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Double standard

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Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/20/2015 9:01:27 PM

lemuel. youve posted this in a thread that has nothing to do with this conflict but if you feel offended then lets talk about it.

you refered to "thus guys". only humble one and myself have posted something yesterday before hemphill. so i think humble one has nothing to do with it.

please see that i usually dont deal with the conflicts of others but since there is this thread with your name in the title i think it was important to say something about it as a user of this forum to make you know how i feel. maybe it was the wrong way because ive already mentioned everything i wanted to say to you. i dont have a problem with you. i thought that you should read a little bit about garvey once but that was a neutral advice for every rasta who really wants to follow the movement. so i defendes those black africans.

i cant comment on any of those afrikaaner things. so i said that ITS NOT about you beeing an afrikaaner or dutch. its not about the genetics. i have no racial intentions. please try to see it through my eyes.

youre right. we should follow him so i think that those ones whove posted in the thread with your name do NOTHING ELSE EITHER. thats my opinion. i wanted to build a bridge. to make you see that its only a message. another reasoning. it has nothing to do with hatery and racism in my opinion.

i can only speak for myself but i wanted to show that i think its not about hate and although i think they have the right to use rasta terms in a rasta forum there might be hope to come together in the future.


regarding the topic: yes. its all an agenda of course. some people even say obama and osama are the same person. i think maybe they are brothers. i dont believe a thing when it comes to politics. even some history teachers say thats alright. but i think its important to be informed.

nothing is like it seems to be. even when it comes to death penalty. its based on a "pagan" concept which was created to sacrifice souls, i think especially guilty ones, to pagan idols. its just like burning witches. thats the biggest oyymoron to me. killing a defenseless person because he killed a defenseless person.

Messenger: ShivaJiva Sent: 7/21/2015 12:50:03 PM

"A shooting that killed 4 marines happened a couple of days ago in Chattanooga by a Muslim named Muhammad Youssef.. The Obama administration tweeted happy Ramadan before even addressing the shooting.. Can't blame Islam for extremists but all white Americans are guilty for the Charelston shooting -- according to their media --... A disgusting double standard agenda."

Every single major religion, particularly the Abrahamic religions, has its extremists. Extremism in the Middle East is a cause of US foreign policy and imperialism, not something innate in Islam itself.

Likewise, the Charleston massacre was the result of white supremacist culture in the US. Not all white Americans are to blame for the shooting...nobody here said that and we all know the media is garbage and likes to mislead people, stop using it as a crutch.

People of color get frustrated with White people because White people almost always fail to see the ways that they benefit from racist institutions, even if as individuals they are opposed to racism. In turn, White people approach race with false assumptions of even ground, which leads to inappropriate generalizations and comparisons that might be well-intended but are hurtful nonetheless. It's not like every White person is out trying to lynch Black folks, but there is a general ignorance of the power dynamics in our society and this ignorance breeds contemptible behavior.

The media frames these events, like the Charleston shooting or "knock-out", as acts of individuals. The media doesn't have a political analysis that accounts for systematic inequalities or imbalances, the coverage is intentionally reductionist in its approach. Why keep using this logic to push this agenda of a "double standard"? The media lies. Race is intentionally framed in a minimalistic way that doesn't consider the role of institutionalized violence/ focuses all of the conversation on the acts of individuals as "extremists" or "racists" when in truth that is not how these things affect most people in their daily lives. It doesn't seem counter-intuitive to you that you are leaning on mass media to support your argument that the media is intentionally promoting a "double standard" agenda to pit people against eachother and therefore the media shouldn't be trusted?

Yes..the media wants to derail the race conversation and make it about is intentionally trying to do this. The "double standard" agenda is real and because of people like you it is obviously working. People aren't talking about systemic racism, which is what the state is afraid of us doing, but now they are talking about "double standards" and "reverse racism"...and people like you are falling for it. It's really are telling us not to trust the media all the while you are using the media's talking points to frame and support your argument.

