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The Days of the week

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Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 8/25/2014 3:06:56 AM

The Days of the week is:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

These are the Days of the Week in their order.

Why the Saturday is considered to be the day of rest,
because thats the week end.

The christians honor the sunday because thats when Jesus Christ got resurrected from the dead.

Lion of Judah
Elect of God
Jah Ras Tafari

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 8/25/2014 8:50:08 AM

Who says the week starts then? Gregory and his calendar?

Messenger: Bobobinghi Jahcub Sent: 8/28/2014 9:01:02 AM

whatever day,week,month,year etc the I want the I must use, but time is time as is was in the beginning, as is it is right now and so shall it be foriver

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