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Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 7/16/2015 8:31:56 PM



By Dr. Roberto Gibraltarik

I want my name back
Nwandi, Nfume, Amuchi, Njome
Matumbi, Mboya, Umoh,
Atundi, Kofi, Mahubuti

In a land ot griots families
and roots
I bask in the sun
and tall grass
remembering the Sasa and Zamani
admiring my slender body
of unblemished
of coarse hair
and distinct phenotype
oblivious to internal intoxants,
external disease

I live off the land
and hunt as needed
for I am God's creation,
an intelligent being
advanced in technology,
social and communal
reasonably hospitable and
unfortunately susceptible
to deceit and bondage.
Shanghaied and sold
into servitude and slavery
I was,
devoid of everything that resembled me
even my pigmentation...but I can revolt
to get my name back.

I want my name back...
I'm not Irish Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick
Smith, Brown, Murphy, O'Riley,
Kelly, O'Neil, McDonald

I ain't English either,
Jones, Jackson, Johnson,
Williams, Washington,White,
King, Cunningham

I ain't even French,
DuPree, DuVall, Beauchamps,
LaRue, Herbert, Broussard
Bourgeois, DuBois,

Neither am I Spanish
Rodriguez, Garcia
Hernandez, Martinez, Rojas, Gomez
Marquez, Reyes, Perez, Gonzalez,

Nor am I Portuguese
Andrade, Dos Santos
Do Nascimento, Rodrigues, Mendes

Nor German, nor Dutch
Taylor, Synder, Miller
Frazier, Goldstein, Goldsmith,
Van Housen
Rosenberge, Van Buren,
Andersen, Peterson

I want my name back
Kijan, Mtombo, Nkrumah,
Ngozi, Achebe, Sovinka
I want my name back,
I want my name hack
I want my name back from
the Slave Ship Jesus
that proudly embarked in America delivering
precious Black cargo,

I want my name back
from the thieves
dressed as employers with
promises of jobs, money
and other goods
with nothing but swords, whips
and chains
under their righteous hoods,

I want my name back
from the massa
who usurped my manhood
who raped
and raped
and raped
and raped my mother
my sister
my daughter
my grandmother;
who whipped my father
my brother
my sons
til their name flowed
like noble blood into a sea of stormy

I want my name
I want my name back,
I want
from the priest
whose demonic and sadistic
forced my bondage
for over 400 years

I want my name back
from the misinterpretations
of Christianity,
and the brain-washing
of Catholicism

I want my name back
from the rejects
who stumbled
on this land,
who starved the native man,
and labeled him

I want my name back
from the
ignorant bastards
who scrambled my tongue
with their broken
only to
create a language
that their so-called mother country
won't even accept;

I want my name back, I want
my name back
I want my name
from the
who categorize me Black
but not of Latin
who categorize me Hispanic
denying my African heritage
who categorize me
based on where he stuck his thang
for the past few hundred years,
who conveniently
categorize me
a n y w a y he wishes
to divvy up the
skinny bone of poverty;

I want my name back, I
said I want my name back
from the so-called
who cringe at the name
or the word Muslim,

I want my name back
from the
John Waynes and Ronnie Ray Guns
who screw us
in the name of the law
'cause its the Amerikkkan
modus operandi

I want my name
back from
the slum landlord who
a one bedroom apartment
into a flat
three families,
who added one bathroom
to the
two mail boxes
in front
and one on the
and rented
to three more families,

I want my
name back from
the corner store owner
with his
credit book
on the counter
feeding me hardship
and economic depression
every time I charge a
box of grits;

from the police
who recorded my pseudonym
the day I was born
preparing a place for me
and my male progeny
by the time we reach

nina taka jina langu lirudishwe
who stole me MANDINGO,

I want my name back
I want my name back
I said
1 want my name back
from the uncle Toms
who say
that's the way it suppose to be,

I want my name back
from the politicians
who are on my side
then violate me, I want
my name back
the street corner symphony
that rocked me to sleep
and robbed me of me.

Nina taka jina
langu lirudishwe
to give to my
to witness
a sensation of freedom
pulsating their

Nina taka jina
langu lirudishwe
to sow
a new seed
in the bleeding hearts
of our ancestors

Nina taka jina
langu lirudishwe
para gritar al
que hemos llegado
en armas completas
I want my name back
to shout
to the world
that we have arrived
in complete regalia
and will vow
never to subject

our culture,
nuestra cultura
our lives,
nuestra vida

our heritage
nuestra herencia
to defamation again!

I want my name back
to hear
the sound
of my ancestors
offering me as sacrifice
to the only
greater than myself.

I want my name back
to hear
the African lullaby
that has been stored
by my ancestors
waiting for me to come home

I want my name back
to wear
the sacred robe,
to walk
the precious land,
to drink
the soothing water
and taste my natural sand.

