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Afrikan Warriors --- RIZE UP!

In the Tradition of the Afrikan Warrior

Study your enemies. "A warrior needs to know his enemy's weaknesses." "Know your enemy. Anytime you stop fighting your enemy simply because he says things that sound like what you want to hear, you are making a mistake. You have got to pay attention to exactly how he says it." Question the oppressor's culture. Seek guidance from old and young masters who study it, and not your people, as the problem. Seek patterns in their thought and behavior. Is there any honor among thieves? Is any economic agenda a valid excuse for immoral, inhuman behavior toward any people? Does every encounter they have with people unlike them end in a violent confrontation? Is it coincidence that, even though happening on different dates and times, when there was the threat of a "riot" by Blacks in L.A. and Cape Town europeans emptied the gun stores? Patterns tell all.

Knowing that the historical nature of a people will give meaningful insight into the "why" of what they are doing now, and will do later, is an old, tried and true maxim. Understand their asili, their cultural core and its imperatives." "Specifically, for the Afrikan, knowing what "the claim to an absolute ultimate truth is a psychological necessity for the European mentality" means is fundamental. Listen as Armah's wisdom hones our minds to discern that "wherever there is life, even if it be only possibility, the harbingers of death must go to destroy it. See the footstep they have left over all the world. Wherever they have been they have destroyed along their road, taking, taking, taking."

The sage Ogotemmeli words it more explicitly on a spiritual plane: "Being impure, the dead create disorder everywhere." "Remember, as a warrior scholar, the first and foremost question to be asked is "Why?" Why is it that "the most generous things White Americans have done have been to fellow White people [and] the meanest things White Americans have done have been to non- whites?" Why would one of our most esteemed, studied and dedicated ancestors conclude that "the genius of the Europeans is that they have a talent for draining diseases. They have always drained their sores on the lands of other people. They have the talent for recovering their internal losses by external extraction from people who had nothing to do with the crimes committed against them?" And what should that mean to you, Afrikan warrior?"

Negroes have very, very serious problems with any form of BlackNationalism, Pan- Afrikanism or any other independent politico-cultural movement led, manned and informed exclusively by Afrikan warriors because it will keep them out of the favor of their masters and especially, the beds of their master's discarded daughters. They know that these forms of real, self-sustaining empowerment means they will have to stand up and become accountable when they have found itso much easier and gratifyingly simple to bend over. They believe it is impossible for Blacks to make progress except in coalition with whites.

Toure and Hamilton simplify this nonsensical approach to gaining power by making it perfectly clear that "political relations are based on self-interest; benefits to be gained and losses to be avoided. For the most part, man's politics is determined by his evaluation of material good and evil. Politicians results from a conflict of interests, not of consciences." Therefore, "no group should go into an alliance or a coalition relying on the 'good will' of the ally" in the absence of historical understanding of intergrouprelations.But, as a westernized people, "we are veterans at making alliances with people who betray us, and the only reason that they betray us is that we do not control the apparatus of the alliances nor do wepunish people who betray us." Without a self-interested appreciation of historical relations between racial and ethnic groups it is quite easy and "safe" to overlook the fact that powerlessness breeds a race of beggars." Kelly Miller best describes this mentality, "Negroespay for what they want and beg for what they need."A clear impression of the confusion negroes create in the Afrikancommunity makes it easy to state the next "rule." Do not confuse culture with color.

The problem is the sexist, racist, classist, ageist, imperialist, desacralized, superconsumptive, despiritualized, violent by nature, anti-family, anti-community, arrogant european culture. At the same time, the people who create it, maintain it, andbenefit from it must be held fully accountable. "Can it be an accident that the only people who have built an entire culture based on the dominance of others are also the only ones who are Caucasian?""Such questions are overlooked by those who don't know, or know but in knowing realize they must conceal, history. The Afrikan has been duped into believing the european's self-serving interpretation of universality of human behavior. No doubt, "when you find the secrets that have happened to you, you find out about the secrets of everybody else? When you teach about black history you teach about the end of the world."

