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Hair Importance?, Will Jah forsake I/Spells are they Real

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 9/5/2015 9:41:11 PM

Hair is important for many different life styles for different reasons, some spiritual others not so.

Dis one Native American Indian tell say hair is the honor
Some people bald they head certain spiritual reasons
Within RastafarI dreadlocks are held for number of different ideas and reasons and Bobo wrap the hair

From I youth hair was seen kinda as an extension of onself even when cut from the head
Hair was a power tool for root workers (hoodoo/voodoo/juju) and somethings could be done to u from ur hair, so hair was to be burnt or flushed
We were told to never let two people touch ur hair at once and some wouldnt let it touch the floor
A boy is said not get a hair cut before he make one year old

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Haile Selassie I