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Natural Healing Wisdom

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Messenger: Ras NazIr Sent: 5/14/2014 3:33:02 PM

InI would like to put this out there for Ivery Iya. InI have a HUGE library on Natural Healing. Ranging from Herbs, Homeopathy, Meditation, Aroma-therapy, Acupressure, Traditional Chinese Medicines, Ayurvedic, Raw Foods, Reflexology, Gemstones & Crystals, Natural Supplements, etc.

If Iny of the Iya's would like to post a Question/Ailment InI will cross-reference and post ALL the different methods to Cure/Heal that Ailment.

Iman have been building this library for YEARS. It has helped to cure I Queen with her Graves Dis-Ease. InI am NOT saying that Iman am a Doctor of Medicine, but it has helped for InI in the past. I would just like to put this information out there for Iveryone to INJOY for free.

InI hope, It will at the least help to lead someone in the right LIVErection which is AWAY from Babylon medi-SIN.

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 5/14/2014 7:32:49 PM

Give Thanks I, nasal drip I, at times I nasal seems to drip to I throat wit no cold, runny nose or nothin, jus drips then stop then start again. I'Pray'see'Love d I fa whatever d I suggest.

Bless, Gi ThAnkhs Idren

Messenger: Ras NazIr Sent: 5/14/2014 8:59:44 PM

Kapha foods:
Warm, dry, light in nature
emphasize pungent, bitter, astringent taste
vegatable rich

Kaphas and those with kapha conditions need to avoid or minimize the sweet, sour, and salty taste. Fried or greasy foods are extremely detrimental.

Grains: Buckwheat, Millet, barley, rice, corn, (unsalted) crackers, muesli, dry oats, polenta. Breads should be avoided unless toasted.

Vegetables: All vegetables except sweet potatoe, pumpkin, zuchinni, winter and spaghetti squash, raw tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Fruits: Avoid sweet and sour fruits. Dried fruits are okay. Cold fruit juice is mucus forming so only take warm juice in small quantities at a time.

Meat: White Chicken and Turkey, eggs, freshwater fish, shrimp, and rabbit.

Legumes: Aduki, black beans, chickpeas, lentils, lima, navy, peas, pinto, soy, tempeh, and white beans.

Avoid Nuts except Popcorn without Salt or butter. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are fine.

If oils are necessary then use corn, canola, sunflower, ghee, and almond.

Avoid dairy unless Goat milk or goat cheese.

Use only raw honey for sweetening. All spices are good except salt.

Herbs for cleasing include:
bayberry bark
cascara sagrada
grape root
milk thistle
juniper berries

Herbs for mucous conditions:
marshmallow root

Misc Herbs:
alfalfa, chamomile, lavender,lemon,lemon grass,chicory, hibiscus,lemon balm, mint, red clover, grain beverages

Pitta foods:
Cool in nature
very mildly spiced
sweet in taste
small amounts of bitter and astringent

The food should not be to spicy, hot, sour, or salty. Pitta should avoid meat and alcohol. Steamed or Stir-fried vegetables are reccomended, and if the person has good digestion then raw vegetables are recommended. Mild spices are fine and the atmosphere of the meal should be calm. (Pittas should NOT eat while conducting business or while engaging in heavy discussion) In general Pitta people do best on an all vegetable diet.

Vegetables: All vegetables that are sweet and bitter are fine sour and pungent vegetables (radishes, garlic) should be avoided. Steamed white and yellow onions are okay, red and purple onions are too hot, as are peppers. Asparagus, artichoke, beets, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, cilantro, cucumbers, celery, green beans, leaf greens, lettuce, mushrooms, okra, black olives, peas, parsley, potatoes, squash, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, wheat grass are all fine for Pitta's.

Fruits: Sweet fruits are okay, avoid sour. Bananas have a souring effect on the body. Figs, sweet grapes, sweet apples, avocado, berries, cherries, coconuts, dates, lime, melons, pears, plums, pomegranate, prunes, and raisins are especially good for Pitta people. Sweet Oranges and pineapples may be irritating to some Pitta.

Meats: Avoid seafood, freshwater fish is fine. White meat chicken/turkey, rabbit, and Venison is especially good for Pitta's.

