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Messenger: John Israel Sent: 10/28/2015 2:54:45 AM

greetings brethren and sistren and elders. give thanks for life. this day I vow my temple to haile selassie i. i vow not to cut my hair nor comb it, and to live ital upful livity. bles me, my father, and lead I in righteousnes and salvation unto zion.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 10/28/2015 11:15:27 AM

Young Idren I give thankhs the I has Livicated the Iself to be a dwelling place of the Almighty.
To be a Nazirite means to be separated from society in such a way that the I remain pure and upfull. It is not an easy trod and society will truly shun a person at times because of the Naturality of the locks, because a man dont drink alcohol, because man dont trim his beard. The separation is not only a result but it is the intention, it is the meaning of the word Nazir.
So take strength in the separation, take patience in the process! Be humble and learn from what the Most I has to teach the I through this Livication. Fullness of JAH Love + Life!

Messenger: John Israel Sent: 10/28/2015 11:17:43 AM

Iman give thanks and praises and blessings.
Ras Tafari

Messenger: John I.S. Sent: 11/17/2015 3:24:48 AM

I repented my swearing before JAH. Never shall swearing go out of my lips again, when am aware and conscious of it.
I&I no longer bound by writen codes. Christ is Lord and King. I thank Ras Tafari with all my heart.

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Haile Selassie I