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Messenger: Matthew Sent: 9/22/2014 8:33:10 PM

Faith should get stronger the greater the adversity we face. RasTafarI people should rise above the ways of the world, the ways of man. If our faith is truly in Selassie I we can't be moved or falter. Father is our rock and will never let I down. We are in the world but not of the world so earthly things shouldn't break I.. RasTafarI is I foundation that can never be moved or crumble. weakness is of man not of Jah and only leads to more weakness and eventual self destruction. first the spirit then the mind and eventually the flesh... In destruction of self is the opportunity to rebuild stronger faith, stronger spirit stronger self.

12 months of self drought is over it is now time to rebuild...

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 9/23/2014 1:08:11 AM

To win, to have victory, is for there to let JAH increase but me to decrease, humble self into into obedience of JAH WILL for I, stand in divine solidarity, Most Highest is Zion , Zion is Arising from the Earth and Coming down from the star filled heavens and out from with in us .
Perfect Love and Inity Jah Children. Harmony IandI.

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 9/23/2014 2:49:01 PM

Blessings & Strength & Love my Lord honourable Jah Matthew!

Bless Up!

Messenger: Sister Sent: 9/23/2014 3:41:38 PM

Welcome forward, has the I been working on life?
Jah Bless

Messenger: RAS NATE Sent: 9/23/2014 4:59:10 PM

Bless up Ras Matthew.More strength to the I.

Selassie InI

Messenger: Sister Sent: 9/27/2014 2:13:29 PM

Di road narra an steep
I sistrin
Di road to damnation
Is a broad smooth road.
But di road
to Mount Zion
Is a narra-narra road
Is a steep-steep road.

Di road rugged an steep
I sistrin
It blista di foot
It tes out de Irit
For Satan done lose
But outa spite im a-try weary
Di patience of I an' I
Jah Righteous Saints.

Di jerney lang an ard
I sistrin
Di jerney to Satan
Is a easy-east wan
But di jerney to Mount Zion
It lang an wearysome
Yet I'll neva turn back
Though di fire be hot.

From di narra-narra road
From di steep-steep road
I shall not
Shall not leave
Di lang
An tiresome road
To Mount Zion.

(Iyawata Farika Birhan)

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 11/5/2014 8:00:34 AM

more fire, more strength

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 11/21/2014 12:03:18 AM

RISE UP ye people, Rastafari People, Jah free IandI people
GIVE strength to the weak, a joyfull song to those who do no wrong
for JAH is the strongest arm , JAH is IandI strong arm

Down ina Babylon IandI do right and never wrong
Down ina Babylon IandI do right and never wrong
Down ins Babylon IandI do right and never wrong
! Caught up to the Lord!
InI nah bow down to satanic fear lust anger greed jealousy
IandI is caught up to the Lord of lords
the God of Gods the King of Kings you see
To JAH Rastafari IandI am in servitude
Peace love joy harmony gratitude

Bow down oh, bow down oh my soul
Bow down to only JAH you know the ways of life with STRENGTH
Show and give the truth with love
Set JAH People Free!
Set JAH People Free!
Set JAH People free.............

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Haile Selassie I