Yo quiero
que me devuelvan
a mi
mi propia identidad!
Eu quero
meu nome original!

Je veux
mon nom identite!

I want my name back!

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/17/2015 5:03:48 PM

We asking from we eye deya knee


by nitty gritty

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 7/17/2015 7:53:32 PM

Real deh!

This must be the ruut of almost all Blacks I know having nicknames (often some repeat or double name). From trying to hold on to InI self what I would call a house name and field name!

Bless FarWord!

Gi back I name

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 7/17/2015 7:56:43 PM

NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ Garveys Africa!!!!!! Never heard dem before! Give thanks!

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 7/17/2015 8:05:44 PM

Interested in culture, meanings, identity? Why not start at the beginning with your name?

Your name is your identity and a window on your culture and self. Your name links you with your past, your ancestors and is a part of your spirituality. The is a resource for African personal names and a meeting place for people interested in Africa, African culture and the African identity.

Taking on an African name if you are of African descent or culture is a way to make these cultural linkages.

In Africa as in the rest of the world the birth of a child is an event of great joy and significance. Much importance is attached to the naming of the child.

The hopes of the parents, current events of importance and celestial events that may have attended the birth are all given consideration in naming the child. It is believed that the name chosen will exert an influence for better or for worse on the life of the child and on the family as well.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/17/2015 10:12:35 PM

I mother birth I on a Wednesday. I always wonder if that would have had bearing on I name if the brainwashing didn't take place

Any of de I have reparated their names legally?

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/18/2015 12:58:20 PM

i think its strange to look at the real powerful people of today when it comes to name giving.

it becomes obvius that cerertain celebrities mustbe part of a society which believes in a "god" who is manifested in nature or something like that. the hippie kind of thing. so many babies of celebrities are called "summer", "rain", "autumn", "west", "love" or whatever. or after the location in which their parents have produced them. "paris", "brooklyn"...i dont know if its a distraction and they dont believe in names or if it has really something to do with their paganism.

when it comes to me, you can take me to a room of a secret society and make a couple of aliens, demons and all of the "gods" of acient egypt and greek and rome appear in front of my nose to show me authentic documents that their society exists that long that they can prove that they have just invented the old (and new) testament and make the real lucifer in person read it who knows all of the secrets of evolution and the universe and id still say no man, there must be a real god, a creator, we should bow down to. and if youve lied about the person jesus maybe youre inspiration has come from the real jesus who exists in gods world. but like ive said. i think that jesus alone enlaves nobody. but that doesnt mean that i want to distort rasta with my believes. jesus is not really a part of rasta history. you can be a rasta without those views. if you want to livicate your life to black supremacy and you think jesus cant be part of that then i am the last one who would want to force you to accept parts of christianity.

i had to mention this because i think a name shouldnt be influenced by the believes of the parentsin a certain way altough i like names like christina. even donna, madonna, marija, maria, mariah etc. although i know that this is part of worshipping the mother of god which is influenced by sun idolism. in our times some names are even dangerous "social" wise. there are some name that are associated with a certain part of society so it will be difficult to become a lawyer for example with a name with a bad reputation. i think its bs to judge somebody this way but its a fact. they should support those ones instead of bullying or mobbing them officially. in many ways having the wrong name is like being black in the usa of the 60s if im allowed to utter this comparison.

royals always use traditional names to hold on to their reputation in public so i guess as a king you have to be very proud but you cant be an egomaniac as the 20th george for example. there is no individuality. i think the ethopian prince asfa-wossen asserate has also written about things like that in royal families in some of his books.

i think i would give a name to my child that means nothing more than "man" or "woman". or a name that represents something positiv. in the arabian world there are some names which mean "kiss" etc. for girls.

i think even the one miley cyrus original name is "destiny hope" or something like this. i think thats an example of how less the elite thinks of names like that. or they dont want the sheeple to call her by this name because the masses have to be polluted with negativity.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 7/21/2015 4:16:12 PM

Not I Iyah, I think it a go same time with some form of physical repartriation

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/21/2015 11:12:43 PM


well. like ive said. i dont want to talk about what i believe in etc. but i think no matter in what ever you believe, it shouldnt effect the baby. i mean if you believe in jewish or christian prophets for example then the baby might never be able to live up to his name. and names who represent a religion like christian, christina etc. are a little bit superficial to me. i mean thats just my opinion. if youre a christian and you say you cant deny christ i think that doesnt mean you need to call your baby "jesus" or "mariah". especially because those are just the names we use today.

i dont know what to think about names like "robert nesta" etc. naming children after certain idols..

where will it stop? i think down in south america there are no illegal names. there are children by the name of mussolini, hitler etc. some parents would even call their children "playstation 4" or "pepsi" or whatever.

even the great bob marley said he doesnt know his real name.

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