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To Wear a Headwrap in a Passport Photo

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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 10/17/2015 12:12:57 PM

Haile Idren + Istren
Peace + Power of the Almighty to the I's in this Shabbat Iwah.

Has anyone tried to wear a shawl, fall, turban, wrap, or any of these methods to cover the Tafarilocks in a passport photo? Or any official photos like this in any country?
In the united states a person is not allowed to wear anything on their heads in the photo, except a very thin frame clear eye glasses, unless their headcovering is for a religious practice. The person has to submit a signed letter about why their head covering is a religious observance.

I had to update the passport this strong, and I went through that process... It was easy at the passport office, hopefully the thing goes through the printing process and everything else just fine...
Wondering if anyone has had Ixperiences like this n what the Idren do in that case!

If anyone wants a copy of the letter I used, I can provide it.
Blessed Love!
Give thANKHs for Life

Messenger: LiberatedSoul23 Sent: 10/17/2015 9:57:30 PM

Email them to me please

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 10/17/2015 10:26:24 PM

Yeah Sis! Sent it =)

Messenger: John Israel Sent: 10/29/2015 3:46:19 AM

I've seen High Priest Emmanuel I's passport size black&white photograph. Him done it with the turban pon Him Head.

Messenger: Child of JAH Sent: 2/20/2017 3:33:08 PM

Can you please email them to me

Messenger: Child of JAH Sent: 2/21/2017 5:53:13 PM

Can you please email them to me

Messenger: Sister JAH Child Sent: 2/26/2017 9:58:18 AM

Greetings and Love
Child of JAH here is a copy of the letter:


To Whom It May Concern:

I, {INSERT YOUR FULL NAME}, wish to wear my headcovering in a United States passport photograph. As a member of the Rastafari faith, I keep my head covered daily for religious reasons.

The United States State Department allows persons of faith to wear religious headdress worn daily in United States passports photographs. In this regard please review the State Department website at:

On the topic of religious headdress is United States passport photos, the State Department website states:

“Unless worn daily for religious reasons [emphasis added], all hats or headgear should be removed for the photo. A signed statement from the applicant must be submitted with the application verifying the item is worn daily for religious reasons.”

This document constitutes my signed statement that a headcovering is being worn daily for religious reasons.

For your information, many people in the Rastafari faith have taken a vow never to cut their hair. This vow comes from the Biblical book of Numbers, chapter 6 verse 5, which states, “All the days of the vow of his separation there shall no razor come upon his head: until the days be fulfilled, in the which he separateth himself unto the LORD, he shall be holy, and shall let the locks of the hair of his head grow.” As a part of observing the sacredness of this vow, many in the Rastafari faith wear a scarf, turban, or headcovering as a sign of devotion to the Almighty and to keep holy the covenant with the Almighty.

We consider the daily observance of the headcovering to be a holy teaching given to us by Prophet Emmanuel Charles Edwards, displaying humility in the constant presence of the Almighty. It also symbolizes purity, and many wash their hands before they begin to tie it. The headcovering reminds a Rasta man or woman of his or her duty to maintain and uphold the core beliefs of the Rastafari faith, which includes living a life holy in every respect and devoted to the Almighty.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation in complying with United States State Department rules and allowing me to wear a religious headcovering worn daily in a passport photograph.


For more information, please visit


I hope that helps.
Most I guidance

Messenger: Zion Black Jerusalem Sent: 6/10/2017 12:16:08 AM

Messenger: Zion Black Jerusalem Sent: 6/10/2017 9:46:51 AM

I'll never take off my turban. Not for any reason whatsoever.

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