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How to prepare raw Ital

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Messenger: littleshrub Sent: 11/14/2014 8:37:41 AM

Blessed love for this reasoning I, InI have blessed I self and Queen with as raw a way of being as InI may find I self living, months as ones may say of only raw foods for InI and an awing reach to this earth I have remained. InI found many to have their own ways of seeking a raw livity but I see InI as of a step toward this natural circulation, as a youth InI have yet to be let loose the bonds set to I by this caging world disorganization, making it difficult for InInI to sustain we self in our ideal earthly harmony, so to say InI am completely raw is of a jump too quick to say as the vibrations to held in an a life untouched and manipulated is of the cleanliness and grace of our true Jah enlightened potentials, those that InInInI are greatly held from, InI do not cook I foods but I herbs and cacao at times in I tea, but to say to be raw and Ital brings much to carry through in life that spans much greater than the I's food, to live as of the earth that all you carry and embrace is of Iration is how InI view raw, to speak as to purify and to carriage beyond this world system through Jah, is of a raw livity.

To bless self with this earths untouched fruits, is in I view as raw Ital

Blessed I Love and Itegrity
Selassie I

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Haile Selassie I