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The Sun-Lion King: Cosmic Messianic Symbolism in Ethiopia

Cosmic Messianic Symbolism in Ethiopia and the EOTC:
Solar Titles and Symbols of the Ethiopian King

From the ancient days to now, the Sun and Constellations have been deeply rooted in the traditions of the Throne of David, demonstrated in both the Ible and culture of Ethiopia and its Tewahedo Orthodox Church. Studying such esoteric or hidden messages in the Ible and Orthodox Christianity helps us as Rastafari: To overstand our JAH Emperor Haile Sellassie I as both the Zodiacal and Biblical Messianic King David-Judah: as above so below …To know HIM as King of the Nile Valley … To know HIM in His Supreme fullness, as an anointed Man of Might and Burning Flame, Light of this World, Lion Sun-King, Star of Afraka.

Afraka in the Nile Valley language of Amharic means “Land of the Sun” The Greek Ethiopia also means “Land of the Sun-burnt faces.” Historians have found letters penned by foreign rulers who swore allegiance to the Kemetic crown, addressing the Pharoah as “My Lord, the Sun” and directing tidings to him as if He was in fact, carrying the generative powers of the Sun. The entire fabric of this land is thus based on the Nile Valley’s geographic and cosmic relationship to the heavenly luminaries, namely the Sun (today, Orthodox) and Moon (Islam). The abandoned Ethiopian monarchy, though tied to the Judeo-Christian Tewahedo Church and Throne of David, was but a branch of the entire Nile Valley Empire where kings ruled under the names of many gods and even goddesses that depicted the power of the Sun, Moon and stars such as Sirius.

Because the kingship of Ethiopia goes back thousands of years before Christianity, I think that viewing His Majesty as Earth’s Rightful Ruler cannot and should not be restricted under the umbrella of Orthodoxy or Christianity in general. While many of InI may come to Sight HIM as JAH or Kristos through the Ible, with a Christian lens (comparing HIM to Iyesus as Messiah), this most ancient and holy throne and the Judeo-Christian Messianic traditions associated with it go further back in time to the secret societies of priests or seers (stargazers) who studied the Zodiac and communed with the most ancient Natural Laws or Principles of all Creation, in the Nile Valley. So the root of everything we call Judeo-Christian comes from the Nile Valley, all the symbols and titles of the Bible have a root in Kemet. Even our mainstream society as I said in my last post, is using Kemetic symbols on money and as logos.

His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Sellasie I JAH RasTafari is the Name of InI God-Inspiration and King, and all for a true and very real and valid reason: He fulfils the ancient prophecies of Judeo-Christian and Mesopotamian/Kemetic Messianic traditions. So while His truth can be sighted in the Ible and legends of the Hebrew or Jewish people, it can also be found in the Zodiac traditions of the ancient Nile Valley nations from Nubia Cush to Kemet. While Judaism and Christianity may want to hide this truth, their theologies are based on the Zodiac and the movements of luminaries.

The Emperor has made both Zodical and Biblical myths (stories based on the movements of planets/stars and changes of seasons, days, months and Ages) and allegories (“a representation of an abstract or spiritual meaning through concrete or material forms”) come to life in this time. He walked in the path of the Son of Ra or Amen, the Kristos, the Branch, the Messiah or the Sun as Lion King. Biblical, Kemetic, Zodiacal parallels are found in the Emperor’s Duty as Solomonic King of Kings of Ethiopia.

Judaism and Christianity being embedded in Ethiopian history have Messianic traditions, or prophecies by which to recognize and treat a Messiah or Anointed Warrior King, based on the archetype of King David and his successor King Solomon. These two most famous and heralded kings of Judah depict the role, personality and life of the King in Earth as a mirror of the Sun or King in the Cosmos. The attributes of David are linked mainly to the mythology of the Zodiac or the Sun in the constellations Leo and Virgo; while Solomon is a personification of illumination or Wise-Mind, he is an allegory symbolized by the Sun (Sol-Om-On). (The Sun symbolizes Life, Immortality, Wise Mind, the Supreme Creator and Life-Giver that has no form, it is Lord of the Solar System all planets function through it)

The TITLES and SYMBOLS (Images, glyphs, Icons) of the Ethiopian Throne and Church which Rastafari adopted through JAH Haile Sellassie I and Menen Asfaw I, are the most convincing evidence that show the underlying esoteric codes of Scripture and the David-Judah Messiah. The images created for this character or the symbols of Judah, matter more than the bloodlines because history simply cannot prove these people existed! Only history and culture in the places that adopted this tradition and the faith of the people in this culture prove the symbol, title or the legend of the person. And because of the mystic nature of it all, they are honouring a cosmic truth not a person. The symbols, rituals and feasts or holidays honour the legends/allegories/Natural law represented by the king/kristos/person, for example Easter celebrates the rising of Iyesus from the dead.