Legumes: Same as Kapha
Nuts and seeds: Almonds, Hemp, Flax, Pine, sunflower, cashew (occasionally), walnuts, pecans, pumpkin. Avoid salted nuts and seeds.

Oils: Same as Kapha except with Emphasis on Coconut oil.

Dairy: Same as Kapha

Sweeteners: fruit juice sweeteners, barley malt, maple syrup, rice syrup, turbinado sugar.

Spices: fresh basil, cardamom, cilantro, cinnamon, coriander, dill, fennel, fresh ginger, mint, orange peel, saffron, turmeric. Black pepper and vanilla are especially recommended for Pitta people.

Herbs: catnip, alfalfa, violets, mints, chickweed, nettles, raspberry, cleavers, strawberry leaf.

In order to figure out your bodies rhythm, if your Kapha or Pitta, you will need to monitor the times of day of the “attack”. (Nasal Drip is a Kapha condition) Morning, after sunrise, is Kapha time. People with a mucous condition will generally have more mucus flowing at this time. There may be a tendency to be sluggish, as the digestive tract has not yet woken up at this time. A mild spicy herbal tea, such as fresh ginger, or cinnamon blended with cardamom and orange peel, is appropriate for the morning. Stay away from cold juice and cheese, as this will cause more mucus build up.

Evening, after sunset, is also Kapha time. Avoid Kapha type foods as this time, as it will increase mucus overnight, making it worse in the morning.

Pitta time is the afternoon when the sun is high. The digestive tract is firing at its highest rate at this time. This is the best time for the main meal of the day. Stay away from Pitta foods at this time as it will cause acid reflux. One hour before until 2 hours after Mid-Night is the other Pitta time of the day. This is the time that the digestive tract is slowing down (going to sleep). A cup of mild calming tea would be best at this time, while getting ready for bed. Try passion flower, chamomile, and spearmint teas. May blend together or have separately.

Let InI know how this work Iya. If the I has Inymore questions feel free to post them or email InI. InI will get back as soon as possible.

Live UP Rasta. JAH RastafarI

Messenger: Ras NazIr Sent: 5/14/2014 9:01:15 PM

InI sight that Medical Issues can be a sensitive topic. If some of the I's would like to keep the matter private, feel free to Email I at

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/14/2014 9:31:39 PM

Give thanks RasTafarI.
I am wondering, just general questions:
-why toasted bread is better than non toasted bread?
-is there a distinction between sweet potato and yam in terms of health?
-whether Iman sIght rabbit as unclean according to Torah, noting the cleaved foot
-what is a good source to find some lesser-known herbs Iman mentioned?

Messenger: VoodooRuutz Sent: 5/14/2014 9:44:09 PM

Iman Give Thanks Iyah, what is d cause of it Iyah, cuz I never really had it before jus all a sudden. Will try and c Iyah, Blessed!

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/15/2014 5:56:50 AM

Sound like your sinuses kingman. Try and clear them by inhaling steam. Remember a the season for rhinitis (hayfever) in which case an anti histamine could do the trick....... Natural antihistamines (if you must) are things like Echinea,
Ginger, stinging nettle, chamomile..... .many of the herbs for mucus mentioned up top work in this way. Ganja tea would also be recommended for this kind of sickness

I assume the I isnt a smoker or the advice may be different.

Bless up ras nazir for the suggestions

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/15/2014 6:01:55 AM

Jahchild........ dont tell me scripture has the iwombman in avoidance of rabbit? Lowe the rabbit jahman. Just dont eat him!

Messenger: Ras NazIr Sent: 5/15/2014 8:10:07 AM

Yes I GA. That is what the books say aswell. Rhinitis (hay fever), sinusitis (sinus infection), and/or change in diet. Usually more dairy if no other symptoms are present. I also have a nasal wash recipe that I will post here shortly. That was/is just one of the techniques mentioned. Iman ran out of time last night, or else I would have posted the wash and other teas.

Queen JAH child, InI will get back soon on the toasted bread vs non. InI do sight in the Torah that it say rabbit is an unclean animal. As for sweet potatoes vs yam, InI will have to look that up aswell. When InI get forward with this information. I will also post a site that carries various herbs aswell.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 5/15/2014 8:21:43 AM

^^More dairy?? Iman no sight that as a health food. Maybe we could reason on that another time. Isis

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