Europeans are fully cognizant of the fact that, in view of their state as a global minority, their hegemonic privilege can only be sustained by maintaining and extending their power over others and quickly blending into humanity (ergo the most recent propaganda of we're all human and don't blame e, I don't have any slaves, as well as pushing the idea of one race). "Men of power have one aim in life; to maintain themselves in power." And, while europeans are marked as those who require correction by the Universe, they must not be our immediate focus, except to check them when they attempt to keep us from doing our work. Contrary to popular belief, to be pro-Black is not to be anti- white. Afrikan warriors only become anti-white when europeans get in their way. Otherwise, they ignore them. And, ignoring them includes making sure we "don't ever let an outsider settle a family dispute." "Home affairs are not talked about on the public square." If others want to help, let them correct their own.Our job is to kill, not to conceal, not deaden, not suppress, but kill the european within us, forever. "the only hope for the world is that Afrikans and other peoples, including Europeans, make themselves as positively different from the past and current European proclivities and other oppressive peoples as is humanely possible."

"Those who steal the words of others develop a deep doubt in the abilities of the others and consider them incompetent. Each time they say their word without hearing the word of those whom they have forbidden to speak, they grow more accustomed to power and acquire a taste for guiding, ordering, and commanding. They can no longer live without having someone to give orders to." What an excellent point to contemplate.For example, remember the stock market crash of the Great Depressionand how europeans would rather die than live without privilege? Remember how the u.s. backed down from boycotting its white brothers in Azania who rather than give up the country they stole, would have, in a minute, nuked the west and the rest of us? Take the initiative. Be driven. Not tomorrow. Now!

"We do not need totalk too much about it. That will harm struggle." "To be always answering questions and mounting defenses about things you thought were obvious keeps you from doing your work." You must act as if this is your last chance. It may be. "You must act as if it is impossible to fail."Identify the problem. "Speak the truth to the people. To identify the enemy is to free the mind. Free the mind of the people. Speak to the mind of the people." Then demonstrate quiet but effective leadership. Show off. Impress the ancestors. Solve your people's problems. Do not allow a contradiction to separate how you deal with your challenges from the "I can" mentality assumed by warriors in your tradition. "Leadership and security are basically incompatible." And, for good reason, that is scary for some of us. We were raised in the west. But then again, only europeans and negroes would be arrogant and ignorant enough to feel secure in this decadent culture.

Always remember that leadership requires knowledge and consciousness and that knowledge and consciousness by default requires action. Never speak without acting. To do so is harmful for your people and a positive for those who manufacture your people's nightmares. Most importantly, the little ones, tomorrow's warriors, are watching your every move."Every man teaches as he acts." Calling oneself a warrior is not an empty quality to brag about. It demands certain characteristics and has specific responsibilities. Just like making babies or killing someone does not make you a man or a woman, advertising yourself as a warrior without concomitantly thinking and acting as one is meaningless.

Many Black students proclaim to be Afrikan because they have read Diop, Doc Ben, George G.M. James, Chancellor Williams, etc., and can tell you the name of every African nation, their capitals, levels of foreign debt and who sequentially colonized them. However, they did not study these scholars or any other material for intent. They read it as literature. They have yet to grasp the fundamental Afrikan concept that the purpose of history is to make one act, that the claim to warrior status requires action. Talk is cheap. "When deeds speak, words are meaningless."Yet at the same time that you make an initiative meditate on being a disciplined, humble soldier who is not driven by a need to rise above the masses. Seriously contemplate your people's wisdom and fears. It takes all kinds of people to build a nation. The Father of Black History (John Henrik Clark) fought hard to make us see that "the real servant of the people must live among them, think with them, feel forthem, and die for them" because "the race needs workers, not leaders."

----by Larry Crawford, a.k.a. Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti ml

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