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The Seven Principles of
Maat - Universal
topic posted Sun, August 21, 2011 - 11:00 PM by Metaphysics
The Seven Principles of Maat -
Universal Principles
I. The Principle of Psychokinesis
"MIND is, thought; the universe is a
mental creation. This first great
Principle embodies the idea that "All is
Mind." It explains that is the
substantial essence underlying all the
outward manifestations and
appearances that you know under the
terms of "the material universe," "the
phenomena of life," "matter,"
"energy," "space-time," "distance,"
"speed," "relativity," and, in short, all
that is apparent to your material
senses) is SPIRIT. This SPIRIT may be
considered and thought of as A
This living MIND performs
gastrulation, that is a turning of itself
inside out, manifesting its esoteric
NATURE outwardly. Therefore, all the
phenomenal worlds and universes
are simply a mental creation of
(MIND), subject to the laws of created
things, and the universes, as a whole
and in their parts or units, have their
existence in the Mind. It is in this Mind
that we "live and move and have our
CREATION is the Principle that
establishes the mental nature of the
universes and easily explains all of the
varied mental and psychic
phenomena. Without such
explanation these phenomena are
not understandable and defy scientific
inspection. An understanding of this
first great Principle of Psychokinesis
empowers the individual to
comprehend the laws of the mental
universe, and to apply the same to his
or her well being and RHYTHMED
The serious student is empowered to
apply intelligently the great mental
laws, instead of using them in a
haphazard manner. With the Master
Key in his or her possession, the
student may unlock the many doors
of the mental and psychic sanctuaries
of knowledge and enter the same
freely and intelligently.
This Principle explains the NATURE of
matter, energy, space-time, and why
and how all these are subordinate to
the mastery of mind. Those who
understand the knowledge of the
mental nature of the universe are well
advanced on the path to mastery.
Without this master key, mastery is
impossible, and the student knocks in
vain at the many doors of Creation.
The lack of knowledge of this principle
is why modern man thinks that the
Pyramids were built by aliens. This
knowledge can't be acquired or
developed by going to church or
reading old desert based religious
books full of religiosity and
denominational benightedness.
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Re: The Seven Principles of Maat -
Universal Principles 08/21
III. The Principle of Vibration
"Nothing rests; everything moves;
everything vibrates." This Principle
embodies the idea that everything is
in motion; everything vibrates; nothing
is at rest; facts science endorses and
each new scientific discovery tends to
verify. Yet this Principle was
enunciated thousands of years ago
with masters of old. This Principle
explains that the differences between
various manifestations of matter,
energy, space-time, mind, and even
spirit result largely from varying rates
of vibration.
From CREATION'S copulation is pure
spirit, down to the grossest form of
matter, all is in vibration. From the "in
and out of bond infinite times in a
finite moment" (CREATION'S
copulation), to the expansion and
collapse of a universe, the rate of
vibration is observed as states of
"proper" time. The higher the
vibration, the higher the position in
the scale.
The vibration of spirit is at such an
infinite rate of intensity and rapidity
that it is seemingly at rest -- just as a
rapidly turning wheel seems to be
motionless. At the other end of the
scale, there are gross forms of matter
whose vibrations are so low as to
seem at rest.
Between these two opposing points,
there are billions upon billions of
varying degrees of vibration. From
quark, squark, lepton, slepton,
electron, atom, and molecule, to
planets and universes, everything is in
vibratory motion. This is also true in
the fields of energy and force (are but
varying degrees of vibration); and also
at the mental levels (whose states
depend upon vibrations); and even at
the spiritual levels. All the Principles
have an interrelationship with
Vibration draws its NATURE from the
copulation of CREATION. An
understanding of the Principle, with
the appropriate application,
empowers the student to control their
own mental vibrations as well as those
of others. The masters also apply this
Principle to the conquering of natural
phenomena in various ways. "Those
who understand the Principle of
Vibration have taken hold of the
scepter of power."
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Re: The Seven Principles of Maat -
Universal Principles 08/21
IV. The Principle of Opposition
"Everything is dual; everything has an
opposing point; everything has its pair
of opposites; like and unlike are the
same; opposites are identical in
nature, but different in degree;
extremes bond; all truths are but
partial truths; all paradoxes may be
This Principle embodies the idea that
everything is dual; everything has two
opposing sides; everything has its pair
of opposites, of all are ancient
aphorisms. It explains the paradoxes
that have perplexed so many and
have been stated as follows: "Thesis
and antithesis are identical in nature,
but different in degree"; "opposites
are the same, differing only in
degree"; "the pairs of opposites may
reconciled"; "in and out of bond
"extremes bond"; "everything is and is
not at the same time"; "every truth is
partially false"; "all truths are a
paradox"; "there are at least two sides
to every story," etc. It explains that in
everything there are two opposing
points or opposite aspects
(complementarity), and that opposites
are really only the two extremes of the
same event, with many varying
degrees between them. To illustrate,
"hot and cold," although opposites,
are really the same phenomenon, the
differences consisting merely of
degrees of the same "event."
Look at your thermometer and see if
you can discover where hot
terminates and cold begins! In
actuality, there is no such thing as
absolute hot or absolute cold -- the
two terms "hot" and "cold" simply
indicate varying degrees of the same
event, and that same event that
manifests as hot and cold is merely a
form, variety, and rate of vibration. So
"hot" and "cold" are simply the two
opposing points of that you call
"temperature" -- and the phenomena
attendant thereupon are
manifestations of the Principle of
The same Principle is involved in the
case of "light and darkness," which
are the same event, the difference
consisting of varying degrees between
the two opposing points of the
phenomenon. Where does darkness
leave off and light begin? What is the
difference between "large and small,"
"hard and soft," "black and white,"
"sharp and dull," "noise and quiet,"
"high and low," "positive and
negative?" The Principle of Opposition
explains these paradoxes.
The same Principle operates on the
spiritual and mental levels. Take an
example from the mental level -- that
of "love and hate" -- two mental states
apparently totally different. Yet there
are degrees of hate and degrees of
love, and a middle point in you use
the terms "like or dislike," which shade
into each other so gradually that
sometimes you are at a loss to know
whether you like or dislike or neither.
All are simply degrees of the same
event as you will find if you will but
feel it for a moment. More than this
(and considered of more importance
by the students), it is possible to
change the vibrations of hate to the
vibrations of love in one's own mind
and in the minds of others. Many of
you who read these lines have had
personal experiences of the
involuntary rapid transition from love
to hate, and the reverse, in your own
case and that of others.
You will therefore realize the
possibility of this being accomplished
by the use of the Will, by means of
knowing the Will. "Good and evil" are
but opposing points of the same
event, and the student understands
the art of altering evil into good by
means of an application of the
Principle of Opposition.
In short, the Art of Immersion
becomes a phase of Psychokinesis
known and practiced by the ancient
and modern masters. All the Principles
have an interrelationship with
Opposition. Opposition draws its
NATURE from the copulation of
CREATION -- the Big Bang if you will.
An understanding of the Principles will
empower one to change their own
vibration as well as that of others, if
they will devote the time and study
necessary to master the art.
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Re: The Seven Principles of Maat -
Universal Principles 08/21
V. The Principle of Rhythm
"Everything flows out and in;
everything has its season; all things
rise and fall; the pendulum swing
expresses itself

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