And where did this culture and these symbols and titles come from? From the seers, the prophet-stargazers who were fired and shunned as pagans, witch doctors, false prophets, wizards, diviners, magicians and so on. They created the times and feasts dates for the people, as they knew when cosmic shifts occurred and brought a new season. It is interesting to note that “Elijah” was one of these men, after his theatrical display of Hova versus Baal he was a man deemed worthy to enter the cosmic realms in flesh, on a chariot of FIRE. Joseph’s father-in-law was Priest of On, a Temple of the Sun in Kemet.

All of the nations, priests, kings and rulers of antiquity ruled by a symbol and title. Some kingship bloodlines were created under an existing symbol and title; while some titles and symbols were created for bloodlines. It was always a mixture of seizing the throne and gaining it by succession, so the only steadfast recognition of kingship and likewise the priesthood, was by symbols and titles (this includes appearance and rituals). Symbols and titles carry forces and legends that identify the Messiah. He is a man who will abide by and glorify these titles and symbols, give them life and use them responsibly.

In saying that the Titles and Symbols are the key more than the Bloodlines, I feel supported by the fact that the Ethiopian monarchy itself hardly had a direct succession pattern, a distinct uninterrupted lineage of Solomonic succession. It was more a collection of royal families that lived under the Davidic symbols and traditions for centuries. Their family traditions under the symbols and titles of Judah made the bloodline royal, it was their use of power and their passion for these Images and rituals that established a bloodline. In the days of the Emperor there were female and male lines of Solomonic descent with many noble families claiming to be heirs to the throne of Solomon. Families tried to win it, even His Majesty had to develop a plan to get Himself to the throne, and He won of course. By Menyelek II’s wishes, He was supposed to be second-in-command, not the Emperor. Emperor Haile Sellassie I replaced the heir who wanted to unite the religions of the Sun and Moon together on the throne, Iyasu.
In fact as Emperor Haile Sellassie passed in the constitution a regulatiob for all Kigs to come from His sons and daughters alone. He established one bloodline for the Throne of Menelik I Son of the Wise Man.

Ethiopia has effectively from its conception in the Nile, carried the Sun’s Messianic Kingship in its church and monarchy. It has consistently carried the zodiacal symbols of its God in its religion, the Madonna or Virgo Mother and the Lion-Son/Sun-King Throne or Leo through the Identity of Judah (two figures of the Sphinx in the Nile Valley, and both Maryam and Iyesus were of the Tribe of Judah and Kin to David specifically). Therefore, it is the use of the Symbols and Titles that matter in comparing His Majesty with Kings David and Solomon and the Tribe of Judah which is to say the Sun as King traversing the constellations Virgo-Leo.

InI as RasTafari have to know that the Nile Valley is the only place left for Afrikans to come and see their true history living and breathing. The historical relics and symbols are there reminding us of the hidden truths taken from us by slavery. Essentially I have found that the idea of the Christ is more practical, natural and human than put forward by religion, and that the Emperor of Ethiopia fulfills the requirements of the Lion of Judah for the first time in our recorded human history.

In Emperor Haile Sellassie the First is the Culmination and Perfection of our Ankhcestral Theology of Ivinity and Leadership. So it should be that when I and I identify His Majesty as a Messianic Branch of David through Ethiopian and Biblical symbols and titles, He should be able to fit into the Legends of the Sun and the twelve constellations. The symbols and titles of His reign should reflect such as well.

