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Small/Independent Business Ideas and Inspiration for a Self-Sufficient Future Forward to Africa

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Christ Conscious Sent: 8/3/2015 9:10:34 AM

Blessed love and salutation to the righteous ones.

May this thread be a place for us to inspire one another with realistic and realizable ventures to bring us closer to fulfilling our higher purpose in life.

At the moment, I Sistren** am in much need for inspiration because I have an opportunity to be supported by the state to start a small business, provided I can come up with an idea and vision.

Personally, I am not interested in engaging in commerce for its own sake to merely generate profits. These efforts must be meaningfully connected to the demands of spiritual life. The goal is to return to Africa; let it be achieved righteously.

For this reason, I turn to idren and sistren for inspiration. In addition to serving my personal query, I am sure such a thread will be a great resource for all.

**RastafarI shares that InI can achieve all things with preparation, education, and commitment. We are creative beings and we have the capacity to develop skills and talents at our will so I have belief that all is possible. Let us not be limited by the Babylon way of thinking that business and works can only be approached if one has a particular education background. Give thanks and give thanks!

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Haile Selassie I