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1 - 1011 - 2021 - 3031 - 32
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Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 3/30/2016 12:55:14 PM


The Neter (The Great Divine)
as Neber Netcher Dja Ra-S-Tafari
(The All Encompassing Supreme Divinity That Lives In Us All) Gave Birth to Dja-Tahuti & Maat They Gave Birth to Nu and Nuut They Gave Birth to Ra & Muut They Gave Birth to Shu,Tefnuut, Geb Nefertem, Set, Nebrhet, Ausar & Auset They Give Birth to Heru and Heteru,
Ausar and Nebrhet Gave Birth to Ampuah.

Auset is the wife of Ausar the first GodKing and GoddessQueen of Afrika and the World.Goddess Auset as it is Written in The Nahest (Pert M Heru) looked for her husband without weary until she found his almost fatally wounded body done by his jealous brother Set the war God.Auset brought him to the Priestly Medical Doctors of our Continental Afrikan Nation of Ta Neteru.The Priest and Priestesses called on Great God Dja Tehuti for his Divine Advice.he instucted them to let her sleep by her wounded husband for the night.when morning came Lord Tehuti into the King and Queens Royal Chambers and ask the Goddess Queen what happens every morning to her Divine Husbands Manhood before he was wounded by his evil brother Set.she replied that it rises to meet the Sun.Then he sadly told her that Ausar is on his last breath, so she has to resurrect him, in order to save Nation.To do this Lord God Dja Tehuti instucted her to mount Ausar's Manhood and let him impregnate Her with his Last Divine Seed before Transcened to be with the Ancestors.Lord Tehuti left the Royal chambers so the these two divine soul mates could have their last Divine intimate moments to gather.9 months later Great God Ausar Resurrected from out of the Divine womb of Goddess Auset as their only begotten Son Heru The Great God of Victory and first Hero Super Hero of the World.he received these accolades when he grew up to be a warrior and avenged his father's death by casting Set into the ice.Set so scared of Auset mounting her dead husbands body to create a army of Herus sneaked into Ausar royal tomb and stole his body and chopped it up into 14 pieces and fed his manhood to the Crocodiles of the Nile.but they vomited it up after Realizing that this was not scavenged meat but Royal Divine Blood.but it was too late for Set cause Heru mated with Heteru and had many KINGS which became known till this day as the Heru KINGS all the way down to king Selassie I and Beyond.

[Now you know who is the father of the white world.Set and his band of homosexual and beastialty traitors mated with Neanderthals to create a hybrid race of white humanoides that has need terrorizing the World since their ungodly Birth.

We Also celebrate king Imaniwel resurrection on March 1 not white EASTER Friday.That's when Dada hosted the largest gathering of Rastafari s and that's the victory of the battle of Adowa when he was here as king Menelik ll, And of couse the day he founded the eabic which was originally eabnc

This March was also the day Elizabeth attempted a second crucifixition but failed cause Dada escaped the death blows of the po-lice battons then Rastafari people stayed in the grave of jamaica until Our king Selassie I Heru came to help his Spiritual father king Menelik who reborned down in Jamaica to deliver us from slavery as HOLY Imaniwel i Jah Rastafari

What we must understand is that their is different aspects of set but he still equals
Evil personified.set represents spiritually our lower nature and Ausar and Ausar if u are a woman the upper nature of Humanity.this is the foundation of Afrikan spirituality.upper is symbolized by the heart and mind and is righteousness wisdom love locality integrity honors defender spirit.

Lower nature is symbolized by ones manhood and womanhood.if it is not balanced and controlled by the upper nature it becomes pure becomes pure hate envy jealousy lust fear and greed.Set allowed his allowed his warrior gift to take control of the Divine righteous spirit that ruled his upper nature then a good warrior turned pure evil.

When one is ruled by Set Who represents the Lower Nature which is symbolized by the image of Heru with the Jakel head of Set protruding out of the side of the neck of Heru. When one is Controlled by ones Upper Nature which is symbolized by the image of Heru gaining victory over Set and seen holding Set with a dog's leach which Heru uses to defend the boat of a million years that holds the Neteru's.
Holy I Dja-Jah Rastafari

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 3/30/2016 5:42:19 PM

There is no concept of Evil as it is conceptionizalized in the Western Culture. Rather it is understood that the Forces of Entrophy are constantly working in nature to bring that which has been constructed by human hands to their original natural state.

What is the Devil Kemetically? How Does Kemetic Science See the Devil in Life?

There is no concept of devil or demon as is conceived by the Judo-Christian or Islamic traditions. Rather it is understood that manifestations of detrimental situations and adversities arise as a result of unrighteous actions. These unrighteous actions are due to the Setian qualities in the human being. Set is the Neteru of egoism and negative qualities which arise from egoism. Egoism is the idea of individuality based on identification with the body and the mind only as being who one is . One has no deeper awareness of their deeper spiritual essence , and thus no understanding of their connectedness to all other objects (includes persons) in creation and the divine self . When the Ego is under the control of the Higher nature , it fights the forces of entropy(as above). However, when beset with ignorance it leads to the degraded states of human existence. The vices of egoism, selfishness , extraverted ness , wonton, sexuality (lust), greed, malevolence, envy, gluttony are all a result

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