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Role of Caucasians acknowledging H.I.M. Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I

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Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 7/15/2015 6:48:04 PM

Praises Anishinaabeg Jiisakiwinini. Your response is wise and kind. Thank you.

"the master manipulators want racial violencia and tension, to ease and maintain their divide and rule. And it is working. Dont fool into that. We must linkup as a unit w our shared goal to achieve freedom for all. Every single unit of Livity. Dont be scared of different people but be weary of those who want us to be scared." -- If only I could have expressed this vibration so eloquently in the 'Double Standard' thread, there would have been less confusion and assumptious arguments. That thread was heated, but knowing the tricks of the 'master manipulators' allows us to beat their divide and conquer/rule. Praises for the OVERstanding..

I too agree with what GARVEYS AFRICA writes. Too many times a White man steal and control others native-land. White people need to know their direction and role when receiving a spiritual call of purifying growth from Jah Haile Selassie I. Respecting cultural differences/distances while maintaining strength of faith is essential. A fight for truth exists in chanting H.I.M Jah glory as a White man. Africans MUST be vigilant towards wolves in sheep clothing. A White man MUST be aware of differences/distances. This is why it is essential to know your role as a 'White Ras' so that the UNTIL and NEW RACE will be achieved in Jah Victory.

I thank those reasoning.

Jah Bless
One Love

Messenger: Anishinaabeg Jiisakiwinini Sent: 7/16/2015 8:24:07 AM

"ones who burn God haven't reached your "heights" as you also suggested"

No. Sorry for confusion. What I meant to convey was I and I always look towards growing spiritually all ways.
If GA "heights" dfrent than I, is cool.

To clarify I say "god" doesn't hafta mean bible God. I burn European bible God just same way. Some say Nature is God.
This word is especially open to interpretation to I.
I would NEVER
"fight against ones who sight they Livity outside of the Bible"
I can totally Raspect that.

Maybe atheist? If so I say that's ok for you

- AJ elDanI

Messenger: Anishinaabeg Jiisakiwinini Sent: 7/16/2015 8:35:23 AM

I give thanks for the I reasoning. I do yes agree with every single ting said in your last post. We share many values closely.
Reading old posts from the I, it is seen a lot of critical wisdom gained in a short time. Helping all who have witnessed your evolution Su abre los ojos, abre tu mente. It is so positive

Large up unno yaself
- AJ elDanI

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 7/16/2015 12:06:44 PM

Anishinaabeg Jiisakiwinini. What is it realy dat make u decide to mention I name in yo confusion? Did yu see I name in dis thread? When did yu hear mi sayin white man can't be RASTA? Is it bcos yu are full of gradges against I & I who shine de light of Black pride? Now dat de I has included I in dis reasoning I go respond to de topic with I question. Akbowledging HIM is a role in what, where, how? Brother yu can't move I from I stand. I man shall Itinue shinning de light of Black Ipremacy.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/16/2015 12:51:23 PM

Think a misoverstanding

Large up

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 7/16/2015 7:31:41 PM

Yes I Lord. de man is confused with his distorted version of de trod. I stand fo Black liberation. What does Anishinaabeg stand for? It seems like he is standing for de very same white ideology dat has bn used to brainwash & keep Black people into bondage. I man is used to dis kind of psychology whereby people use de name of his Majesty to fight against de very couse of de RASTA trod. Dem come with de Jesus ideology in disguise to divert RASTA from its cause. Dem can't fool I. One Black Love

Messenger: Anishinaabeg Jiisakiwinini Sent: 7/17/2015 9:11:16 AM

Well, offending Black heart was not my intention but it was a risk when reasoning bout a subject so sensitive to us all. After carefully re reading Black heart posts I admit he never says white cant be "rasta". This was my confusion your right and I deeply apologize.
I see for example we agree totally on the evolution tip thread exactly
I and I have more in common than is quickly apparent to us both.
I also very much loved what you said to humble one about sharing knowledge

"When did yu hear mi sayin white man can't be RASTA? Is it bcos yu are full of gradges against I & I who shine de light of Black pride?"

This a not true and this is your confusion. I hold no grudges. except towards white people, and I am working to overcome that as I stated bfore. I want Black Man and Black Wombman redemption in my Heart. I am simply offering my perspective and asking some hard questions. I also don't think my trod is distorted, but who thinks that of themself? I and I Standing proud next to you in ranks of JAH ARMY.

Large up Black heart
- AJ elDanI

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 7/17/2015 11:51:15 PM

Brother. Now dat I & I have realised each other "s confusion & we both in de Black liberation trod then mek I & I eliminate our confusion & trod on. Like I seh Rastafari is a Black Idemtion trod so anyone dat is in de trod haffe promote & fight fo Black liberation. Thus de role dat caucasians & everyone dat trod RASTA are expected to play is helping & partaking in de liberation & upliftment of de Black race. One Black Love

Messenger: Anishinaabeg Jiisakiwinini Sent: 7/18/2015 8:00:09 AM


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