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Natural Healing Wisdom

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Messenger: Dancehall Sent: 3/19/2016 1:32:32 PM

I am looking for a referral to a colon cleansing product

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 3/19/2016 4:05:58 PM

Try King Ises I colon cleanse!

Him facebook is

He ship world wide.

And his phonenumber is 876-357-8787

Blessed love.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 3/24/2016 11:13:23 PM

Blessed Natural Love
Humble Joe give thankhs for the information about the cinnamon.
I made cinnamon tea and used it to wash 2 times per day, this cleared up a stubborn yeast infection very quickly.
Black Heart I was wondering about the chili, what method does the I suggest using chili to treat the vaginal yeast infection? I would think chili would hurt or sting in this sensitive area. That is why I opted for the cinnamon instead!
JAH Guidance + fqr chmr

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 5/20/2016 4:59:27 AM

Greetings to ones & ones. I would not sugest it fo vaginal candida but but I would suggest its use on oral candida. On genital candida other herbs (e.g aloe) or medication can be used. Otherwise in de absence of other medication chili can work in de genitals fo those who can withstand de chili heat. Raspect

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 5/27/2016 1:00:47 PM

I was playing a pick up game of soccer about 2 months ago when I jumped to meet the falling ball with my knee.. When I came down something was wrong. I didnt hear any snaps or pops but a significant pain was present and my left knee and it felt out of place.. I imediantly quit playing and tried to walk it off.. Finally after bending and massaging the knee was seated again.. Over the next 2 weeks the knee was very swollen and sore.. I was reluctant to see a doctor about this but was finally forced to as the knee would slide out of position regularly.. So I had an MRI done and it was determined that my meniscus is torn and that injury caused the knee to slip and put a strain on my MCL and ACL.. The doctor recommended orthoscopic surgery to fix the meniscus as it cannot heal on its own.. I have looked into this and it seems that the meniscus does not get enough blood flow to repair a significant injury on its own.. Some information says that physical therapy can strengthen the knee and lessen the load on the meniscus. Yet the doctor described this injury like a rock in your shoe.. You can ignore it most of the time as the pain isnt too bad but every once and a while you will step on it wrong and cause a lot of pain. This rock will never get itself out of the shoe, you eventually have to stop and take care of it..

I want to know if any of the I have recommendations on how to fix this without invasive surgery.. Anything would be appriciated

Messenger: Jahoshua Imanuel black christ I Sent: 5/28/2016 6:45:50 AM

whats so funny, Garveys Africa

Messenger: Jahlove81 Sent: 5/30/2016 1:35:27 AM

I and I have grown unhealthy!concerns I because I turn 35 next week and have always been healthy and using sacred herb. I in California so I man has 215 card and grows itself' sown natural medicine and sacrament because of this I and I have great access to a wide variety of AAA plus healing ganja. I man am an herbalist and educate others all the time so it's very frustrating. Never I had this weight. (250lb!) I and I worry about diabetes and heart troubles Iman try everything but the food Iman needs is to expensive. Imam eat healthiest food possible but I and I think imam need a body cleanse then strict ital diet or best I can do. I amd I have bad back and chronic debt in my left leg so excercise is rough by Iman gives thanks to Jah for what I man do have. A smart, sharp intellect and mind, sacred healing herb(s), I mans family and son who is happy and health 18 month old.. I man dances every day to get the blood flowing and emit, transmit and receive Irie sun salutations, love and positivity. I give thanks and pay sacrament with the healing herb and meditate on I and I improving I self. Only thing I man can think of is stress!Any I know better way or help I with a meal plan and excersise routine? Would mean so much to iman! Tough love is ok as long as it's love
Jahbless I's peace love, warmth, happiness and prosperity

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/30/2016 12:08:48 PM

Greetings and Love JAH Idren
Black Heart I give thankhs for the I knowledge. Ises I

Hemphill I am really sorry to hear about the injury the I has... I wish I could give advice but I am not familiar with the situation. With physical therapists I would explore yoga.

Bredren JAHlove81 Give thankhs for the I seeking to build a healthier temple... I would start with exercise by walking in water, this takes the weight off of the painful joints. Maybe after shedding some pounds the back and leg pain will reduce and the I can start to walk a few miles every other day. Yoga can help the I also, if the I is interested I can go into more depth on that...
Yes I the Ital food is going to help the I shed the extra weight. I am not sure how Ital food can be considered expensive, since rice, peas, and vegetables tend to be among the least expensive of all the food items. The I can also look into micro nutrient deficiencies. Some things, like too little or the wrong kind of iodine, can create imbalances in glands or organs that can influence the body to hold extra fat. Some people have their blood tested by medical lab to determine if they are getting all the nutrients they need... not sure if the I would want to go that route, but it is an option nonetheless.
I think there are threads that discuss Ital recipes. Iwomban can give meal suggestions also if the I want to give more information about what foods are available and which foods the I family prefer. But truly any Ital food is going to be of benefit whether the I eat it at breakfast or lunch time. The body does have natural rhythms of when it can digest certain foods better, but altogether eating Ital is better for the I than not eating Ital, even if the I do not observe the natural rhythms.
Best wishes, and congratulations on the I baby son.

I&I finding many new (new to Iwomban) healing plants here in Ethiopia. I am working on taking some photos and I will try my hardest to be able to upload and share them along with Ixplanations of each plant.

JAH Love
Teyna yistilin

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 5/30/2016 12:28:00 PM

Jahlove81.. The I say: "Imam eat healthiest food possible but I and I think imam need a body cleanse then strict ital diet or best I can do." Are these healthiest foods possible not already Ital? Many times an all Plant diet is less expensive and more managable than others. Eating Ital greens and fruit in itself is a body cleanse. Look at the thread called: "Ital Cooking" for more detailed information. The I say: "I man dances every day to get the blood flowing and emit, transmit and receive Irie sun salutations, love and positivity.".. This is good! Sun rise stretching and a good walk might be something to think about adding to the I exercise. Take it slow at first and add what feels right when it feels right. If the I start with walking, in a week try for a run.. If the I can do 'push ups' and 'set ups', start with a few then increase as the I gets stronger. Ital is a life style as it is a diet. The goal is not to sprint the weight off, gradually work the body into a sustainable daily routine. Remember, the I weigh 250, this number is relative to height but doesn't seem to be an extremely high number. Another thing that might help is to document the I's progress, get a note book and keep an exercise schedual of what you did and when you did it. Recording the weight loss and progress of your workouts will help the I stay positive and motivated! This is managable Brother! Set a strong example for your happy and healthy 18 month Son! Congradulations! Give thanks for Jah Plants, Sun, and Irie vibes! Keep dancing!

Most High

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 6/1/2016 7:13:03 AM

Very true Hemp Iyah
And Fqr

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