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The Wonderful Civilization of the Ancient Twa of Africa

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Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 9/8/2015 6:29:17 PM

Cheikh Anta Diop and other historian stated the first inhabitant of Africa south of the Sahara were the Twa and Khoisan, the later West African and Bantu come from the Sahara, the Nile Valley and West asia.

Powerful video by British historian Basil Davidson. Sahara wall images of the green Sahara Maa confederation show horse with saddle, cattle with plow, chariot and man with tunic. Mainstream historian never credited the Saharan for domesticating the horse and inventing the plow and chariot. Basil Davidson also show African migrating from the Sahara to west Africa and the Nile valley.

The Twa people of Africa were among the first African to peopled the world. They created the first advance civilization worldwide.

Many Chinese, Japanese and Mayan are the same 5'0" size of the Twa because they are descendant of Twa people. If you look closely you can see their Twa phenotype. Its look like outside Africa the Twa and other African ethnic group mixed with other people and their descendant who are really the same African people look different.

Globe Trotting Twa:

The Twa aka Anu lived from the Nile Valley to Mali (called Tellen).They lived in Portugal, Germany and England (called Picts and Lapps).They lived in Scandinavia were they are called Finns (Finland name after them).

The Twa lived in Groeland, Canada (called Skraelings), North America(called mounds builders).They lived in the tip of South America where they are called the Fuegians.

Moving West to Hawaii where the Twa were called Menehune. In the Phillipine Islands they were called Negritos by the Spanish.In Indonesia on the Island of Flores skeletons of Twa were called Hobbits. In India we find the Twa in a Islands in the bay of Bengalis where they are called Andaman Islanders. The Twa are found all over the world.

From the book The First American were African by David Imhotep.

First Civilization:

The first Paleolithic man was the Twa who was evolved in Central Africa at the source of the Nile Valley and from here all originated (civilization) and was carried throughout the world. The Twa created religion. They are the first human. Connection between Twa, Khoi, Masaba connected with Nilotic black created religion. The first Nilotic Egyptian Gods were Twa (Ptah, Bes) and the Goddess were Twa.

Pygmy/Twa have an Adam story, God, Garden of Paradise, sacred tree. A noble Pygmy man made of earth and a wicked Pygmy woman who led him to sin. God ban a single fruit, the woman asking the man to eat the fruit. God punished Pygmy sinners. The Pygmy believed in a father God who was killed. A virgin mother who gave birth to a Savior son who avenged the death of his father. These become Osiris, Isis, Horus of Egypt.

The Pygmy had developed in the distant past a highly technical and advanced type of material culture and that they built boat traveling all over the world. But civilization brought them nothing but bad luck, so preferring happiness to misery, they finally gave up this high material civilization. Pygmy fossils have been found in all parts of the world.

The Protectors of the Gold at the End of the Rainbow

The first bit of symbolism that we're going to decode is that of the Leprechaun and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The Leprechaun was thought to be a type of fairy who dressed in a green or red coat and worked as a shoemaker. These Leprechauns would save their earnings, in the form of gold coins, in a pot and the end of a rainbow. It was thought that if you could capture one of them that they would grant you three wishes. The name Leprechaun comes from the Old Irish luchorp, a compound of the roots (small) and corp (body).

It turns out that the Leprechauns of legend were actually people from Africa known as the Twa. These Twa were diminutive men and women (luchorp) that grew to a height of about 4'11". They migrated into Ireland many thousands of years ago. The Twa were craftsman and had advanced knowledge of medicine, metallurgy, textile and clothing manufacturing and apparently shoe-making, which Caucasians thought was ¡°magical¡±. So we find that it was the Twa people that have come to be known as Leprechauns.

In the book ¡°Ancient and Modern Britons by David MacRitchie, it is stated: “That the wild tribes of Ireland were black men is hinted by the fact that a wild Irishman is in Gaelic a black Irishman (Dubh Eireannach) The word Dubh in Gaelic is Black.

