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1 - 1011 - 2021 - 3031 - 33
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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 10/27/2014 7:26:43 PM

Most High prosperity and Hotep to all I Beings.
RASpect and love to the King of Kings and his Queen.

ChantDownBabylon I&I,
Iwombman would try to see it as encouraging, when relationships with acquaintances fizzle. This means that it was not a well-paired relationship. When the I meet a person whose soul can see the I soul, then this person will have a bond with the I, and no matter where the I go, this person will be with the I in Iritual sense. Sometimes this person is not easy to find; the more complicated the I own soul, the more complex-minded the person who will Overstand it. If people come and go, then, realize that all of life is shifting and changing allways, and it is for the best that these things happen. The people who are meant to stay in Iman's life will stay. So seek purity, truth, and seek to be Ma'at within the I self, and the I will attract people who are also walking in peace at a High level of thought.
The only wall built up around Iman is the one self-built; this I know from Ixperience.

Bless-sings and peace.

Messenger: ChantDownBabylon Sent: 10/28/2014 3:11:24 PM

Thanks for the motivating words.

Yes, the Babylon messes up the I's mind badly and sometimes I must struggle hard with all these bad thoughts. Besides, so many of our Brethren and Sistren are enslaved by the wickedness. They worship money, power, or their own egos, instead of Love.

I don't know if there'd be a more valuable thing for the I than meeting someone who will really overstand the I and share the same values.

Bless you

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 10/31/2014 1:28:46 AM

Patience, stand strong alone equals standing strong together, when ye are truely ready and prepared those relations will come, all things in JAH perfect timing, JAH be moved by the Good Spirit now n allwsys, one love Idren
Let the words of JAH RASTAFARI fill your mind.
Search and you will find, knock and it will be opened.
The kingdom of heaven is within , from out of the heart come the things of life, so purify the heart , let the Ma'at function in your temple and as things shift within so the will shift without(around you) likewise changes in our invironment will change our over well being, every little action has a reaction and know , right now , the effect of JAHS LOVE upon your life- heart mind body n soul


1 - 1011 - 2021 - 3031 - 33

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Haile Selassie I