So in AWAKENING to the ESOTERIC WISE MIND OF RASTAFARI and the TRUE IVINITY of HAILE SELLASSIE TAFARI SELAH, as the ONLY TRUE KRISTOS KING OR SUN GOD or GOD in FLESH InI must learn about the SYMBOLS, the emblems of POWER WISE MIND IRIT and TRUTH: SUN, planets and Zodiac, the CROWN, the ROBE, the LION, the SWORD, the SCEPTRE and ORB; and of course the history of the TITLES, the rule/authority, the tribulation and victory. We learn that these traditions of KINGSHIP ARE ALL ZODIAC BASED> Our Own RasTafari Livity is Zodiac and even Kemetic based the more we learn.

To support my stance that there is a cosmic-Kemetic root to the Davidic Throne and Messianic Image, or the Sun-Zodiac references in such; InI turn to the Titles and Symbols of such in Ethiopia. InI must take heed to the Ila language of Ithiopia, a sacred tongue that has given us the NAMES of JAH that InI can bear witness to HIM.

Consider these Important TITLES of JAH:

“Light of This World’ - Wise Mind as represented by the SUN

“Qedamawi Haile Sellasie” - (the First) Power of the Trinity (Sun Moon Stars, Creator Preserver Destroyer, Love Light Life, Man Wombman Child)

“Ras” Head in Amharic, WiseMind in Hebrew

“Tafari” to be feared- as in a lion, a warrior/noble;

“Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah” – the victorious Warrior King as represented by the Lion of God or the Sun in Leo

“Elect of God” - Son of the SUN, Anointed by the Cosmos

“Root of David” - Leo, Beloved, Warrior King, WiseMind

“Soldier of the Cross” - The cross is made by the Sun on the N,S,E,W cardinal points, and represents two equinoxes and two solstices every year, the seasonal cross that also contains the twelve mansions of the Zodiac, this cross is the entire story of the Messiah in cosmos and mythos.

“King of Kings and Lord of Lords” – the Sun is proven and hailed as the King and Lord over all planets and stars in the heavenly domain.

“I AM He from Ori” According to the records of Ethiopian Kings, the First Ethiopian King was named Ori son of Aram which basically means FIRST LIGHT, His Majesty called Himself ORI – "First" in Latin, "My Light" in Hebrew, Aram means "light", the Sun Light. “First” again bearing the Ethiopian origin of humanity. Aram is father of Moses, Mariam and Aaron. From Ori we get origin, original and Orion!

The World's Powers (European oppressors) in His Lifetime not only said that the Emperor LOOKED AND TALKED LIKE IYESUS (He resembled the Images of the Sun Deity), but proclaimed that He was “MAN OF THE YEAR.” This Title was bestowed by TIME magazine, the world’s most popular weekly even up to the present, owned and run by the same people who published LIFE and FORTUNE, shaping our impressions of the world. It is vital to note that these magazines dominated the mindscape in the era before television: LIFE was a pictorial encapsulation of the socio-cultural pulse of the world, while FORTUNE dealt with cutting edge of the business world. So TIME magazine’s honor, published curiously on the eve of Ethiopian Christmas 1936, is the intangible crown bestowed by the public mind of the day, the article itself reading like the modern day fairytale it was then. This declaration was published during the Emperor’s tribulation, His Armageddon showing that the Lion of Judah had indeed RISEN and was ready to CONQUER and LOOSE THE SEVEN SEALS OF CONSCIOUSNESS (Esoterically, allegorically the seven seals are the rainbow circle of the spine, the seven Spinal chakras, the base of which is red, esoterically or spiritually called Egypt or Sodom and Gomorrah – Revelation 11:8).

“MAN OF THE YEAR” is an important title for HIM to be crowned by the White Man because Year means Sun-God> Santos Bonacci says that the word “Year” is a Solar word. Year comes from Yea which is Yes. Yes comes from Dais or Dia or Dios which means GOD and SUN. The “yes” gesticulation or “nod” is the movement our heads make when we observe the Sun-God rise as the god Heru (Horus) and set on the horizon (Horus Zone) as the god Set (this is how we get the word “sunset”). The Year as 365 days also makes up the Sun’s revolution through the constellations - the annual pantomime of its birth, baptism, death and resurrection. So Babylon's TIME Magazine (a publication owned by those knowing esoteric knowledge in secret societies) called H.I.M. Haile Sellassie I, as Man of the Year, MAN OF THE GOD or MAN OF THE SUN or MAN of the SUN-GOD, which basically means Kristos. And wasn’t Kristos the King who suffered and was wounded or exiled, only to return in victory? Indeed it was all cosmic, all intentional, all hidden right before our eyes. (Watch Santos Bonnaci As Above So below and all other videos!)

