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Wanting to become Rastafari

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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 11/24/2014 12:47:21 PM

WISE question and idea King Garvey Iyah. Thanks and love.

Bless Iyah Niko, Iwombman will offer a viewpoint on the Iyaric language and the use of the words "I&I" "InI" and so on.
I have shared this in an email so I's may recognize what I say here:
Iwombman am a native "southern" American. Iwombman was raised in an English-speaking home in San Diego CA and graduated high school in SD, and I&I am in an American college. So I&I know how to speak and write "American" English very well... But there are specific choices that I make in speaking that WORDSOUNDPOWER, writing, thinking, etc. Anything idea-related in this human CONsciousness has to have words associated. That is how I&I as humans have been able to take the innate spiritual knowledge of JAH, and all the "unconscious" truths of human life, and regurgitate it over the centuries - through words. Without words, thoughts are very loose, and can be real, but cannot as easily be adequately shared with other people. So I&I have to think and speak and write in some form of words, and of course that form is most likely going to be the one that a person was brought up in. But I&I as RasTafarI have to think more carefully and formulate words with the full Overstanding of Word Sound Power, a multilayered factor. So from a native tongue I&I have formulated the language of IYARIC.

"Iyaric" the word itself, I&I think, sounds similar to the English name of the KING'S Ethiopic language, Amharic. Called Amarina in its own language, like Espanol v Spanish. The word IYA is the wordsoundpower HIGHER, but it has the inclusion of I, which is a symbol I&I use in the Iyaric language to repRASent the Almighty, the Most High, JAH. So I&I say Iyaric because it is meant to lift one to the ITES (heights) by emphasizing the IYAR (higher) vibrations, and the INITY of I&I.

First of all, please know that I view Iself (myself) and I (you) as essentially the same material, the material being JAH. From the way I overstand the
Iniverse (universe), the only material that makes up the things that I&I(we) THINK we are seeing and feeling, are "particles" dancing energetically around "each other". But still no one has been able to identify the smallest actual "particle" - as far as each scientist has been able to break down the atom, the smallest things are still known to be bigger collections of things spinning around each other in electromagnetic patterns. They also trade and share "particles" to seemingly change materials, when in reality it is all one material. This tells Iwombman that the thing humans have called "energy" is a force that moves through everything and makes up the illusion of each thing Ixisting (existing), although truly the only thing, the biggest all-encompassing, unnamable, is all the same thing existing at different vibrational frequencies (this is how atoms differentiate types of atom, thru negative and positive "particles") all at the same time - seen?
So therefore I&I, Amanda and Niko, are actually two pieces of the one thing that is in and through and above all, which I personally call JAH in many circumstances, but many have also called RA, AMEN, HaShem (the name), EL, AUSET, ιδεδύ YAHWEH, ራ;ስ; ተ;ፈ;ሪ; RAS TAFARI, MOST HIGH, THE I AM, ALPHA AND OMEGA, EL SHADDAI, IAH, YAH, JAHOVIA, among many, many other names. The point is that there is not a one name, nor has there ever been a one name, that can tame or Ixplain (explain) something so big as the creator of the Iniverse.
This is why I say I&I instead of "you", Iman instead of "his", Iwombman instead of "mine", Iyah instead of "her", etc. Just using "the I" to fill in all pronouns, because I&I JAH is all that is, echad (together, complete unity - Hebrew transliteration).
The biblical stories of HaShem and HaSatan (Hebrew words meaning the name,and the adversary) seem to Iwombman to be telling a story of a creative force which operates on a very Innective (connective) vibrational resonance, and from that creation, a part that began to resonate destructively, in other words began to vibrate on a different level. To Iwombman this is why "heaven" came to be thought of as happy, comforting, "with God", and "hell" came to be known as eternal separation and loneliness.

That is a summary of the phrases "I" and "I&I" (some say InI), which, as Iwombman can see, is the basis of the Iyaric language. Innection of all things on a vibrational, quantum physics level.

I hope this helps the I Niko to Overstand a little more about the speech of I&I RasTafarI, and about why it is important to pay close attention to the words that I&I use. Give thanks for the question and please feel free to ask any more questions necessary.

One love to all of Creationkind.

Messenger: Niko Sent: 11/24/2014 7:04:46 PM

Thank I&I for all the knowledge and the Intelligence that all the I&I has given, i find it very useful and i am extremely grateful to all the I&I. now i have a question about the hair of the rastafari, Why do rastafari grow their hair? what does it symbolize and is it required?

Thank all I&I and have a blessed day

Messenger: anonymous Sent: 11/25/2014 9:11:18 AM

nazarite vow and The Dreadlocks represents A lion's mane (haile selassie ethiopia) etc

Haile I

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 11/25/2014 6:14:45 PM

Give thanks for the input Anon I.
Give thanks for the question I NIko.
I would say that each person grows their hair for a different reason, and for some it does repRASent the Lion. For some it is in accordance with the Nazarite Vow (Numbers ch.6) which is about more than hair, it's about cleanliness and separation for Yhwh as well as obedience to certain aspects of the Hebrew religion, such as blood sacrifice. Most RasTafarI Nazarites have taken a lifelong vow, meaning the vow is never "completed" and the doves/pigeons never sacrificed or burned, in this case.
For others, growing the hair is simply the most natural option, and dreadlocks also come naturally. It is not always about what someone else or what the bible commands, but about what Iyest I has declared Right. Iwombman know some who cut the hair short, but know more about Haile Selassie I and Marcus Garvey than ones who say RasTa and have fancy salon loccs. The hair thing is not the ultimate goal nor the utmost importance.
That being said, Iwombman stay dread for reasons of natural Livity, for practicality, and as a personal choice not to cut I&I hair at all, because the Irit always felt chopped when I used to chop the hair. It was like a dilemma every time I would notice split ends, and feel like society expects I to cut the split ends off. I once had a boyfriend who would make comments about this sort of thing. And I would war within Iself about cutting hair, and then eventually I just decided, I don't care what people say, I don't like cutting it. The dreadlocks came later when Iwombman learned about natural soaps and decided to leave the salon products. Natural soaps clean well, but do not make the hair easy to comb. So I threw away the comb.
I know ones also say that hair is an electromagnetic transceiver, antennae in a way, and that the coils of the dreadlocked hair are better suited for electromagnetic conductivity than the combed-out or straightened hair. This is another reason for some people who grow dreadlocks.
No one is here to force anyone else to trod in the Livity. These are all personal choices, and Iwombman would say as long as there is a pure loving intention and a logical reason, the I should do whatever the I wills to do - hair or otherwise.
Blessed love and Inity.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/25/2014 6:18:23 PM

As an outward expression of I culture

Messenger: Niko Sent: 11/25/2014 7:16:16 PM

Thanks to the I Jah child, for clearing that up, and to the rest of the I's for their helpful input as well.
one love to all I&I's

Messenger: DURU Sent: 11/25/2014 7:45:44 PM

blessed to all

yes I , Niko , dread locks is simply NATURAL .


Messenger: Ras Raza Sent: 11/26/2014 3:12:11 AM

Things have to go as they should go, seen?

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