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Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 7/14/2015 8:51:56 PM

In ancient Ethiopia, the Kentake, or Queen Mother was the SOURCE OF ROYAL RIGHT to office, and she EMBODIED the people's wisdom as the PRESERVER of the national culture. Therefore, HER RECOMMENDATION for the office of Pharaoh was taken seriously by the people's council. In Ethiopia, as in many other TRADITIONAL AFRICAN SOCIETIES that honored the institution of QUEEN MOTHER it was understood by the people as a whole, that the QUEEN MOTHER knew the royal children, including her own, BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. For this reason, Ethiopia was known for its stable government.

What rejected candidate could say in his heart, justifiably "my mother or the mother of the nation was wrong in rejecting me for Kingship?" The son who would dispute the recommendation of his mother who SUCKLED HIM AT HER BREAST, FED HIM, instructed him in her people's culture, and KNEW HIM BETTER THAN HE KNEW HIMSELF--such a son would be a POOR son, and certainly UNFIT TO RULE. The same
would be true of a candidate for Kingship who was NOT TIED TO THE QUEEN MOTHER BY BIRTH."

I hope that in reading the above, ones and ones have a CLEARER INNERstanding of WHY the Just and Noble Ethiopians (and Afrika as a WHOLE) praized the DIVINE FEMININE aspect of the Creator and Creation. TO SEPERATE the two is the result of an UNATURAL and UNBALANCED WESTERN HOMOSEXUAL MINDSET, which has BLED and INGRAINED itself within the DEPTHS of our Afrikan Brothahs and Sistahs, who FIGHT TOOTH AND NAIL to preserve a PATRIARCHIAL and purely MASCULINE overstanding of the Almighty and our roles on Earth as His/her servants, and as Man and Women"

by Oba T'shaka in "Return to the African Mother Principle of Male and Female Equality"

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Haile Selassie I