TWA People of Ireland

It is the Twa that St. Patrick chased out of Ireland. The story of the holiday is actually a veiled attempt to cover up genocide, as St. Patrick led the charge to hunt these men and women down to kill them.

Why Chase Serpents?

According to legend, St. Patrick was well known for chasing the serpents out of Ireland. Now on the outside they make it sound like some miracle that he saved the people from deadly serpents. There is in fact no evidence that real serpents ever existed in Ireland. But if you understand that the serpents they are speaking of are really a symbol for something else, this particular plot point in the story becomes a lot more interesting. As will be demonstrated below the serpents of the story are an allusion to the people of African descent (the Twa) who lived in Ireland.

Its important to note, that in addition to Twa, some of the names for our people include; Naga, Nagar and Negus, which means loosely serpent people or people of the serpent. The name is also synonymous with Pharaohs and Kings. In many African cultures the serpent is not a symbol of evil but one of eternal life, regeneration, power, protection and wisdom.

The Uraeus is a Symbol of Royalty, Power, Wisdom and Protection

Chasing the serpents out of Ireland is a metaphor for genocide.

So what St. Patrick is really famous for, is waging a genocidal war against the indigenous people of Ireland who had migrated there many thousands of years before the Caucasians and before Christianity, who were African (and coincidentally, thought to be Pagan).
For more information about the connection between the Twa (Africans) and Leprechauns check out this article from the Cultural Health News Blog entitled Irish Leprechauns Were Originally Black?

There is another really good article titles Leprechauns Were Really Little African Men at

The Rainbow

Esoterically the rainbow is an allegory for the Chakras, and chasing the pot of gold at the end of it represents a spiritual journey for the seeker on the path to enlightenment. The Leprechaun represents the protector of the gold and his primary color is green. So ¨C if you are attempting to rise from your lower nature which resides in your lower chakras (red, orange, yellow), then your heart chakra (which is green) is the gateway to the realm of the higher nature and the more spiritualized chakras of power (blue), intuition (purple), insight (indigo, white) and your connection to the universal consciousness (GOD/GODDESS), which has been likened to finding ¡°gold¡±.

3 Wishes

As for the 3 wishes­ there are 3 glands in your brain that when spiritually activated are said to be able to grant the power to grant your wishes. These glands are the Pineal, Pituitary and the Hypothalamus. In the story of Jesus these glands are called the 3 Wise Men, who came to visit the Christ bearing gifts.

If you¡¯re interested in reference materials about the African presence in the British Isles and Ireland check out the book Ancient and Modern Britons by David MacRitchie.

Should You Celebrate?

People who know the true history behind the story of St. Patrick’s day often look down upon black people who celebrate the holiday out of ignorance not knowing the history of the genocide that St. Patrick committed against the Twa. Other people say ¡°what¡¯s the harm in it, it¡¯s just clean fun.¡±

I think that there may be something more to it. Every year it seems that I see more and more so called black people taking part in the St. Patrick’s holiday festivities, dressing up as Leprechauns with shirts that say Kiss Me, I’m Irish. I think that this is more than just a fad amongst our people. I think that this is a form of Genetic Memory bubbling back up to the surface of the Collective Unconscious of black folk who so readily identify with all of the trappings of the holiday. We are descended from the people of Africa and the people known as the Twa who later on where thought of as Leprechauns; the protectors of the ¡°gold at the end of the rainbow¡± (translated: the secret knowledge of spiritual enlightenment).

