its a balance.

Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/18/2015 6:14:43 AM

Ras Tafari is King.
Blessed love.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/18/2015 6:17:19 AM

Before the Ethiopian ancestors were blinded by male dominant religion.

ALL of the principles of Nile Valley divine spirituality were feminine

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