All we are doing here is telling you that the media is not framing the issue of race correctly. White people are not inherently evil because of the color of their skin, but you do benefit from a White supremacist culture and until that is acknowledged the conversation surrounding race is incomplete, which is exactly what those in power want. We are simply saying that there are lots of resources out there to investigate if you are serious about thinking about race in a critical way, and that our lived experiences say much more than what you read on facebook, watch on TV, or hear on the radio; so stop using those outlets to inform you when you know how manipulative they are. Think critically.

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 7/21/2015 4:57:37 PM

Welcome to the reasoning ShivaJiva. I have been waiting for you to join in on the REASONING. Finally you have added something to the thread. As you have said: "Yes..the media wants to derail the race conversation and make it about is intentionally trying to do this. The "double standard" agenda is real and because of people like you it is obviously working. People aren't talking about systemic racism, which is what the state is afraid of us doing, but now they are talking about "double standards" and "reverse racism"...and people like you are falling for it."

So, we see that you think the system doesn't want us talking about race.. You also think that by me pointing out that the system needs us distracted by racial tension, that I am falling for a trap of theirs.. Look at this contradiction you have made in your last post: "the Charleston massacre was the result of white supremacist culture in the US. Not all white Americans are to blame for the shooting...nobody here said that.." Yet also saying: "White people almost always fail to see the ways that they benefit from racist institutions.." In your view, Not all White people are guilty for the Charleston shooting yet almost ALL White people are ignorant to a racist culture and thus perpetuating it... So what you are saying is that YES nearly all White people are guilty for that shooting... Here is something I posted on the 7th page that should clear things up for you: "Political pundits are fueling racial divisions in order to distract and control the population. In a magnitude perhaps not seen since the Reconstruction Era, America is currently being hit with an unprecedented wave of racially-motivated violence as media pundits promote racial division rather than equality. Using the “divide and conquer” technique as outlined in Niccolò Machiavelli’s 16th century treatise The Art of War, media “talking heads” are attempting to push Americans back into tribalism by promoting superficial racial divisions in order to distract us from the constant erosion of our rights. This technique was used successfully by Spanish conquistadors in conquering tens of thousands of Aztecs and Incans with only a few dozen men." -- Racism, institutionalized or individual, is a problem, yes. But to think that this is the biggest problem with the world today is wrong. The system needs us distracted by such petty racial separation -- tribal warfare -- that we never see the bigger picture of their sweeping tyrannical takeover. Keep the population distracted with hyped up, suppressed, misleading or false racial issues so that the controllers never get seen. WAKE UP!!

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/21/2015 7:09:32 PM

I think we do not live in a world of racial harmony. Tensions are present already and it must be said, many of them; rightly so.
But I still opt out of this reasoning!

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/21/2015 9:14:12 PM

EuroAmericans ALL inherited stolen land stolen wealth and a stolen idea of society with InI stolen people. They also inherited a name, identity and a natural inheritance to the global white supremacist caste system. This is white privilege. I dont overstan how this therefore means all white people are responsible for the shootings?

Racial divisions were not created by InI. InI cannot put any racial divisions whe exist to the side before that what was stolen has been return. Yes Hemphill, lets stop look at the superficial, and keep mindful of the deep seated racial divide whe done set already, Black ipremacy.

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 7/24/2015 10:43:42 PM

Now that the Lafayette theater shooter has been identified as a white male who supported the Tea Party, it’s going to be open season on conservatives.

Every time a Muslim goes on a killing spree, the left asserts that any attempt to blame violent passages in the Koran or to ask Muslims to take collective responsibility is racist.

Fair enough, but that same standard is never applied when a tragedy can be exploited to impugn conservatives and the Second Amendment before the bodies are even cold.

It has now been established that 59-year-old John Russell Houser was a conservative radio guest who also had a profile on the Tea Party Nation website.

Houser also left racist comments on a different website, including one where he remarked, “The more hard working people with family values we have, the better.What we need to worry about is those who WILL NOT WORK and have no concept of family. They may largely be identified by race also.”

In the aftermath of the Boston bombings, prominent leftist news outlets like insisted that Muslims shouldn’t apologize for the bloodshed. That same courtesy wasn’t extended to whites after the Charleston shooting. According to Salon, white America had to collectively “answer” for the massacre.

