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Natural Healing Wisdom

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Messenger: RAS NATE Sent: 12/18/2014 10:00:35 AM

It must be possible to overcome physical illness through that wich has no form.
Because the Irit is stronger than the body therefore it can renew,revive and heal the cells of the body.But we are prone to illness as long as we have faith that we are bound in the limitations of falling prey to illness and not being able to do anything about it.

I see it as InI joy to go beyond all self imposed limitations and explore our infinite potential as gods.

Selassie I live

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/18/2014 10:08:10 AM

Ras Nate, the most common physical illness are related to the process of ageing. Show me a human being who is a few hundred years old (like in Bible story) and I shall agree with you. The science of death and rebirth IS natural. From the cosmos to the microscopic level. Ancient Law...

Selassie I

Messenger: RAS NATE Sent: 12/18/2014 1:55:49 PM

Just one example I heard about.

Surely it can't be refuted and is agreed upon that the mind and mindset have a great affect on the well being,physical also.So this shows already that the body and cells are not unalterable by that wich is not material.

Even if death must be inevitable as part of the birth-death cycle (wich also is debated by many),illness should be removed as long as we are living and not old with exhausted organs.

I can not prove or undoubtedly say that we die becouse of it or just because we are meant to return to the dust from where we came,but it's still a fact that the unconscious death urge is present in (almost?) All humans.It is the faith and "knowledge" that we must all inevitably die and can never change that,as we have been tought and programmed from childhood.

The point is that people seem to have forgotten that our bodies also have the ability to heal themselves and that ability is much greater than we often think.

HIM Ier than death
Bless up

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/18/2014 2:59:03 PM

...Stick a pin. This is how legends and fairytales get passed around. Do you really believe this man is 300 years old and has the mental power to fight against disease and reach immortality?


Jesus walks on water

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/18/2014 3:00:58 PM

EDIT: .........

Died May 6, 1933
Sichuan, Republic of China
Cause of death
Natural causes!!!!

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/18/2014 3:03:07 PM

Show I a living thing which is beyond sickness. Imperfection is nature. Thats what make it perfect. Sometimes sickness is even a good thing. Like chickenpox/smallpox - anyone who has experienced this as an aDult knows why people encourage this infection in early childhood. The sickle cell / malaria thing plays to mind when thinking about times when sickness is beneficial.

But you can't use Li Chung as an example of a man who defeat all sickness and can regenerate and live forever, when it says he been dead for almost 100 years. I'm sure if I did a Google search into 'immortal man' I would find something, but thats not the point.

I don't like when reasoning goes to far and then defies logic. But this thread is call Natural Healing Wisdom....... JAH know we need some of dat.


Messenger: RAS NATE Sent: 12/18/2014 4:39:07 PM

Notice Iman didn't claim the man to be immortal and we were not discussing physical immortality.

The I said:
"Show me a human being who is a few hundred years old (like in Bible story) and I shall agree with you."

So Iman took Li Ching Yuen as an example for such a man.
It doesn't play any role that he died in 1933..

According to a 1930 New York Times article, Wu Chung-chieh,a professor of the Chengdu University,discovered Imperial Chinese government records from 1827 congratulating Li Ching-Yuen on his 150th birthday, [3] and further documents later congratulating him on his 200th birthday in 1877.

Life expectancy has always changed throughout the eras.
In the neolithic era for instance,the life expectancy has been more than 300% lower than the average one in 2010.
So when dealing with more ancient unrecorded times,I don't see why it would be so surprising if people actually lived hundreds of years wich the I describes as Bible story.

I agree though that in some cases illness may be a blessing and sometimes the bitter is what heals us.
JAH has made herbs and food as medicine for InI.

Bless up all herbsman and bush doctor
Ras TafarI

Messenger: Humble one Sent: 12/19/2014 3:10:43 AM

Dear All,

Thank you for the replies.

Perhaps I was wrong in saying that a man can gain immortality in his body.

However, certainly I am not going to stop doing what I do on a regular basis (eating etc) as so far it HAS prevented all illness.

I think, however, that when we talk about a physical death it is easy to forget that most of Babylon has already suffered a different type of death; of the soul. When Babylon teaches us we live and then we die from an early age, although this may be the natural way of things, it does not reveal that people are already dying a much worse death of the soul, just their physical body continues. This is because the soul cannot reside in an impure body.

What I mean to say is that Babylon always talks of logical things; the physical body. They do not tell you that you are not ACTUALLY living at the moment. I mean, the system has pulled wool over the eyes (distorted the vision) of it's sufferers, and the common way of thinking that we are all slowly dying does not make way for a person to start living.

All the best,


Messenger: Nick_27 Sent: 12/21/2014 3:41:51 PM

Blessed love, Iyah has been reading on here and see some things to fight a cold before the I gets it. What is some good herbs or cures to fight a bad cold? Iyah know echinecia tea, herb, and eating some food with garlic but nothing is helping. If InI could give iyah a few more things to try i would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks and Praise Jah RasTafarI SelassieI

Messenger: RAS NATE Sent: 12/21/2014 4:01:35 PM

I would suggest cayenne pepper and ginger.
Both are very effective in fighting off a cold/flu and ginger specifically is very beneficial in strengthening the immune system and destroying bacteria.
Another underestimated all healer herb.
Try to chew a large peace with some honey.Or the I can make Ginger/lemon/honey tea.

Live Up

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