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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/4/2015 5:44:25 AM

Something different...

I was reasoning with one of my Conscious sistren about Lotus Births. She was trying to tell me how this is the Natural way of birthing and is all about self empowerment .... yadda yadda.......

"It's an ancient practice today known as a lotus birth. It is how our great greats used to birth before the intervention of the modern practice of cord severance..
This is the most natural way method of birth. There are many benefits which include full blood transfer from placenta, the life support for the baby in previous 9 months, to the baby.""

Water births, Lotus births, Home births any1 else have an opinion on this? Sistren inparticular? And how much would the MAN have a say in the way his child is birthed?

For me: Why put the baby at risk? Give me a hospital, doctor, nurse and midwife thankyou dearly. And what about cases of failed or delayed delivery of the placenta? Or when the baby requires rescue breaths etc dem can't sit and wait for the placenta to come...... Still I know cutting da cord TOO early can be harmful


Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 1/4/2015 1:54:01 PM

Oneness Aset Heru, Misgana GARVEY I for this topic and the beautiful image of the mama and child.
Iwombman Sistren is trained as a doula, which is similar to a midwife. I asked the Sistren Ipinion on this one and she said:

"Anything I tell you in opinion and/or a hypothesis based on my experience bc there isn't scientific evidence or valuable studies on this yet. People who do lotus births or keep the placenta do it mainly for religious/cultural/traditional/or spiritual reasons. It's not medically beneficial and I'll explain why. Background facts: The cord has two arteries and one vein. After the baby is born for about 2-5 mins the arteries are pumping the blood in the placenta to the baby. Like a one-way street. A third of the baby's blood supply is in the placenta and so the cord needs to remain in tact so that that transfer can happen. After that happens, you can tell bc the cord will become mostly white. The misconception is that it will then stop pulsating. The truth is the vein will back-pump small amounts of the baby's blood back to the placenta. I know this bc I've seen it and felt it. So, in my professional opinion, it is best to clamp and cut the cord after the initial transfer happens and the arteries stop functioning. Once the placenta is seperated from the baby, there's no medical need to keep it. Again, just cultural/spiritual beliefs. There is a different conversation about consuming the placenta if you're interested in that."

The same Sistren is an instructor in hypnobirthing, which is a process by which wombman Iditate on the birth as a nonpainful and natural process. She is also a proponent of water birth! I know she comes with a lot of Ixperience in doula practice, both in and outside hospital, and birthed her second daughater naturally. Istren claim it is a mostly mental process!

Bless. Guidance and Life.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/4/2015 2:35:41 PM

What are her thoughts on water birth? Surely as the same as Lotus birth? And from that explanation I got its a Superstition thing.......... Give thanks for the medical breakdown.

What are YOUR thoughts once it comes time for yourself to bare child?

I've heard of women, and even couples, which eat the placenta. My thoughts on this would be the same again although I know it occurs in the animal kingdom. For me, Rasta don't eat anything from or around the under parts, and done! Furthermore, as an Italist, to eat a blood source, it just can't go so....

What would you consider a natural birth? And if the means of 'unnatural' births lowers the percentage of still births would you change your position? Unfortunately I have no evidence on this.....although I'm sure it's out there. My whole thing is, for thousands of years, all the way back to Ancient Africa, medical assistance for birthing has been utilised. I think even C-sections go back to Imhotep......

Yes, BigUp JahCHILD everytime

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/4/2015 2:39:31 PM

I also think these forms of birthing are more common in the FIRST WORLD than women of the 'Third world' countries. Would you agree? I'm not sure what inferences can be made from that but I think its a thing....