Similarly, following the slaying of four Marines last week by a radicalized Muslim, the left was petrified of even entertaining the notion that Islam played a role in the murders.

Within minutes of news breaking about the tragedy in Lafayette, liberals were calling for all white men to be stripped of their Second Amendment rights. The usual suspects – Piers Morgan prime amongst them are already out in full force exploiting the shooting to push gun control.

Never mind the fact that the movie theater in question, just like the Armed Forces recruiting center in Chattanooga, was a gun free zone where responsible people were barred from carrying firearms.

The left’s call for gun control was also strangely absent when at least 14 people were killed after an incredible 82 shootings over the July 4 weekend alone in Chicago.

Since most of those shootings were the work of black crime gangs, and couldn’t be blamed on Tea Party conservatives, we heard nothing but silence from so-called progressives.
As is the case after virtually every mass shooting that the left tries to blame on the Second Amendment, gun sales only increase.

That’s because nobody is buying the narrative. America does not support gun control – the polls illustrate this fact.

Only by resorting to dictatorial executive orders will President Obama ever overturn that reality.

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 7/27/2015 3:35:15 PM

Obama has reached out to the families of Mike Brown, Freddy Gray, Trayvon Martin, and the Charleston shooting but when 5 White military personnel get killed by an Islamic extremist, Obama says nothing.. Wont even call the mothers of those killed in the line of duty as military personnel -- Obama is titled as 'commander and chief' of the entire military but doesn't honor those personnel murdered..?? It even took 5 days after the shooting to lower the White House flag to half-mast.. Before Obama even took time out to honor the dead Marines – who were gunned down by an Islamic extremist – or comment on the shooting at all, he sent out a statement lecturing Americans about how Islam was a religion of peace that needed to be respected -- showing the Islamic world how pleased he is with this action -- prompting a furious reaction.


Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/27/2015 9:29:20 PM

yeah. its all part of their game.

r.i.p. for the ones who have lost their lives!


sometimes i ask myself about my own behaviour. earlier in my life i really was into all kind of movies and i had a huge dvd collection. during the summer i have sold them all and ive made a couple of hundred euros.

i thought a lot about morality. because if i dont want to have those dvds in my house anymore because i think main stream movies deal with manipulation, the wrong kind of inspiration and influences, propaganda, the wrong values, distraction from reality and a dangerous fantasy world etc. i should try to make people see what i see instead of just making other people watching this stuff by selling it all. i mean you can watch whatever you want but that doesnt mean that I should say a and do be b.

but then i thought that movies arent like drugs. i think if you sell drugs you know that you sell things that will only make people suffer and thats what its all about.

but i think even conspiracy theorists might see that movies itself are just a tool. its just a form of art. and i dont think that each and every one on a movie set is a really evil person. its a working place. i believe that those movies are tools to the elite which are used to spread a certain message. an evilous message. they show people what they should wear and what they should drink and pagan and evil symbolism is everywhere sometimes. but some people use positive energy to create this. its a wild mix to me. when it comes to burning the root instead of the symptoms i dont know if movies in general are the root. although they ALSO deal with slackness and badness i want to avoid its up to people what they do with it. so i think selling them isnt a sin. but i still dont know what to think about it.

i mean if ive already bought its better to sell it than to keep it in my house. i still think money is the root of all evil but why should i burn money by taking them to the trash can if i can use it to buy something ital afterwards or even to give some of it away? so ive changed something negative into something positive.

i know there are some guys who watch movies to analyse them. people who are able to see something positive in it. and the fact that you are selling it alone says a little bit about what you think of the product.

i think the fact alone that ive sold something that deals with badness and that could lead people away from the truth and spirituality is something i should rethink somehow but i think its just like a historical document. of course they deal with badness but you can use it other wise (to get conscious about it). to me it was just natural to get rid of it.

i think i just shouldnt sell horror movies anymore. i hope that it wasnt a huge sin you know. but i jsut have t learn. i dont think i was greedy if im allowed to say that.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 7/27/2015 10:01:25 PM

there were even dozens of them i actually did throw into the trash can.

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