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Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 11/11/2014 2:25:05 AM

"400 Years"- Bob Marley.

400 years (400 years, 400 years. Wo-o-o-o) And it's the same -The same (wo-o-o-o) philosophy I've said it's four hundred years; (400 years, 400 years. Wo-o-o-o, wo-o-o-o) Look, how long (wo-o-o-o) And the people they (wo-o-o-o) still can't see. Why do they fight against the poor youth of today? And without these youths, they would be gone -All gone astray

Come on, let's make a move: (make a move, make a move. Wo-o-o-o, wo-o-o-o) I can (wo-o-o-o) see time (wo-o-o-o) - time has come, And if-a fools don't see (fools don't see, fools don't see. Wo-o-o-o) I can't save the youth: The youth (wo-o-o-o) is gonna be strong. So, won't you come with me; I'll take you to a land of liberty Where we can live - live a good, good life And be free.

Look how long: 400 years, (400 years, 400 years) -Way too long! (wo-o-o-o) That's the reason my people (wo-o-o-o) - my people can't see. Said, it's four hundred long years - (400 years, 400 years. Wo-o-o-o) Give me patience (wo-o-o-o) - same philosophy.

It's been 400 years, (400 years, 400 years) Wait so long! Wo-o-o-o, wo-o-o-o. How long? 400 long, long years

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 11/11/2014 1:22:10 PM

The events of the past 150 years require no extended recitation from us. The period of colonialism into which we were plunged culminated with our continent fettered and bound; with our once proud and free peoples reduced to humiliation and slavery; with Africa’s terrain cross-hatched and chequer-boarded by artificial and arbitrary boundaries. Many of us, during those bitter years, were overwhelmed in battle, and those who escaped conquest did so at the cost of desperate resistance and bloodshed. Others were sold into bondage as the price extracted by the colonialists for the ‘protection’ which they extended and the possessions of which they disposed. Africa was a physical resource to be exploited and Africans were chattels to be purchased bodily or, at best, peoples to be reduced to vassalage and lackeyhood. Africa was the market for the produce of other nations and the source of the raw materials with which their factories were fed.

Today, Africa has emerged from this dark passage. Our Armageddon is past. Africa has been reborn as a free continent and Africans have been reborn as free men. The blood that was shed and the sufferings that were endured are today Africa’s advocates for freedom and unity. Those men who refused to accept the judgment passed upon them by the colonisers, who held unswervingly through the darkest hours to a vision of an Africa emancipated from political, economic, and spiritual domination, will be remembered and revered wherever Africans meet. Many of them never set foot on this continent. Others were born and died here. What we may utter today can add little to the heroic struggle of those who, by their example, have shown us how precious are freedom and human dignity and of how little value is life without them. Their deeds are written in history.

Africa’s victory, although proclaimed, is not yet total, and areas of resistance still remain. Today, We name as our first great task the final liberating of those Africans still dominated by foreign exploitation and control. With the goal in sight, and unqualified triumph within our grasp, let us not now falter or lag or relax. We must make one final supreme effort; now, when the struggle grows weary, when so much has been won that the thrilling sense of achievement has brought us near satiation. Our liberty is meaningless unless all Africans are free- Haile Selassie

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/11/2014 11:59:59 PM

VoodooRuutz - got it in one brother

MAAFA tribe burn predestination.

Although there is a fine line between things being predetermined and things following along the natural Order of the Inverse.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 11/14/2014 11:04:26 PM

Marcus - God In Man Friday, August 26, 1927

0 weary son of sorrow great!

How apt art thou to bow and grieve,

And count all things thy solemn fate,

As if thou canst not self retrieve!

May I not tell the story true

Of that Eternal Force that is-

The Force that makes the world and you;

The Force that rules and ever lives?

Thou art the living force in part,

The Spirit of the Mighty I;

The God of Heaven and your heart

Is Spirit that can never die.

You're what you are in heart and mind,

Because you will it so to be;

The man who tries himself to find,

Is light to all, and great is he.

In each and every one is God,

In everything atomic life;

There is no death beneath the sod,

This fact, not knowing, brings the strife.

Words of Marcus Garvey

Marcus - Your Lesson!

1. The skies and stars are there, and sun and moon,

They move and shine for you and me each day,

Our journey here is short-exit is soon,

In such a change to be I have no say.

2. But in the link between this life and death,

I am the master of myself, I know;

I gather knowledge with natural breath,

And I shall surely reap just what I sow.

3. Yes, from the world I learn a lesson true,

No race nor colour proves me less in clan;

I need not quibble for or curse my hue,

That makes of me, like anyone, a man.

4. My God, so great, has made all things and me,

My place and grip on life are ever here;

So inferior being I ne'er shall be,

I learn from Nature grand, that's everywhere.

Messenger: Ras Raza Sent: 11/15/2014 11:07:48 AM

Bless up Marcus' word power.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 11/20/2014 2:09:37 AM

I wonder was Lij Tafari APPOINTED by JAH ALLMIGHTY IRATOR to sit on.the throne of King David, to be The KINGS

Was Menen Asfaw APPOINTED to be Empress?

These wonders of Imwnitys story are nit coincidence or mere human will. There is a higher power influence on all and through all . Truth is omni present but lies is just distorting or confusing the truth, hence babel, Babylon.

Know clearly what this great spirit Iya and Iya all are part of , oh whole ,whola one of creation, I bow to you ,Selassie I, I n I spirit is one, remove the illusions of limitations from the people's minds , yes most high infinite one, praise your new name Rastafari! The earth and heaven has summoned this man spirit and God to be known. Very well.

Unity is key. To move in harmony . Forward , movement of JAH people, oh humanity, open your eyes and see the futures hope. Rastafari is future , now a young gardens all over, soon to be forests and jungles. Mystery Babylon your days are appointed to end now.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 11/20/2014 2:41:34 AM

Earths rightful rightful ruler is taking over, wickedness is but for a time but the Righteousness of the Lord endures forevermore
Your destiny is set, what you have sown Babylon you will harvest, the pit you have dug you will fall in you will bury in , along with the devil and jezebel. The fire and spirit of JAH has turned you to dust , no more will you lie and deceive, no more will you be able to cheat and steal JAH Children, for they have found unity with the father of creation as the son of man did. This is for all people and the whola one of creation, the restoration of order and harmony, diversity and interconnection of the earth land flora and fauna as one , one earth one aim one destiny

Love your mother and father , man love your wife and child, serve man then one will learn how to serve Jah creator and creation righteously and in glory and love . give all heart to JAH Know what's good for you, study life deeply and know, don't be led by blind faith, but have a confidence like when David took Goliath, like when Haille Selassie I took Mussolini. Scum must and will be removed out of mankind , off from earth and eliminated, terminate time. JAH has the perfect tools and instruments for the work, appointed, its a privilege from the Father. Oh whola one of creation! I am a child of the universe I have been here befor and I will be here again and to face evil with good and to face darkness with light....what is there to fear ? Life will live and death will remain dead, those who stand up for justice put their life on the line, but to give ones life for the living to to live eternal, where is death, no Where, its just what happens when theres no livity, comfort will not hold Rastafari down from the journey, no distraction, jus assistance , blessedness, now is the time, movement of JAH People. This light is going get REAL BRIGHT.....FIRE


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