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I Have Left Flesh!...What Are Essentials to Ital Eating?

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Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 9/8/2015 7:00:21 PM

yes. very well said. 100% agree with that. its all about good fresh food. reggae music in general really doesnt represent the rasta movement all the while but sometimes i listen to what rasta artists say in interviews about their lifestyles and i think about it. and of course everybody is different.
i eat dozens of different fresh fruits and veggies throughout a month and i eat natural food and fruits on a daily basis. IF you dont eat or cook fresh you have to know that you have left the path of ital livity. dont be ashamed and go on with cooking fresh or as fresh as possible.

Messenger: Humble one Sent: 9/9/2015 2:56:37 AM

Yes... Ital is no animal products.

But be very careful of the new "free from" culture that seems to be emerging, certainly where I live at least.

Vegan, gluten free, soya free, etc etc. I'm not suggesting that vegan isn't good. Just that they seem to advertise this as if everything that is "free from" this is healthy.

Might I remind you that battery acid is vegan, gluten free, soya free, free of nuts for allergy sufferers, and grain free too. But battery acid is not human food!!!!

In a shop that I go to, to get all my supplies (organic grains, nuts, oil etc etc), the man was trying to sell me some muffins. I said no thanks, but he responded by saying "they're vegan and gluten free". As if that makes a muffin healthy! They could be loaded with MSG, or even battery acid for all I know and the words "they're vegan and gluten free" could still be entirely true!

My point being that "free from" only means that it doesn't have something in; it doesn't tell you what it DOES have in. Don't fall into the trap thinking that vegan, gluten free, etc = healthy.

All the best,


Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 9/9/2015 4:01:24 AM

this is true, too. i have to say that im not a fruitarian and i dont think an italist needs to be like that even though i tolerate and respect it but being vegan has become such a "facebook trend" that its obvious that they want to supply those new vegans with poisened junk food as well.

in front of a health store they are selling their "gluten-free" products while they have tons of seitan products in the back of the shop. maybe thats ok but seitan products are just convinience products without nutrients and vitamins which are by the way full of gluten.

"soy-free" is ok to me as it is said that TOO MUCH soy wasnt good for you (cancerous...many soy prdoucts are gm-food anyways) but they also hide the fact that certain products are also full sugar and salt.

"nut-free" food is good for me as i have allergic reactions but i know that there are even certain chemicals in vegan food.

to me its like they want to mislead people who have decided to live vegan to do something good for the animals, the environment, nature in general, maybe the food industry itself and theirselfs to eat as much rubbish which hasnt anything to do with fresh fruits and veggies as possible.

the importance of organic food and a certain consciousness as a vegan is not to be underrated. definately. like ive said, im not a fruitarian and maybe im not as strict as some other italists but its definately true...they pollute vegans with convinience products and junk food.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 9/9/2015 6:28:52 AM

not to forget that some vegans with a conscious still smoke self prepared cigarettes, drink alcohol and even energy drinks. some even believe that the b vitamins in energy drinks would be good for them. its like drinking milk to get calcium.

when i read your post again, humbleone, my sense for righteousness is ringing. i really think that you are very close to nature. maybe as close as it can get in the west. you say youre only seventeen and you already deal with a very clean lifestyle and you have some useful advices and experience when it comes to certain herbs. nettle tea for example was a very important and nice advice. thats good. thats great. also blackheart is a real prototype when it comes to ital living. i think that can be said without being that hypocritical or like a confused hippie.

so on one hand i really like that you, humbleone, stay strong in this case and you deny to eat the muffin. i really adore when someone is that consequent and i think your lifestyle is a very rare one and really good for you. so i share your point of view. it was right to deny those products.

but on the other hand i have to say that even though i came up with my own views on ital livity i really try to follow this lifestyle as well. i still eat grain and i eat fresh veggies and fruits daily (if i can). im that serious about food i even carry a hot plate with me if i have to stay in a hotel room. also a pan or a plate and a fork or course. even if its just for a day or two. BUT i think everybody can eat something else than only fruit and veggies without living unhealthy. i have to say to me sometimes its good to see that we have more and more vegan stores around the world. of course there also is a bad site like those convinience products with certain chemicals and salt but in west germany i always find a place to eat in bigger cities.

i buy soup which is just made of veggies in a glass or quinoa bread with mashed veggies or mashed chick peas. i eat falaffel. i also drink almond and oat drink sometimes. i like to do so if i travel or when the day was hard but the key concept of ital livity is still fresh food and conciousness when it comes to cooking. its also all aboutthe ingredients. whats really dangerous is glutamate, aspartame, thermally oxidised soy bean oil, too much arsenic and acrylamide (i never eat things that are too cross). i do many things other people think is strange. for example i never use a microwave because i dont like the concept itself (eat it raw or cook it...but dont warm it up) and i even dont trust the waves.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 9/9/2015 9:13:27 AM

Ital is a play on the word Vital. And is more than just none animal products as mentioned like not eating salt. But at the end of the day, what is vital natural ingredients for ones existance is a subjective thing in itself

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