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Lemuel not a Rastafari, don't be fooled

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/7/2015 7:02:00 PM

I remember you now.

I commonly say a man can't tell another who is and isn't Rastafari.....

but this guy is no Rasta!

You claim Baha'i not Rastafari. there will be no mix up here

You don't sight Howell Garvey Emmanuel, the holy piby the royal parchment and such...... but you sight that HIM is the fullfilment of prophecy from a man name Abdul Baha and a seventh angel of some next foreigner. that's fine, but that's not Rastafari.

You claim Afrikaaner origin and defend your ancestors wicked tretory toward black people. that's not Rastafari

You have no time for the uniqueness or the specificness of AFRICAN and BLACK upliftment in this trod. that's not Rastafari

You have TWO locks which you claim are dread at either side of your head like a Jewish. that's not Rastafari

and want to come to tell people who adhere to RASTAFARI from Creation, what is and isn't Rasta? YOU a no Rasta. You a mix up artist culture thief who sits on the fence of other people's cultures as Afrikaaners really have very little of they own; somewhere between here and Islam and Christianity and Buddhism. Again, there will be no mix up

devil ketch a fire
We stand firm on our culture

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 7/7/2015 8:43:36 PM

YES I!!!!!!!!!!!!

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 7/7/2015 9:11:55 PM

Yes I Lord. Fireburn Lemuel, Fireburn Hemphill. Dem are de infiltraitors. RASTA Elders said it long iwa agwaan dat anyone dat fight against Black Ipremacy haffe catch a fire. Dem like to use de name His Majesty in vain. Lemuel & Hemphill are de agents of de white beast. Fire!

Messenger: Lemuel II Sent: 7/7/2015 9:16:48 PM

When did I defend Afrikanner history, are you mad because I question the teachings of Garvey? Or because I actually follow HIM??? You want to set me on fire because I disagree with you and because I'm white???? HIM wouldnt like this

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 7/20/2015 12:22:43 AM

Lemuel haffi burn!!!!!!

Messenger: Lemuel II Sent: 7/20/2015 5:57:18 AM

This is not love! This is not peace! This is not RASTAFARI!

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/20/2015 10:40:01 AM

well. ive never lied to you about the fact that im a dude from germany. a white guy.

and i even have participated in some discussions about christianity and rasta on this webiste so i can say that garveysafrica, who has started this thread, is not an evil racist and hes not downpressing anybody.

as well as the others who have posted in this thread (against lemuel). im thankful for the things i have learned from the confrontation with blackheart who is the prototype of a rasta to me although it may sound a little bit cheesy but hes really consequent when it comes to black liberation and rasta "basics" and although i know that he burns the bible completely i think it was really fair that he has mentioned it when he thought i was on the right way to overstand certain things about the influence of africa on certain things just like rastagodess.
so when i see that something is true im not afraid to admit it and i still follow rasta and i hope at least people see that i have a certain tolerance and i respect fundamental things when it comes to rasta.

so, lemuel, dont see it as senseless bullying of a dutch guy. its just about being true to rasta on a rasta website and to burn everything that makes you a rasta imposter. like ive said before. i think certain things youve said have nothing to do with rasta and i think you might follow other interests like dutch freemasory and your lifestyle is influenced by an imagination of peace like people who mix bob marleys message with the ideology of the hippie movement so im neutral when it comes to you as a human being. but i think some things youve mentioned cant just be mixed up with rasta.

discrimination, violence and arrogance has to be avoided but sometimes you need to deal with honesty to make things better.

my jah lead the way

Messenger: Lemuel II Sent: 7/20/2015 5:04:05 PM

Saying you want to burn somebody isn't. I recommend you read the writings of HIM yourself.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/20/2015 8:26:24 PM

one love, lemuel.

i consciously avoided to say "burn lemuel" myself, seen.

i think opening a thread like this is kind of harsh. the method itself is kind of harsh, right? even though you have good arguments to do so.
i think youve used this word yourself not so long ago.

i hoped to, lets say reconnect you. so i tried to bring positivy back. you shouldnt get any negative vibes for the person that you are. thats not right. it is absolutaley not personal, you know! so personally i really dont care where you come from etc.

but after things were said and done i wanted you to overstand that "burning" this and that means to clean something. it has a certain effect. its all about purity. i think if they would really deal with hate they would use some other terms. i have to say that black african rastas who want to "correct" white rastas when it comes to black liberation to defend the culture with rasta terms on a rasta website have all the rights in the world to do so.

so i wanted to defend those black african rastas without offending you, seen.

so the whole thing is not about saying that you should be attacked because you are an evil person who will never do anything right but "lemuel" is your username and when they say "burn lemuel" they just say that you should "burn" or lets say rethink your views.

personally i dont feel able to do something like that but black african rastas can talk about black liberation all they want, right? so please dont be offended.

you just have to see that we all have to learn and reason and IN THEIR OPINION you just dont deal with the real VALUES of rasta.
when it comes to this afrikaaner thing i cant say nothing about it and i dont want it. because its up to africans. thats why i say in their opinion.

so please. see my comment as an attempt to build a BRIDGE. if you deny marcus (and i told you that this is a thing a rasta cant least we should know what he did for black liberation) and you try to put the message of universal peace in form of being passive over the importance of black liberation (its not me who says that but i think thats the point) than there will always be problems with those black african rastas. nothing more, nothing less.

but i respect you as a human being! i dont say i dislike each and everything youve said and say and i have no racist intentions.

you can do whatever you want and i wish you all the best. you dont need to give up rasta! maybe youre a real good guy but there are certain conflicts about black liberation and i try to make you see something positive in it (something to learn). i think the whole thing is an act of charity.

because we have to remember equal rights and justice for all and if they would show no love at all they would do some other tings. i think they only try to give you a message.

so please. try to overstand that "burning" something can be very positve or is at least something honest and youre right. we all have to deal with HIM. so i had no intention to say HIM isnt for you or anybody else.

even though your names in the title i think this has nothing to do with bullying. its a reasoning. the reason why im active although i live a little bit seperated these days to concentrate on my vow with jah is because i was afraid that theyd ban me. there were this western christianity vs. black culture discussions and it wasnt under control anymore.

so i think speaking about things is better than always try to live up to the concept of one love by saying "youre right" and "do your thing". conflicts are natural and we can reason about everything.

so you can see that those rastas have a different opinion but continue or you try to find a bridge but what do we have to lose?

freedom for all (even if it means that we have to see when someones freedom is attacked by others)

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 7/25/2015 4:06:41 PM

Bun dem

Rastafari uses the fire of live for the truth and right of African people. Anything else gets fire. It's a spiritual, mental fire, burn out mis conceptions that don't belong in the minds of Rastafari people , on this site we must eliminate all agendas that interfere and go against JAHS will . Here there is one Head, Rad Tafari, and one body moving together. All else get the fire, be gone Babylon.

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