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Children are joy

1 - 1011 - 2021
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Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 12/14/2014 9:53:35 PM

I do have the uppertunity. It's just a matter of co-upperation with their mother who do not live Rasta way, but if they give it a chance the results will encourage them to keep a alternative schooling happening. The children will really see the difference between Babylon and Zion ways. Help them see it learn and make conscious choices, strengthen the spiritual will so the King of Kings Hails Selassie I rules and reigns in all things. For education is to learn how to serve JAH WAYS not Babylon systym

See how Moses and Joseph were learned in Egypt and became great, and how Daniel Sandrach Mishael and Abendego were slaves in babelon tooken by king of Babylon: Nebuchadnezzar. They were trained for 3 years then started to serve the king and they had a influence of JAH light in high places yes the light must shine out of.

See how Rasta can be taught and learned in babelon systym but use what was learned for JAH will and glory.

In fire but na get burned, in babelon but nah get confused.

Babylon I see as something to be conquered not to run away from. To defeat the beast, liberation is not runnin away from d'evil but in defeating it. Repatriation is a must and defending the promised land means conqueroring Babylon

1 - 1011 - 2021

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Haile Selassie I