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The land that served...

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Messenger: Cy-ko-bro Sent: 8/11/2015 12:57:43 PM

There was once a land whose people knew the value of service... whenever some warlord or other tried to conquer them they would offer their services willingly to their new rulers... this went on for many years... pero one day a man came and told them that the Lord of Life wanted to free them... thinking this to be yet another invasion they offered to serve this Lord of Life if he truly was their new ruler... they sent a message saying that they would do whatever he said... pero the Lord of Life replied through the man that on the contrary it was he who wanted to serve them... this is the secret to Life he said... the people of the land whose people knew the value of service got very angry... this Lord of Life had stolen their secret... they began to fight amongst themselves... the man relayed this to the Lord of Life and came back with his answer... "the Lord of Life says he will serve you by bringing you peace" he said... at once the people stopped fighting... "This Lord of Life is serious that he wants to free us" said one... "this cannot be for we know the secret of service"... a young man stood up and spoke... "let us serve all who have conquered us in our history at once and see if this Lord of Life is matched to them"... so the people of the land that knew the value of service began to serve the long line of conquerors... one by one these conquerors submitted to the Lord of Life until there was only him left... "Now you are free" said the Lord of Life... the people were in despair... "Who shall we serve?" they asked... the Lord of Life laughed and said "There is one whom I serve who is greater than me but he cannot be found"... "We will find this one and serve him" the people said... and the people learned the secret of freedom... to this day they are still searching...

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Haile Selassie I