Whatever you think about the holiday, now that you have some additional facts about it, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to participate in it or not.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 9/8/2015 7:13:27 PM

respect! i think its interesting for everybody as always.

babylon holidays have to get a fire.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 9/9/2015 9:32:18 AM


Has to be more evidence than Wild Irish meaning black Irish in Gaelic tho. I knew Irish people tend to have some African ancestry in them but I always put this to the Moors. As many of the coat of arms for different Irish/European families include the depiction of melanated people:

I jus came to say that Cheikh Anta Diop is one of our best, a must go to reference point for conscious Africans

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 9/9/2015 12:28:47 PM

i didnt know that. "africa for africans and europe for europeans" is a slogan ive heard from rastas as well as white racists. so we see that while nazis deal with a concept of an "aryan jesus" (the word aryan alone is a joke because its referring to a region near iran) they actually had black ancestors.

some white people have hyperpigmentation but some irish people are very, very light skinned (even for whites). so they have red hair and freckles. i really didnt know that they have a history like that.

i dont want to burn my lips or whatever by mentioning the name of main stream celebrities but in real life ive never recognized green eyes by looking at a black person but there are some black stars with green eyes who also claim that they have irish roots.

from africa to ireland. im not jealous when it comes to the journey they had.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 9/11/2015 8:51:34 PM

There are many oblique references to the presence of Black people in ancient Ireland. Ancient Irish mythology refers to the original inhabitants of the island as being a giant, sea-faring people called the Fomorians (Fomors), which means “dark of the sea”. According to the ancient lore, they were a cushitic people from the African continent

Jah RasTafarI Homepage

Music can overcome those obstacles, and probably did. I think Irish music was influenced by African and Mediterranean musical traditions, and I think the confluence of Irish music and African music in pre-Civil War America laid the groundwork for country and blues. Traveling back through time, wow, what a story to tell.

Jah RasTafari Homepage

Check the similarities between the Ethiopian Coptic Cross and the Irish Cross

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 9/12/2015 1:30:16 PM

Beautiful Iducation Impress!
Can I please ask where is the I finding this information?
And any suggestions on books of the Twa people? I know the I mention the book about Afrikans in UK, but also any books of the Twa people living in Afrika?
I remember in a lecture with Ray Hagins he mentions the Twa civilization having stories over 400,000 years old, predating anatomically modern homosapians. I looked and looked for the source of that information, but I did not find it.
Keep forwarding with the different teachings Istren, it is a joy to come and read what the I share. Bless-sings All

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 9/12/2015 10:04:39 PM

Tracy Morgan kinda reminds me of the Twa in his features,

Some Pacific Islanders (Papuans i thinks) have strong resemblance to the Twa

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 9/12/2015 11:35:14 PM

That's interesting, I am of Irish descent.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 9/12/2015 11:56:56 PM

Twa one of d original Naga

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 9/14/2015 4:41:13 PM

Greetinz Jah Child!

Give thanks for the response and love! :)

The sites I posted were simply found by using good old Google and a discerning eye for what is written BY Afrikans FOR Afrikans.

First time I ever heard about the TWA people (the seed people, original mothers/fathers of human beings) was from watching a lecture/presentation by Ashra Kwesi. Most of the stuff I've studied have been through lectures or the internet. I haven't found too many books written on the TWA yet. Here's a few:

Heading towards Extinction: Indigenous Rights in Africa: The Case of the Twa of the Kahuzi-Biega National Park ~ by Albert Kwokwo Barume

Nisa: The Life and Words of a !Kung Woman ~ by Marjorie Shostak

The Pygmies Were Our Compass: Bantu and Batwa in the History of West Central Africa, Early Times to c. 1900 C.E. (Social History of Africa) ~ by Kairn A Klieman

Called for God's Kingdom Cause Among the Pygmies ~ by Susan Frances McGregor

Here's some websites as well:

The Twa (misnamed pygmies) are the Original People of Earth, considered by the Ancient Kemetic people to be closer to God.

“…In general, the Twa who remain practicing their ancient culture have zero desire for the materialism of the world and for this reason have made many enemies because they won’t play the game of material consumption. They have achieved pure oneness with the Earth in a way Europoids could only dream of and make a movie called Avatar. To this day, the Twa have the secret herbal knowledge to heal all illnesses of the body. This is why they have historically stayed in the rainforest, as guardians of the most sacred herbs

Jah RasTafarI Homepage

Jah RasTafarI Homepage

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