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Ancient Esoteric Rasta

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Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 6/25/2015 4:01:08 PM


Dhiabhorosi is an English word and our ancestors neva knew dat term until Christianity reach the land wit missionaries

Royal Dawta
Which part of Zim are yu from?

Dhiabhorosi isnt a Shona word my sister

Give Ises

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 6/25/2015 5:51:05 PM

Seen!! @ Black Heart. Well said.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 6/25/2015 5:53:44 PM

Yes I!! @ VoodooRuutz! TRUTH SPOKEN (Medusa being Natty Afrikan Warrior Queen) fact I once read that the so-called "Amazon Queens" were in fact NOT from the Amazon (as the Greeks erroneously understood) but AFRIKAN. Serious warrior queens, and with locs! They even were known to cut of their left breast to facilitate archery.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 6/25/2015 5:58:56 PM

Medusa, a real woman, was the Afrikan serpent-goddess said to have worn a pouch around her waist containing live snakes that represented wisdom and renewal. She was said to have carried the original Gorgon mask to frighten off the unskilled, and it was painted red to symbolize the power of menstrual blood with “gruesome glaring eyes, bared fanged teeth and, like the Hindu Goddess Kali, a protruding tongue” Goddess Inspired. Her name derived from Egyptian Maat (Truth) “which also gives us the words medicine, mathematics, and Sanskrit medha (female wisdom)”. “The Gorgons were a trinity whose names were Medusa, Stheino, and Eurayle- or Wisdom, Strength, and Universality”. Blacked Out through White Wash

Afrikan cultures were unfamiliar to the people known as Europeans, and many of the Greek mythological creatures originate from Afrikan civilizations. The snake hair assessment, assuming these people(Greeks) did not know the name of the hairstyle, referred to it as snake hair later creating classic myths depicting a goddess that actually represented truth and was not a villain, into a monster, taught in schools as Greek mythology.

Snake hair and Dreadlocks?

The original, real life Medusa, supposedly had dreads and the origin of dreads through ancient discoveries existed before the fictional Medusa character was recreated. She was the snake Goddess which is how Europeans formed their version of a monster with hair of snakes, with a face that would turn any man to stone because of fear, which developed from the Gorgon mask she carried with her.

Messenger: reasoningtime Sent: 6/25/2015 6:26:12 PM

how come that all african rastas deny the bible while all european ones deal with it on this site? seems to me like we are afraid of something new. i think its right that many legends and even those of the bible come from africa but maybe its fatal to see all serpent symbols as something positive just because african traditions include those. maybe some of those serpent things are an offense to our god or they represent their enemies. you could be wrong.

we have to rethink historical facts and traditions sometimes. why did some people like the ones who work for disney, and we all know they are part of certain occult lodges, use an evil serpent for movies like the jungle book? there is a new horror move called "lucy" (from lucifer) and in one scene her eyes change into the eyes of a snake. where are those things coming from? honoring serpents is more than being afraid of superficial bible symbols you want to deny because they were brought by the europeans. its an occult thing. its everywhere in history. the horns, the dragon, the reptilian signs and serpents...those were the things who controlled people originally like the bible did afterwards. the bible as it is today is just an update. and the serpent as a sign of returning ancestors etc. might just exist parallel to those things.

so what does alborosie mean?

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 6/25/2015 10:32:06 PM

Greetings Reasoningtime,

"how come that all african rastas deny the bible while all european ones deal with it on this site? seems to me like we are afraid of something new"

Definitely something worthy of meditation/reflection. I don't think that its so much a denial of the bible, simply an overstanding of the AFRIKAN SOURCE of the bible, which obviously is important for InI, but ALL people to overstand as well. We are simply and NATURALLY adhering to Garvey's teaching "look at the world from behind the spectacles (perspective) of Ethiopia"

Give thanks

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 6/26/2015 2:41:39 AM

Lion of Judah

My other post couldve or shouldve been here about Djehuti/Y'hudi connection as Djehuti was called "Lion of the South" and Judah was the south
Also called "Lion of DREADFUL growl" and "Lion of Great strength"

"The SCEPTRE shall not depart from Y'huDa/DjehuTi
Djehuti is Ipicted holding staff

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/26/2015 2:39:24 PM

Rasta Goddess - give thankhs for the breakdown and research into the Kemetic origins of Medusa.

Ive missed alot, but this topic of discussion is pleasing to see.


Messenger: royal dawta Sent: 6/26/2015 5:14:30 PM

Zion Mountain read Proverbs 3 or Luke4 of d Shona Bible

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 6/26/2015 6:27:10 PM

I dont kno Shona but i see supm referring the word to snake?

I first thought may have cone from diablo if was of english origin

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