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 1/4/2015 3:53:21 PM

Bless-sings and love JAH King.
I Sistren is a supporter of water births and has attended several safe, natural, peaceful water births in homes and in hospitals.
Iman Ras Andrew's youngest son was born in a bath in the home also! Safe and natural. The mama is a midwife also!
Iwombman personally have foresItes to grow and birth natural human children in Ifrican lands where Iwombman plan to live into the Ites of ages... As I have mentioned previously, this is simply because Iwombman have trod in the Mamaland and love the land and people so deeply, and want to raise I natural children in the land as well as care for and educate orphan children in JAH HAILE seen?
Also I&I a natural wombman, I do not take mediSins from babylon if I can avoid it, a choice I have committed to for a couple years so far. Babylon needles and latex do not come near Iwombman. I also have sIght the politricks shituation and wanna let I natural human children remain free from all that, seen? For all these reasons I hope to someday have natural childbirth in the home and not register the births either, and will try the water one too because it seems nice and relaxing. Having felt some severe menstrual pain as it is, I think that I can imagine the feeling of childbirth and I can see how a warm bath would feel relieving.
Yes Iwombman Igree with the I Ras, I would not eat a placenta nor would I eat a chicken egg.
Well sIghted about ImHtp cesarean instruments, I think I have Seen this in a Yochannan tour of KMT video. Will try to sight and update the I. But also, the I should realEyes, that while the Incient I's may utilise csection when necessary, female of many animal species have vaginally birthed with poise and power for millions of years. Iwombman personally seen many animals and a couple human wombman do this beautifully, and know that it is not a thing to be feared.
A doctor once told I Sistren that c section is safer, and I's must know, this is a lie, especially when it comes to risk of infection afterwards simply because hospitals are grotesquely filthy. It is a money scam, as is most of babylon medical system. That is how Iwombman sIght at this time!
Give Ises for lIfe, Iwombman hope to have a more personal perspective on this someday. Haha
RasTafarI love.

Messenger: Sister Sent: 1/4/2015 4:08:57 PM

Ha! I think I should have given birth with pethidine, epidural, nitrous oxide, eating Krispie Krem Kakes, watching Jerry Springer, fully dressed, with heels, attached to a machine, being filmed for YouTube consumers. Even better, an elective c-section under general anaesthetic, why put the baby through all that rite of passage business?! How unnecessary, how irresponsible!
Seriously though I haven’t heard of the lotus birthing, am sure there is an element of sense in it but maybe not the best thing for the whole family? I respect natural decisions such as this but I don’t know, as a vegan I wouldn’t want to carry a slab of my innards around, or eat it and am not sentimental enough about the flesh to want to give it a burial either. That’s my gut reaction and maybe not a deeply reasoned one, I respect those that reset the boundaries in the right direction. As long as it provides a healthy and positive experience for the mother and child and is in line with their livity, its ok.
Check out Ina May Gaskin for some examples if you’re genuinely interested in spiritual birth. She’s pale face buts she’s roots.
Give thanks for birth.
Blessed Love.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/4/2015 6:25:59 PM

re:Caesarian sections.

C-sections aren't by choice. Outside of Hollywood,

C-sections are when the indicators during pregnancy show the birth will be a high risk of things such as neonatal infection from the mother, stillbirth, delayed labour when the shoulder becomes stuck / shoulder dystocia. Some births naturally are even at risk of maternal death. Or alternatively, if signs show for some reason the fetus is distressed within the mother near time of labour. In nature, one cannot deny the occurance of problems happening at birth to mother and child, C-sections are one last resort method of preventing this. Isis to the Incients.

I know the healthcare system in America probably has it so women want it like a fashion thing or to avoid the pain and reh reh. 'Elective' vs Emergency C-sections, But that wasn't the purpose and I don't cite that as Imhotep intentions.

Hail up, Give thanks and Irie I

Messenger: Sister Sent: 1/5/2015 12:56:53 AM

Give thanks Garvey's African for the explanation.
I was intending to make light of the way it is the 'norm' for women to be, unfortunately, as passive and least conscious as possible, not that it is desirable or normal to opt for surgical removal of baby. Women are often encouraged to feel irresponsible for wanting to take self-control of birthing, as if our natural instincts are not to be trusted and socially unacceptable. The picture you posted, not sure if it is someone you know, she looks empowered. Women have been giving birth since when and only recently seen as needing some form of anaesthetising, even if it's just TV and donuts, and institutionalising as regulation. I would not put down any woman for needing medical or surgical intervention, but neither would I discredit a woman who makes positive choices about her birthings and opts to be there fully. I just aint eating my afterbirth.
Give thanks for life and our introduction to it.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/5/2015 4:53:20 AM

^Lol I hear that! I wonder what dem do with it maybe fry it like a frittaz? The idea seems crazy to me again I wonder if it's a modern / first world superstitious thing or whether people have long being doing it.

Strange but interesting reasoning


Messenger: Sister Sent: 1/5/2015 4:30:27 PM

See 'placentophagy' - seems to have a long and wide history, including a mention of Egypt in Wikipedia, not much in modern times apart from China. It's debated whether it is 'cannibalism', but to I it would make as much sense to eat than a part of another species does, so am not moved here or there by that term. It's what it represents that gives it it's powers, more so than its basic nutritional content I would think.
Give thanks always.

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