Behold and be aware that these were all once SUN DEITY TITLES, that they are all linked to the true GOD- KING of the Bible, the SUN and his LION the symbol of the Creator’s/Sun’s Power.

Heru, Iyesus and Osiris may not have been real men but Haile Sellassie IS! These deities gave ancient Man the hope in Ivinity, and in the same vein His Majesty and Empress Menen show InI That IT IS POSSIBLE to achieve the greatness of fabled kings/queens, to be guided and Itected by the cosmic-terrestrial Forces of Iration in InI Lives, to Be of all Ilah destinies once we just simply Live Right and Love RIGHT. No one can take away the great inspiration His Majesty Ras Tafari Selah gives RasTafari Idren in just living as MANIFESTATIONS of NATURAL LAW/Right/I-Consciousness!

The Lion of Judah as The True Messiah is also of the Nile Valley Kingship because His legacy stems from there, His royal attributes stem from there. And through His Words, Works and lineage HAILE SELLASSIE IS THE SON OF THE SUN in LEO and the NILE Valley - SIRIUS and of the RAINBOW CIRCLE THRONE> DAVID, “as above so below.” The Ethiopian flag with its tri-colour and the lion with the cross, is a solar emblem showing this balance, showing the Leo Tribe of Afraka, the Land of the Sun, the Nile Valley Kings.

As a side note, RasTafari must also see that this knowledge of the Lion Sun/Son has Manifested within InI as well through our dreadlocked appearance. Leo is the Sun’s dignity – dignatty – so its rays are full and the corona or halo is brilliant. The rays of the sun illuminate the world bursting forth in a halo from the core just as roots burst forth from a seed or dreadlocks from an Idren’s crown. The Sun's corona or crown of rays in Leo is the ancient symbol of our crown or WiseMind being opened, of our HEAVENS being illuminated by Light and Love. “Enlightenment” is of the Sun/Son. In one version of the baptism, Iyesus had sun rays fall on him (this is really the sun being dipped in water in the sign of Aquarius, John). Ethiopian art has the halo around the heads of saints always. The dreadlocks themselves symbolize the lion’s mane which is esoterically the sun’s halo, and which is used to symbolize the crown chakras halo of WISEMIND Illumination. A bunch of serpents can also looks like dreadlocks with that slender winding style, as do the roots of trees. Trees and serpents are both again ancient symbols that meant WISEMIND and LIFE and LIGHT! The serpent is depicted in many Kemetic artforms as a symbol of continuous life, light and Wise Mind. Dreadlocks, the RAS, therefore represent Illumination, the opening of the I, as do the lion and serpent symbols of old. Though we have been taught to think of the serpent as evil in the story of Adam and Eve it does not mean that at all, view the esoteric meaning by Manly P Hall in Secret Teachings of all Ages.

All of the symbols/emblems and garments in the below pictures show that Ethiopian and Christian traditions are based on esoteric Wise Mind of the cosmos and Neter. They support not only the esoteric nature of His Majesty’s Titles and Messianic Kingship, but the esoteric nature of the Ethiopian Throne on the whole. My conclusion is that His Majesty King Sellassie is the True Standard or Emblem-Bearer of the Biblical Sun-God or Son or King of the Nile Valley and All Ages.

While I am well aware that His Majesty worshipped under the banner of Christianity and believed in following Iyesus Kristos, I don’t believe that I am contradicting the Emperor, as again I will say that Jesus like all other Kristos deities, is part of the whole fabric that is astrotheology, all part of KNOWING SELF cosmically and Earthly. I choose to say JAH or RasTafari or Selah instead of Iyesus Kristos, but I acknowledge that it is the same personality, same character of righteousness which I see in the Lion Sun King the First Power of the Trinity, JAH RASTAFARI.


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Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 8/6/2015 7:18:19 AM

"horizon", "sunset", the head of a lion which looks like the sun...very itneresting. every term we use has a special "esoteric" background.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/26/2022 12:17:37 AM

Which is why Polytheism is real. Solaris is not the 'sole' provider of photons to the I dem how disrespectful to Hola Canis Majoris, hola Alpha Centurai or even Rigel and Betelgeuse dem. Look at the heavens for all the Sons of God

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